Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bouncing, Throwing, Smooshing, Sitting, Endless Fun with the Super Wubble Bubble Ball {Review}

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There are some toys that have been around for generations; for instance wooden blocks, baby dolls, small cars, rubber balls, and more.

And, while there is of course a reason why these are beloved classics, that isn't to say that making a few changes or updates can't take them to the next level. Adding movable limbs to a doll or new, colorful designs to a set of cars, for example.

But what if you could take a well-loved toy and give it enough of a makeover that it takes it to an entirely new level? Providing not only entertainment, but active movement, tons of laughter, lots of creativity, and basically endless joy?

Then you must have taken a regular ball and updated it to a Super Wubble Bubble Ball!

Super Wubble

A soft, lightweight ball that can be inflated to gigantic proportions, the Super Wubble is super smashable and super squashable. Bounce it, throw it, kick it, smoosh it, smash it, sit on it — there isn't much you can't do!

As Super Wubble is made with a new super stretchy material called Xpandium, it is up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant than the original Wubble Bubble Ball. The result? Even more hours of stretchy, squishy, bouncy fun!

I had no doubt that my kids were going to absolutely love the Super Wubble and we all couldn't wait to get it out of the box and ready for play!

Super Wubble ball

Right away I appreciated how easy the Super Wubble is to inflate, as the included battery-operated pump is simple and intuitive (deflating is just as easy — perfect for not having to find a place to stash a full blown Super Wubble around the house).

Wubble ball inflation

In a matter of minutes, it was time to Wubble and my girls couldn't have cared less that it had just rained. They pulled on their boots and were out the door ready to see what they could do with their own smooshy bubble ball!

Wubble ball play

Talk about fun!

Super Wubble review

While my kids initially treated the Super Wubble with the utmost care and caution, they soon realized that just because it is extra soft doesn't mean that it is extra fragile.

Instead, they took to bouncing, throwing, smashing, sitting, rolling, volleying, and much more and marveled at the strength of the Super Wubble throughout all of their play. Aside from coming into contact with sharp objects like tacks, broken glass, sharp fingernails, branches or concrete, I don't see this magic ball popping anytime soon.

In the meantime, the current favorite Super Wubble activity is making all sorts of "interesting" faces by crushing oneself into the ball. The fun never stops!

Super Wubble fun

Still skeptical on this ball's strength? See for yourself how Super Wubble holds up on their YouTube channel where everything from a pineapple to a bowling ball to a shopping cart to a cinder block are dropped onto this giant ball!

When it comes to adding a unique, one-of-a-kind toy to your household (or to give as a great birthday present or gift for the upcoming holidays), the Super Wubble is one that won't disappoint. Kids of all ages (as well as adults) are going to be clamoring for another turn and the laughter and smiles can't be beat!

To make a purchase or find out more about the Super Wubble Bubble Ball, visit WubbleBall.com and connect with all things Wubble on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

This review is part of a sponsored campaign for Wubble Ball but all thoughts and opinions shared are honest and my own.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Upgrade Your Bathroom for Free with the Charmin Essentials Toilet Paper Swap! {#CharminEssentials}

This post was sponsored by Charmin as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

When it comes to shopping, I often find myself torn between buying the best quality or opting for the biggest value. Do I go with the name brand canned corn or will the store label, which costs less, taste close enough? Do I buy my kids the generic markers for school and hope that they don't dry out or stick with the ones that cost a little more but will most likely last longer?

Fortunately, this decision doesn't have to be made when it comes to shopping for toilet paper. We're all able to stick to our budget and shop with value in mind (but without having to sacrifice on softness or quality) thanks to Charmin's newly launched Charmin Essentials Soft!

Charmin Essentials Soft toilet paper

Just as claimed, Charmin Essentials Soft proved that it does take softness to the next level. Right out of the package this TP resembles nothing else but a cloud!

Charmin Essentials Soft TP

After having tried Charmin Essentials Soft, the whole family agrees that it is indeed a great fit in our household and just what we need in all of our bathrooms.

But hold on, there's more.

Charmin doesn't want you to just take my word for it, they want you to upgrade your current toilet paper with their new Charmin Essentials (along with Charmin Essentials Soft they have also debuted Charmin Essentials Strong for families that prefer extra strength) for FREE in their #CharminEssentials TP Swap Program!

#CharminEssentials swap

Participation is easy! Simply tweet your TP swap request to @Charmin using the hashtag #CharminEssentials and #Promotion, and Charmin will send you a free roll (see terms and conditions here). This opportunity ends on September 30, so send out your tweet today! What's better than free?

Sold at a comparable price to other leading bargain brands, the unveiling of Charmin Essentials Soft and Charmin Essentials Strong is a welcome relief for shoppers everywhere. Who doesn't want to receive more of what they want in their toilet paper while staying at a comparable price to the product that they currently use?

Find out more by visiting Charmin Essentials Soft and Charmin Essentials Strong, while connecting with all things Charmin on Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Keep Motion Sickness Away with Dramamine® for Kids {#AdventuresInMotion}

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This post was sponsored by Dramamine® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Although I love seeing that my children have inherited some of my positive qualities, there are times when I feel as though karma is in full force when I see my complete lack of patience or inherent need to argue my point come through in them.

Another of my genes that has unfortunately been passed down to both of my children is my motion sickness. It is bad enough that I can't glance down in the car, set foot on an airplane or even consider getting on a roller coaster without worry of being ill, but now my own children experience nausea and dizziness from them as well?

I guess now I can add guilt to my feelings of queasiness.

Fortunately, I know that I can turn to my own personal motion sickness relief savior (and the #1 pharmacist recommended brand), Dramamine®. I never travel without my nausea-minimizing miracle worker, so it was an obvious next step that my family would also be devotees of Dramamine® for Kids!

Dramamine for Kids

The only medicated motion sickness relief product formulated just for children ages 2-12, Dramamine® for Kids treats symptoms of motion sickness on the spot and prevents nausea, dizziness, vomiting and queasiness.

It only took one time of Big Sister E vomiting on a tour bus in Europe before Dramamine® for Kids became a must-have in her travel bag and it wasn't long after that before she was asking for it by name prior to field trips involving long bus rides. Why spend time feeling the unhappy symptoms of motion sickness when you don't have to?

Plus, as Dramamine® for Kids comes in a convenient travel case and contains a safe, precise dose in a fun, chewable grape flavored tablet, I never have to worry about her finding a glass of water, having trouble swallowing a pill or needing to pour out any liquid medication. Instead, just chew one tasty dose and she stays feeling great and ready to go, go, go!

Dramamine for Kids review

While Little Sister B hasn't quite gotten to the point where she needs her own case of Dramamine® for Kids, I can already see her symptoms increasing as she ages and know that it won't be too much longer.

Apparently the family that travels together, feels queasy together? Thanks to Dramamine® and Dramamine® for Kids, we're all able to knock out motion sickness and continue on with our lives with ease!

Dramamine for Kids motion sickness

When it comes to motion sickness, I don't want to just leave my kids to deal with it, I want to prevent it as much as possible. Without Dramamine®, our lives would be spent feeling much more uncomfortable and nauseous — which is why you'll never find us traveling or visiting theme parks without it!

Do you have a child in your life that suffers from motion sickness symptoms as well? You'll want to head over to Dramamine.com (and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter) to find out more about Dramamine® for Kids as well as their other high quality, effective products.

But, wait! Why shop without getting a discount? Before you head to the store to pick up your next package of Dramamine®, print out this money-saving digital coupon first!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lance Sandwich Crackers Keep Kids Fueled for After School Activities! {Review & $25 Visa Gift Card Prize Pack Giveaway}

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With yet another first day of school coming and going (or only a short time away) for kids across the country, parents everywhere are working to get back into the school year routine.

No, I'm not talking about packing lunches or hurrying to the bus stop on time. I'm talking about the frantic search for items needed for group projects, the scheduling of car pools, the hunt for a missing soccer cleat, the rush to get to piano or violin lessons on time, and more.

Sound familiar? That's because it's no secret that it isn't so much school itself that moms like me have to focus on, it's the after school activities that have us running. Whether your kids are playing sports, practicing their instrument, attending a club, meeting with Boy/Girl Scouts, or more, they all kick off with a snack.

My own children arrive home from school near-starving and ready to devour anything and everything in sight, so I'm always sure to have a delicious, wholesome, satisfying option waiting for them. If it is portable and perfect for on-the-go as we head out the door, even better.

Which is why this year they will be fueling up with a variety of sandwich crackers from Lance!

Lance snacks

For more than 100 years, Lance has been fueling America with its sandwich crackers – two crunchy crackers with an incredible filling in the middle. With more than 20 varieties that are made with baked, crispy crackers and freshly ground peanut butter and real cheese, Lance sandwich crackers are perfect for the entire family to enjoy just about anytime, anywhere.

In short, moms love that Lance sandwich crackers are made with wholesome ingredients and are packed with protein, fiber, and whole grains, while kids love the taste and the way that Lance lets them stay fuller longer. I don't know how these could be any more perfect as an incredible snack choice to keep kids fueled for each and every after-school activity they may have!

Lance snacks review

Did I mention that there are five grams of protein in each package of these ToastChee and Whole Grain sandwich crackers and four grams in the Toasty sandwich crackers?

So whether my girls are popping these into their lunchbox or grabbing them as we head out the door for swim team practice, they'll be ready to keep their bodies going (and their mouths from complaining about being hungry... for at least a little while)!

Lance sandwich crackers

Along with the classic ways that Lance has clued-in to what moms want in wholesome snacks, I love that they have continued to stay on top of things as the years have progressed. They now not only steer clear of preservatives and have removed trans fat and high fructose corn syrup, but they have launched new products such as their great gluten-free options.

These have all the real peanut butter and cheddar cheese flavors that Lance fans have come to expect, just now in the perfect bite size gluten free form!

Lance gluten free

If you're in the market for a convenient, great-tasting, and nutritious way to satisfy your family after school (or anytime!), be sure to turn to Lance. Their full line-up of products is available at retailers across the country (hint: use their product locator to find your nearest store), where each box of sandwich crackers and cookies contains eight individually wrapped packages of six sandwiches.

To find out much more information, nutrition facts, other products, and more, visit Lance.com and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Plus, thanks to their generosity, one person will soon be able to see how quick, easy and tasty it can be to keep their kids fueled and ready for after-school activities as well, because...

One lucky person will win a $25 Visa gift card and prize pack of Lance sandwich crackers!

#SandWin giveaway

A big thank you to Lance for providing sandwich crackers and compensation for me as well as a prize pack for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.