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K'NEX Provides Endless Building Fun with Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoy {Review & Giveaway}

K'NEX logo
I've been known to say that there are certain brands of toys that lead to creativity right out of the box.

While there are some toys that have a "take it or leave it" type of effect on kids, there are also the ones that just get it. They provide products that I can set in front of my daughters and there aren't strict instructions or an extended amount of prep time in order for play to begin.

If it's ready for use immediately, that just keeps the interest and excitement going much longer than if they have to wait while I get out a screwdriver, read instructions or explain where to put each and every piece. Besides, who wants to sit and follow directions when you are a kid with ingenuity and inventiveness bursting at the seams?

And there's almost no better example of a company that knows what it takes to provide an entertaining and educational experience than the endless imaginative options from K'NEX.

K'NEX products

The most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company, K'NEX products are sold (and enjoyed) across the globe. With the ability to provide fun and enjoyment for kids while mixing in strong educational components such as hand-eye coordination and stacking skills, when most people hear the name K'NEX, they think of the traditional building toy.

However, this company offers much more than that! With everything from building to stacking to imagining for kids of all ages, K'NEX has something for just about every age and skill level. For us, when the Lincoln Logs Collector's Edition Homestead and the Tinkertoy 30 Model Super Building Set arrived, they were just the thing to bring some building and constructing fun to our house.

First up, let's go back in time with Lincoln Logs!

Lincoln Logs Collector's Edition Homestead

Lincoln Logs by K'NEX are the classic building set that we all have known and loved since our own childhood. Including real wood logs of various sizes along with colorful accessories and play figures, these familiar notched logs are made to fit together to allow kids to build any kind of structure they can imagine.

From towers to buildings to forts to houses to just about anything in between, kids can easily use the logs, windows, doors, and accessories to practice and improve their fine motor skills, creativity, and more. There's just something about the feel of the real wood and the simplicity of these logs that makes them special!

As we have experienced Lincoln Logs in the past (our own sets as well as at my kids' preschool), the girls couldn't wait to open up the Collector's Edition Homestead set to start playing with it. Not to mention that this is the biggest Lincoln Logs set ever created and who could pass up playing with 330+ of these amazing parts?

Lincoln Logs review

While the kids love to use these high quality wooden logs to come up with their own innovative constructions (some that resemble something from the real world and some that... uh... don't), they also have had a great time using the pieces in this set to actually recreate the homestead.

Sometimes aspects end up precisely as shown and sometimes we add our own little touches to give it a creative twist. But no matter what, the end result is a whole lot of fun!

Lincoln Logs

With the open-ended fun of all of the Lincoln Logs sets, I often think the best part is to just start building and see what you come up with! However, when it comes to having an endless number of parts and pieces so that the creativity and imagination never stops, the Collector's Edition Homestead truly has it all (including the awesome silver-accented tube for storage).

This great set is recommended for ages 3+ and retails for $99.99 from,, and

Along similar lines when it comes to open-ended creativity, the K'NEX Tinkertoy 30 Model Super Building Set is such a fun way for kids (ages 3+) to be entertained while showing their ingenuity quickly and easily.

Tinkertoy super building set

Including spools, rods, flags, washers, end caps, and more (200 pieces in all!), this Tinkertoy set has just about every size and shape piece (in a multitude of bright colors) that a kid could ask for!


Plus, I appreciate that K'NEX included building ideas for a variety of models (with a link to find even more online), which have served as a great way to encourage my kids to continue constructing if they get stuck or as an inspiration to turn one of these models into something even more creative.

By having so many plastic pieces that snap together quickly and easily, the Tinkertoy 30 Model Super Building Set has provided endless fascination for my children as well as for any other young inspiring builders that have visited our house lately. There are just so many shapes, sizes and colors (there are even bendable pieces to add a whole new twist) to choose from!

Tinkertoy review

Perfect for using as-is or adding to any other Tinkertoy building set, the Tinkertoy 30 Model Super Building Set retails for $49.99 and is available from or

My girls have both returned to play with these Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys multiple times to come up with something new or to continue on with a tale that they've had in their mind. There's just no wrong way to play with these awesome K'NEX items and being able to use their imagination is exactly what my kids always enjoy — it's no wonder these toys are both such classics!

To learn more about these sets, as well as the huge selection of innovative and fun products that K'NEX has to offer, visit them at and connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. You can also find Lincoln Logs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Tinkertoy on Facebook and Twitter.

Plus, thanks to the generosity of K'NEX, one person will get to enjoy seeing their child build and create as well, because...

One lucky person will win a Lincoln Logs Collector's Edition Homestead!

Lincoln Logs giveaway

A big thank you to K'NEX for providing the aforementioned sets for me to review as well as the Lincoln Logs Collector's Edition Homestead for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.

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Shapewear that Doesn't Roll, Slide or Need Readjusting: HookedUp Shapewear {Review}

HookedUp logo
In stark contrast to the friends of mine that manage to somehow stay motivated to continue their healthy eating and daily exercise, my dedication is not nearly as consistent. Over the years I've tried and, as my weight has gone up and down, so has my confidence and the way that I feel about myself every time I get dressed and my clothes fit a little looser or tighter.

Sigh. Where's my magic lotion that will just melt away my love handles?

Therefore, in an effort to feel more comfortable in my own skin, I have tried a number of different brands and designs of shapewear to keep my muffin top as invisible as possible. And, while they have sometimes provided the results that I'm looking for, spending the day tugging and adjusting and being aggravated when my shapewear starts to roll or slide down isn't my most favorite thing.

Which is why I was amazed and excited to be introduced to HookedUp Shapewear!

Shapewear options

Changing the face of shapewear for the better, HookedUp is a groundbreaking system that actually hooks onto your own bra to completely eliminate the common roll down problem. Instead of spending your time trying to discreetly pull your shapewear back into place, you can head out in comfort and ease instead!

As HookedUp is available in two colors (nude and black), three styles (High Waist Shaping Brief, High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh and High Waist Shaping Slip) and in sizes Small to 3X (I found that these run on the small side and I needed to size up), I knew that this was one product that I wanted to see in person. After all, with a promise to never slip down, this could be the revolution in shapewear that my wardrobe needed!

HookedUp shapewear

As I looked over my High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh, right away I was impressed with the durability, quality and attention to detail that were evident.

The main body is made up of 84% nylon and 16% spandex, resulting in a thick, strong, stretchy-yet-firm-control-providing material, while the bottom of both legs are lined with an edging that keeps them from sliding up or moving around.

HookedUp shapewear leg

On the upper back, this piece not only offers three different locations for each hook to be placed (making it possible to wear bras with straps that are located closer together or further apart), but HookedUp includes a variety of other hooks to use as well.

No worries if you have a favorite bra that has wider or smaller straps, this can adapt to just about any possible configuration!

HookedUp shapewear hooks

When it comes to wearing HookedUp Shapewear, I appreciate that the company includes multiple explanations, photos and videos in order to ease any worries or confusion. Truly, you simply hook the shapewear piece to your bra straps and then step in, putting the entire thing on together!

How to wear HookedUp Shapewear

Although it took me a time or two of assembling and adorning my High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh, once I had the hang of it I was able to step in and hook everything on in a matter of minutes.

And the results?

Instead of unwanted bumps and lumps and having to deal with pinching, pulling, tugging and my mind continuing to wander to thoughts of a visible muffin top, I could relax knowing that instead I had a smooth, seamless silhouette. This really is just that easy!

HookedUp shapewear

Although this garment does include an oversized, overlapping split crotch, I have yet to attempt to use that feature when going to that bathroom and have instead gotten used to unhooking the piece from my bra and pulling it down instead. Although this takes a bit more work, I find that the effort is worth it for the seamless comfort and the way that I feel so much better about my tummy, hips and thighs!

In the end, I'm very happy with HookedUp and the innovative way that they have made it possible to wear shapewear without it turning into a problem of its own. I want to put on shapewear to make myself look and feel better, not to create more hassle and frustration in my day!

The High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh retails for $68 (as does the Shaping Slip; the Shaping Brief retails for $58) and, although this initially seems high, the way that it will boost my ego for years makes it seem worth it! Not to mention the comfort and extreme versatility — this can be used on any bra, including nursing bras, strapless, convertible and more!

Find out more about all three of the HookedUp Shapewear products by visiting and continue the conversation about all things confidence and comfort by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than the High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh that I was provided by HookedUp in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion on this product.

Celebrate Halloween with Big G Monsters Cereals and Snacks in Special Throwback Packaging! {#RetroMonsterCereal}

Big G General Mills logo
For me, the process of decorating, cooking and preparing for Halloween tends to fall into my Aspirations category.

Meaning that, unlike Christmas, where I actually get out the decorations and bake the cookies, my Halloween bin usually stays in the basement unopened (next to my Easter bin) until it seems like far too late to make taking anything out worth it.

Someday, right?

This year, however, General Mills and Target have made it easy to get ready for Halloween even before all the ghosts, goblins, and monsters come to the door thanks to their exclusive Retro Monster Cereals and snacks!

Retro Monster cereals

How cute are these boxes of tasty cereals and sweet snacks? Available exclusively at Target, these colorful boxes not only include the fun retro packaging, but also bring Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry into the spotlight just in time for Halloween.

Is there a child around that wouldn't want to get into the Halloween spirit with these bright, tasty varieties?

Count Chocula cereal

But wait, there's more! This year the Retro Monsters have brought Monsters snack items with them and we all couldn't wait to give Count Chocula Treats, Boo Berry Fruit Roll-Ups and Franken Berry Fruit Roll-Ups a try as well.

Count Chocula treats

Perfect for nostalgic cereal fans and Halloween lovers, Monsters cereals and snacks are fun for the whole family... and these snacks would be the perfect addition to Halloween parties (as-is or with melted marshmallows for a ghoulishly tasty treat) or even as a special surprise for trick-or-treaters!

In the meantime, my kids have not only been happy to have these cereals and snacks with meals, but they've had a lot of fun with the cutout masks on the back of the Retro Monster cereal boxes. Just another reason to add these to our favorites list for fall!

Halloween masks

Are you ready to add a little haunted and delicious fun to your household as well? Head over to Hello Cereal Lovers to join in the conversation and be sure to head to your nearest Target to pick up these spooky (and yummy!) retro cereals this month!

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

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pediped Debuts More Big-Kid Sizes than Ever for Fall/Winter 2014 {Review & Giveaway}

 pediped logo
There have been multiple instances where one or both of my daughters have gazed at my (admittedly large) shoe collection and haven't been able to help themselves from commenting on it.

Is the sheer size that incredibly gigantic? The average adult (minus my snarky husband) would probably say no. But to a child who is constantly outgrowing their footwear and therefore is used to removing one pair when another arrives, the concept of adding new pairs and not getting rid of older ones is a little baffling.

Big Sister E, in particular, seems to outgrow her shoes with the change of the season, requiring me to feel as though I'm constantly poking at her toes, measuring her feet and sadly saying goodbye to pairs of too-small shoes. What makes it even worse are the times when she reaches the upper size limit from a brand and suddenly I have to look for an entirely new place to get her shoes.

Not long ago I thought that was the case with one of our very favorite brands, pediped footwear, as it appeared we had surpassed the largest size that they offered. Fortunately, in a case of extremely perfect timing, pediped has now expanded their awesome collection and has even larger sizes (up to 36, a US Youth 4.5) so big kids can continue to count on their stellar comfort, style, and versatility!

pediped footwear

Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have made pediped the fastest growing children's footwear brand in the United States and one of our very favorites year after year.

Not only has pediped been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development, but multiple orthopedic medical professionals have deemed pediped shoes an excellent choice for parents/caregivers who want their children's feet to develop naturally and healthily. Not to mention that they do awesome work giving back year after year!

This year pediped debuted its Fall/Winter 2014 Collection inspired by a child's eagerness for fall adventure. Featuring a vast variety of Mary Janes, athletics, casual sneakers and boots, it is easy to see that these footwear choices have been designed to cover every exciting occasion, from back-to-school to holiday time.

First, for the youngest crowd, the Originals.

pediped originals

The Originals line of soft-soled flexible infant shoes is recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists because the shoe's design closely mimics barefoot walking. Priced from $35 to $41 in sizes for children 0-24 months, there have been 15 new styles added to the Originals collection this season that feature adorable style and a great slip resistant sole.

Highlights include Becky, a Mary Jane offered in on-trend corduroy and Jasper, an all leather sneaker style and the new Delaney, bringing a little sparkle to the collection. Other new styles Jerome and Teddy are stylish and comfortable options.

pediped originals shoes

Next up, the adorable Grip 'n' Go.

pediped grip n go

Grip 'n' Go footwear is made with all the benefits of Originals, but with special G2 Technology for active toddlers that are transitioning to walking with a more confident stride. Retailing between $48 and $52, this line is available for children in sizes 18-23 (approximately 9 months to 3 years in age).

New for the Fall/Winter season, pediped's innovative line of fashion boots has expanded with Naomi and Kacie along with the debut of Rosa, a stylish boot with faux fur lining. Justin and Boulder highlight the collection of rugged shoes with waterproof technology.

pediped grip n go shoes

Finally, pediped Flex is the ultimate shoe for confident walkers who have developed a solid, natural stride. With more than 50 styles offering maximum flexibility and comfort, the pediped Fall/Winter Flex collection features a style for every occasion and personality.

pediped flex

With more perfect-for-school options than ever before, pediped Flex (ranging in price from $40-$80 in EU sizes 20-36) are just right for your child's classroom style.

New options include Sarah and Channing, two all leather styles in classic brown, navy, and black, while Frank and Becky are machine washable options making them great for everyday wear. The line of Flex waterproof boots has also expanded with the new style Justin, while the popular Boulder has been updated to now be available for girls as well as boys.

pediped flex shoes

Big Sister E eagerly waited for a pair of pediped's Flex shoes to arrive and, when the Riddell in Charcoal arrived, her jaw nearly hit the floor in excitement! The perfect combination of bright, fun, not-too-girly colors with an athletic shoe design, she was more than happy to immediately put on these great shoes to protect and provide for her feet long into the winter.

Even better, the Riddell feature pediped's Ultra Light Technology and weigh only 5 oz, while staying completely flexible, breathable and cushioned for comfort. While Big Sister E was immediately enamored with the faux laces and Velcro closure (fashion with convenience!), I was smitten with the fact that these are water-safe and machine washable.

But one of my absolute favorite features of these pediped shoes is that they contain their trademark Flex Fit System. By providing an additional set of insoles, these can be inserted for a more snug fit (they reduce the shoe size by almost half a size) and then removed for room as the child's foot grows. Talk about extending the life of a shoe!

pediped review

Big Sister E has been over-the-top in love with her Riddell from the first time she tried them on and is thoroughly convinced that they make her run faster and jump higher!

pediped Riddell shoes

pediped footwear is sold in over 2,500 stores in the United States and 40 countries worldwide, so if you haven't tried out these amazing shoes and supported this wonderful company, you're missing out!

The unparalleled quality, durability and distinctive fashionable styles — with new ones being added all the time — from pediped are perfect for everything from casual to dressy occasions (they have perfect options for all of your upcoming holiday gatherings)! Find out much more and browse the awesome selection of styles at and connect with pediped on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

Plus, thanks to the generosity of pediped, one person will get to see just what makes this footwear a favorite across the nation (and world), because...

One lucky person will win a pair of pediped shoes from the Originals, Grip 'n' Go or Flex collection*!

*Winner will select size and gender for the shoes and pediped will choose the style based on availability

A big thank you to pediped for providing a pair of shoes for me to review as well as a pair of shoes for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.