Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Favorite New Local Find: Cafe Maya {#ReviewCrew}

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There are a few locations around the city here where restaurants seem to turn over more often that I would think. There is plenty of traffic, ample parking, other stores/shopping nearby, etc, yet every time a new restaurant opens and seems promising... only a short time later it is gone.

To be perfectly honest, I tend to shrug my shoulders and not think much of it. In my opinion, the past options haven't been all that special, so when one chain replaces another, it all ends up a blur in my mind.

Recently, thanks to my continued browsing of the certificate options available at, I noticed that one of the restaurants was located in one of the spots with a higher turnover. Was it possible that something more worthwhile had opened in this small shopping center? That it could provide tasty enough dishes and friendly enough service that it would last?

It was time to check out Cafe Maya for myself!

Cafe Maya Madison

After opening last October in Heritage Square shopping center in Madison, WI, Cafe Maya has been gaining momentum ever since.

With a bright, relaxed atmosphere, extremely friendly staff, free wi-fi, and a menu varying between delicious coffees, tasty sandwiches, fresh croissants, and much more, it's no wonder that customers visit once and are hooked!

Cafe Maya

In my case, I was no exception.

Although I had taken a quick look at Cafe Maya's menu online before heading over, I still marveled at the variety of different options for eating and drinking that they offer. This is far more than just a coffeehouse (although there are plenty of lattes, teas, espressos, cappuccinos, and more)!

Cafe Maya menu

Although there were multiple menu items that were making my mouth water, my friend and I decided on sandwiches and smoothies as a perfect lunchtime meal — and the awesome employee behind the counter couldn't have been friendlier in answering our questions without the slightest hint of impatience or hurry.

All that was left to do was take a seat (we chose the raised bar along the sunny window) and sit back to relax and wait for our order to arrive.

First up, smoothie time! How cute are these Mason Jar mugs?!

Cafe Maya smoothies

Even though we were happily enjoying the fruity tastiness of our mango and strawberry smoothies, it wasn't much longer before our sandwiches arrived and it was time to dig right in.

Cafe Maya sandwiches

The Pesto Feta sandwich typically includes smoked turkey, pesto, feta cheese, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, and avocados, but Cafe Maya staff were more than happy to accommodate me being a vegetarian by making mine without the turkey.

And the end result was fantastic! The sourdough bread was toasted just right (from a panini press) and the flavors from the other ingredients blended together with the pesto perfectly. Even the side of greens was lightly topped with a sweet dressing that made me want more!

I literally ate every last bite and even considered licking the plate clean to make sure that I hadn't left any morsels uneaten!

empty plate

By the time we were leaving Cafe Maya, I couldn't think of anything that could have made the visit any better and both my friend and I commented multiple times about how we would definitely be back. I adore when I make a new discovery of such a unique and delectable, locally-owned establishment and hope that this one is here to stay permanently!

As an added bonus to the delicious meal and the fact that we saved a bundle by using a certificate, I even brought home two of Cafe Maya's fresh pastries to enjoy later that day and the following morning. Hello, chocolate muffin and morning bun yumminess!

Cafe Maya pastries

If you have yet to try out, you're missing out on all sorts of unique dining options in your local area as well as where you might be traveling. I love using their convenient app and the Deals Near Me feature to find one-of-a-kind tasty eats like this one!

For more information about Cafe Maya, head over to their Facebook page. To find out about all of the money-saving options that has to offer in your area (or in an area that you are planning to visit), head over to as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

As a member of the Review Crew, I have been provided gift cards and compensation in order to facilitate my reviews. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stock Up and Save on P&G Everyday Essentials This Month at Walmart! {#StockUpSave}

P&G Walmart logo
This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Having been raised by thrifty and frugal parents, it's in my genes to continually be on the lookout for a good deal. After all, why spend more money on something than you have to?

So, when it comes to saving money on the everyday products and brands that we use — Bounty, Charmin and Tide, just to name a few — I'm happy to find a way to keep a few extra dollars in my pocket.

Fortunately, this month Procter & Gamble and Walmart have partnered together to help stretch our budgets a bit further with a promotion that is not to be missed. If you have items from P&G on your shopping list, then it's time to head to Walmart for the Stock Up and Save Event!

Stock Up and Save Event

The special savings is simple! This month simply head to your local Walmart (or online to and you'll be ready to stock up (and save!) on P&G essentials as they are offering all sorts of big savings and guaranteed low prices on items such as Tide laundry detergent, Charmin toilet paper, Pampers Swaddlers diapers, and more.

With warmer weather and sunny skies on the way, it just makes sense to head to this event now so you can plan on spending more time with your family and less time running out this spring. Plus, no one wants to find themselves reaching into the closet for personal care or home cleaning items only to discover that the shelf is empty!

Seeing as I didn't need any more convincing after hearing "big savings" it wasn't long before I was at my local Walmart to stock up.

Walmart stores

Walmart is already known for offering low prices, but there is always added value — and even more savings — when you stock up with these sorts of deals! Right now this event can provide extra value on the following great P&G products:
  • Bounty Select-A-Size 12-Pack Mega Roll
  • Tide 100 oz. Original HE Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Pampers Swaddlers Huge Box
  • Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Shampoo, 23.7 oz.
  • Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Conditioner, 23.7 oz.
  • Febreze Air Effects Linen & Sky
  • Dawn Original 75 oz.
  • Gillette MACH3 Sensitive Disposable 3-Pack
  • Venus Sensitive Disposable 3-Pack
  • Gain 100 oz. Original Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Charmin Ultra Strong 36 Double-Roll Pack
  • Crest Pro-Health Rinse, Clean Mint, 250ml
I started my shopping by taking a look at the savings on a few of the P&G personal care products that just about everyone can use.

This great Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner are perfect for those that want a little extra nourishment for their dry scalp and I knew that I couldn't leave the aisle without grabbing a bottle of Crest Pro-Health Rinse and a package of Venus Sensitive disposable razors. My kids are hooked on using "swish" in their oral care routine and my legs have been hidden under long pants all winter and... well, let's just say it isn't all that pretty.

P&G personal care

Next up it was over into the home care section of the store to take a look at the essentials that work to keep my home clean in the spring and long beyond.

Febreze Air Effects are just the thing to ensure that guests are met with a fresh, clean scent when they step into our house (as opposed to the smell of our cats' litter box and Big Sister E's dirty socks that seem to be underfoot no matter where I step) and I love stocking up on a large bottle of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid so that we never run out — it's perfect for refills!

P&G home care

But when it comes to one of the top necessities around here, there is no doubt that I turn to Tide.

Between the daily outfits, pajamas, swimsuits and towels, soccer uniforms, muddy jackets, and more that my family goes through each week, sometimes it's a wonder to me that the washing machine isn't going 24 hours a day.

Forget all the pre-treating and scrubbing and soaking, I just stock up on Tide and know that this high quality liquid laundry detergent will do all the work for me!

Tide detergent

What P&G products can you not live without? Be sure to head to your nearest Walmart by the end of April to take advantage of the Stock Up and Save Event with me — not only will you be able to pick up everyday essentials for less, stocking up means you won't run out when you need something most!

Want to grab even more savings? Check out the rewards from P&G that are available by using the Ibotta app today! And, remember that if you would rather shop online, you can also take advantage of these great savings by visiting

Find out more information about all of the great home and personal care products that are a part of this event by "attending" the April Stock Up and Save Event on Facebook, where you can also opt to receive reminders throughout this month to get your P&G shopping done at Walmart while the savings are high!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Taking Zoom-Zoom to the Next Level: 2016 Mazda6 i Grand Touring {Review}

Mazda logo
When my husband and I started making plans to ditch the cold weather and head somewhere warm over our kids' spring break, it didn't take too long before our search zeroed in on Southern California. Beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, theme parks galore, family-friendly museums, shopping, restaurants... the list went on and on.

However, with the amount of driving that we would need to do once we arrived in CA, I also knew that having a reliable midsize sedan would make life easier on so many levels. Plenty of space for all four of us plus luggage, a push button engine start, better EPA-estimated highway MPG than the competition, an easy to use navigation system, a rearview camera, amazing style, incredible safety, etc, etc?

Without a doubt there was no better car to find all of those features plus much, much more than in the 2016 Mazda6 i Grand Touring from Mazda.

2016 Mazda6

Available in more than half a dozen sleek and beautiful colors, I love that Mazda felt that no shade of red was good enough for their Mazda6, so they engineered an entirely new one with an elaborate three-step painting process. I'm telling you, the combination of the aerodynamic look and the flowing lines with this deep, yet vibrant, Soul Red really does make heads turn!

This car looks great in photos but they really don't compare to how gorgeous it is in person!

2016 Mazda6

After admiring this beauty from all angles on the outside...

2016 Mazda6 exterior was time to hop in to see how the interior would compare.

Spoiler alert: it was just as stunning!

Mazda6 interior

The contrast of the Parchment leather (also available in black) was sleek and attractive against against the chrome and trim and there was more than enough room for each passenger to stretch out comfortably — even with popping in two booster seats.

Once inside, I found that the A-pillar design of the Mazda6 made getting in and out of the plush seats easy and that the wide armrest was positioned just right to rest my arm. Not to mention that it easily popped open for great storage as well as a must-have in my book, USB ports for charging on the go.

Mazda6 armrest

Looking across the steering wheel and controls, right away I loved that Mazda had made the large gauges easy to read and that there were so many options (Bluetooth, cruise control, etc) all right within reach.

2016 Mazda6 controls

Putting the automatic transmission into drive, it only took lightly pressing on the gas before this car rolled forward and was gliding through the streets. Immediately I adored that the overall ride is extremely comfortable and that the steering is smooth and light. Even the hum of the engine is strong but pleasing!

But boy, does the Mazda6 have some power! While yes, it has been quite a while since I was behind the wheel of anything that could remotely be considered even related to a sports car, being able to accelerate quickly when getting on a freeway or to swerve around a semi brought a feeling of confidence and security to my driving.

Combine that with the 4-wheel disc brakes and the great turning radius and I just can't think of anywhere that this automobile couldn't go!

Plus, making it even safer to drive (and as a good reminder when my foot might have been pushing on the gas pedal a tad too much), I found it fantastic that the 2016 Mazda6 Grand Touring doesn't have a traditional speedometer, it instead reflects your speed right up on a little "screen" above the wheel. That made it possible that my eyes never really had to leave the road to see just how fast (or slow, in California traffic) we were going!

2016 Mazda6 speedometer

Along with providing a great ride and handling very well, the Mazda6 includes just about every possible feature that could make your time in the car more convenient.

The Bose 11-speaker sound system makes rocking out crystal clear; the heated front seats would be fantastic here in the Midwest in the winter; the dual-zone climate control is perfect for the times that I'm turning the temperature down while my husband wants to turn it up; there is plenty of storage and cup holders for everything that you might bring along with you; and much more.

When cruising around, the user-friendly 7" color touchscreen display is right where you need it to help keep you from getting lost with navigation, play your favorite tunes from a multitude of destinations, connect through Bluetooth, and more.

Mazda6 touchscreen

Even better, adjusting your navigation route, phone, music or more couldn't be much easier thanks to the knob controller right on the console that provides a second access.

Mazda6 knob controls

One of my absolute favorite Mazda6 features, however, is the way that it includes i-ACTIVSENSE®, a series of advanced safety technologies designed by Mazda to aid the driver in recognizing hazards, in avoiding collisions, and reducing the severity of accidents when they cannot be avoided.

This collection of nine different safety features do everything from warning you when you might be unintentionally drifting out of your lane to alerting you when it senses you are approaching the vehicle in front of you too quickly to actually automatically applying the brakes if it determines that a collision with an obstruction ahead is unavoidable. Incredible!!

While we fortunately didn't need or use many of these safety features during our time with the Mazda6, I loved knowing that they were in place to help keep my family secure. Every time the Blind Spot Monitoring Alert beeped to let us know it was unsafe to change lanes or the Rear Cross Traffic Alert notified us that a vehicle was approaching when we were backing out of a parking space, I gave the car a silent thank you!

Mazda6 Blind Spot Monitoring

After a week of driving the 2016 Mazda6 i Grand Touring around California, I had a difficult time saying goodbye to it. It provided great gas mileage (28 city and 40 highway), kept my family very safe in so many ways (3-point safety belts, 24-hour roadside assistance, advanced dual front airbags, front side-impact airbags, front and rear side air curtains, and more), and there wasn't a single complaint about lack of legroom, space or complete comfort.

Instead, we were too busy being in awe of the gorgeous view out of the power moonroof...

Mazda6 moonroof

...and the way that two booster seats we brought on our trip easily fit in the backseat (two convertible or infant car seats would do just the same).

Plus, popping open the trunk and finding a massively large cargo space is something that comes in handy for absolutely everyone! My husband thought there was no way we were going to fit three large suitcases and multiple other bags in the back, but they slid in there just fine!

Mazda6 trunk space
Two more large suitcases tucked in there along with a few other bags that can't be seen!

All in all, this is one sporty, midsize sedan that I would highly recommend and truly hope that I have a chance to drive again in the future.

Each day that I got in on our trip I found new features that I hadn't noticed before (Heated side mirrors! How awesome would those be in the winter? or Did you see that? The windshield wipers just went on their own! Rain-sensing wipers! Genius!) and the high quality of the Mazda craftsmanship is evident everywhere you look, inside and out.

With an MSRP starting around $30,000, the 2016 Mazda6 i Grand Touring drives well, looks amazing, and is a great choice for families. You can find out lots more on this incredible vehicle by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Other than the Mazda6 that I was provided by DriveShop in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion about how much I loved driving this car.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine and So Much More at KJ's Curry Bowl {#ReviewCrew}

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If I were to list the many things that I love about city living, the endless variety of restaurants would easily be mentioned. In the mood for an old favorite? Want to try something new? American? Ethnic? Fast food? Sit down? There are just so many choices that you'll never be able to try them all!

Most recently, thanks to the great certificate options at, I was able to discover yet another new restaurant that provides a huge selection of delicious dishes sure to satisfy the entire family: KJ's Curry Bowl.

KJ's Curry Bowl Madison

Known for their authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, the menu at KJ's Curry Bowl extends much further than that, also offering American, Asian and Mexican dishes to suit each and every palate.

Tired of going out to eat and not being able to agree on a location or satisfy everyone? I love that KJ's Curry Bowl all but eliminates that problem by having such a varied selection! As I flipped through their menu, I was amazed that the options include an Asian Chicken Salad, Louisiana Gumbo, Pulled BBQ Pork, a Steak Teriyaki bowl, multiple Curry options (of course), Sizzling Fajita Bowls, a Kids Menu, and much more!

How in the world was one to decide?

KJ's Curry Bowl menu

After my friend and I had finally made our selections and placed our order, we sat back to relax and appreciate the eclectic, warm surroundings of the restaurant.

With large windows letting in lots of natural light and comfortable booths and tables to accommodate groups both large and small...

KJ's Curry Bowl restaurant

...there wasn't much more that I could have asked for.

A short while later, our friendly server reappeared with our steaming dishes in hand and it was time to eat!

KJ's Curry Bowl food

My friend's Dahl Curry (top) was fragrant and spicy (our server had done a perfect job of describing the three varying levels of spice available to ensure that it was just right) and my Vegetable & Tofu Blazing Stir Fry with Hawaiian Sweet and Sour sauce was the perfect combination of all of my favorite flavors.

As both dishes had come with our choice of white or brown rice, the portions were more than enough to fill us up and even provided leftovers that were just as sweet and spicy reheated the following day. I'm always thrilled when I not only love a dish that I order, but when it can provide me with a second meal to look forward to as well!

Before we left we chatted a little more with our server about how much we enjoyed our food and found out a bit about the spices typically used in Sri Lankan food as well as the long list of health benefits that come from eating curry powder. I had no idea!

health benefits of curry

While the prices at KJ's Curry Bowl were very reasonable to begin with, the fact that we used a certificate made the whole meal even more of a bargain! Who doesn't love to save a little extra money when they go out to eat?

For more information about KJ's Curry Bowl or to plan a visit if you're in the Madison area, head to and connect with them on Facebook — they even offer a huge weekend Sri Lankan Buffet on Fridays and Saturdays that I'd love to try!

When it comes to helping customers discover the unique restaurants local to their area, is the site to visit to not only find a location, but get a great deal. It offers savings at tens of thousands of restaurants nationwide with an endless number of gift certificate options! To find out about all of the money-saving options in your area (or in an area that you are planning to visit), head over to as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

As a member of the Review Crew, I have been provided gift cards and compensation in order to facilitate my reviews. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mudderella 2016: Own Your Strong!

mudderella logo
Last spring I spent weeks (months, actually) planning, preparing, worrying, anticipating and exercising as my friends and I counted down the days until we were able to participate in an athletic event unlike any other: Mudderella.

Were there times that I thought that we might be crazy? Absolutely. Who voluntarily puts themselves through a 5- to 7-mile muddy obstacle course — particularly if you're me and you're, well, lazy?

But the more that I visited the Mudderella website; read about their incredible support of Futures Without Violence (a national nonprofit that is working to prevent and end domestic violence); and learned about how these events are the first and only full-day athletic event series designed for women, by women; I knew I had to try.

When else could I challenge my all-around strength, balance, endurance, and agility in a team environment with friends that would be there to encourage me along the way? Before we knew it, we were lacing up our (old) tennis shoes and (literally) jumping right in!

mudderella mud run

Sometimes I still can't believe we made it mile after mile, but we really did.

From sloshing through mud up to our ankles to crawling in it under cargo nets to working together to conquer and climb obstacles that we never would have thought possible, it was a day that I'll never forget.

Mudderella muddy obstacle
I was pretty grossed out at our first obstacle!

Unfortunately spring weather in the Midwest is unpredictable and Mudderella Chicago 2015 happened to fall on an extremely cold, blustery, rainy day, putting a damper on the entire event. But even with all that? It was still very easy to see that Mudderella truly provides a way to be strong, have fun and enjoy the day with your girlfriends all at once — no solitary workout here!

From start to finish, groups of friends (no duo is too small! No gang is too big!) completed and conquered the course together. The feeling of crossing the finish line is one of empowerment, laughter and overcoming a challenge with other amazing women by your side helping and cheering you on!

Mudderella finish

I can honestly say that whether you take part in a Mudderella event with a partner or in a huge group, the experience of togetherness and strength while having fun is pretty much indescribable. The laughter and camaraderie and eagerness to lend a hand between friends as well as with complete strangers really does make this event stand on its own.

Which is why my rock star team of four has decided to take on the Mudderella course once again!

I'm most looking forward to new obstacles such as Stunt Double...

Mudderella Stunt Double obstacle
Leap from a 10’ high platform and onto a large inflatable below! well as having the chance to complete a handful of classic course obstacles that were closed last year for safety due to the high winds and freezing rain. This year it will be a beautiful warm day on June 4th, 2016 (I just know it!) and we will be ready to conquer Mudderella Chicago once again!

Are you with me? If you would like to spend a day overcoming personal challenges, giving your fitness goals a boost, and filling your soul with feelings of empowerment and support, then Mudderella is for you! There is no incorrect definition of "success," as ALL women are welcome to participate to discover just how possible it is to Own Your Strong.

Own Your Strong

Right now Mudderella has six events planned for 2016 (be sure to check back as they add more!), so it's easy to find the one nearest you:
  • Grayslake, IL - June 4, 2016
  • Englishtown, NJ - June 18, 2016
  • Epping, NH - July 30, 2016
  • Kitchener, Ontario - August 27, 2016
  • Whistler, British Columbia - September 24, 2016
  • Melbourne, Australia - December 3, 2016
Visit to find out more and sign up in your area — remember that even if you aren't feeling all that physically fit at the moment (me!) that the Mudderella Training Program can help you get there!

You can also feel your own motivation build by visiting and connecting with this incredible event on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

I have been provided with Mudderella registration codes in order to facilitate my review, but all of the information and opinions shared are 100% honest and my own.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Disneyland: Celebrating 60 Years as the Happiest Place on Earth!

While there are plenty of vacation destinations designed to appeal to specific groups of people (e.g. couples only, young children or those looking for an adventure), there is one name that brings absolutely everyone together.

Young, old, families, friends, individuals — it doesn't matter when you step into the world of Disney and know that you are in "the most magical place on earth." From seeing fairy tales come to life to meeting your favorite characters to experiencing incredible attractions and shows, it is all there in the most memorable, detailed, amazing way possible at Disneyland.


Currently celebrating 60 years of being a a source of joy for the entire world and a place where innovation has continued to inspire an exciting future, there is no doubt that the Disneyland Resort has been an unforgettable destination for families to return to, again and again.

And, after having thoroughly loved our first visit to Disneyland for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration back in 2014, it was time for my own family to create more incredible memories with the festivities, sights, and all things magic in Anaheim. Let's make this Spring Break one for the record books!


As much as we love the "traditional" magic found in Disneyland Park, we began our day at Disney California Adventure Park and couldn't wait to see some of our favorite Disney films come to life in the rides, games, decor, characters and more.

In fact, we were only barely through the gates when we turned the corner and ran right into one of Big Sister E's all-time favorites. It's not often that you get to take a stroll down the block with Sulley and I loved seeing my girl's face light up with excitement!

Disneyland Sulley

After starting the day out on a high note, we then spent hour after hour loving just about every minute of all that Disney had to offer.

Little Sister B was also able to spend a little time with two of her absolute idols when we chatted and took photos with Anna and Elsa...

Disneyland Elsa and Anna

...and later saw them again when we attended the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

We sang, we laughed, we loved the transitioning between live action and on-screen scenes, we ooohed at the "snow" that fell from the ceiling, and we sang some more — I highly recommend this show for any and all Frozen fans!

Disneyland Frozen Sing Along

With this Frozen celebration winning the title of our favorite show of the day, my family would also have no problem agreeing on the top attraction for all four of us, Toy Story Midway Mania!

As with so many other aspects of Disneyland, Toy Story Mania! provides a new and unique experience each and every time that is sure to thrill all ages. Simply take a seat and you're ready to be brought on a moving belt through a wide variety of midway games hosted by characters from Disney•Pixar's Toy Story!

The effects on this attraction are top notch and, with the addition of 3D glasses, the whole thing truly comes to life as you use your Spring-Action Shooter to rack up as many points as possible (spoiler alert: I had the highest score in my car because I'm awesome like that)!

Toy Story Midway Mania

Along with taking part in all of the Toy Story friendly competition we could handle, we also made the most of our time over in Paradise Pier by saying hello to a few characters, hoping on a few more rides —including taking a few spins on the iconic Mickey's Fun Wheel and marveling at the views from being up so high— and eating all sorts of delicious foods for lunch.

I absolutely adore how Disney offers something for every possible palate (as well as allergies, diets, etc), so it doesn't matter if you want to chow down on a corn dog or dine elegantly on Five-Cheese Ravioli with Pesto Sauce and Toasted Pine Nuts (sooooo good!!), everyone is able to find a variety of tasty options to meet their needs.

Disneyland Paradise Pier food

Although there are dozens and dozens more that I could list that we loved at Disney California Adventure Park, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Pixar Play Parade and Radiator Springs Racers for how much we enjoyed them both!

Taking place in the early evening, the Pixar Play Parade combines music, floats, performers, effects, and more as just about every character from five different Disney•Pixar films makes an appearance. Simply find a spot along the parade route and sit back to marvel, wave, and interact as pals from Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story roll on by (and possibly a surprise appearance by Lightning McQueen and Mater of Cars)!

Disney Pixar Play Parade

Speaking of our favorite Cars duo, do not, I repeat DO NOT, miss the chance to see them in action in Radiator Springs Racers, the number one Disney attraction (from all Disney Parks) for both Big Sister E and me.

We grabbed FastPasses for this extremely popular attraction as soon as we arrived at Disney California Adventure Park and could hardly wait to return that evening. There is just nothing that compares to hopping into one of these cars, perusing through the gorgeous desert landscape of Cars Land, seeing so many familiar faces from the movie come to life, and ending with a heart-pounding, high speed race against another car to the finish line!

Without a doubt, Big Sister E and I could ride these Racers over and over and over again (and actually had the chance to on our last visit when all of Radiator Springs was closed/reserved only for DSMM Celebration attendees and families for a few hours one morning). Did I mention to NOT miss this attraction?!

Radiator Springs Racers
Her face may not depict it, but Big Sister E truly ADORES this attraction!
Although we spent quite a bit of time in Disney California Adventure Park, we did also head into Disneyland Park as well (Park Hopper tickets for the win!) to marvel at all of the magic and excitement that occurs there as well. Characters, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, attractions, entertainment, lights, shows... sometimes I just don't know how Disney continues to come up with it all!

On this visit, however, we were especially interested in trying out an attraction that was new for my family, the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. When was the last time you climbed into a submarine hatch, took a seat in front of your own personal porthole, and went on an underwater adventure with Nemo, Squirt, Marlin, Dory, and many more Finding Nemo friends?

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Walt Disney once said, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them," and, all these years later, Disneyland Resort makes that happen every day of the year for all ages as one of the top vacation destinations on earth.

This is one location (split into two incredible theme parks) where the entire family can enjoy incredible sights and sounds, receive legendary service, and head home with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to visit to see in-depth information on all things Disney and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

From an action-packed vacation with every minute planned to a day spent strolling the parks and playing it all by ear, a visit to Disneyland will leave both young and old dazzled and amazed. We can't wait to go back and do it all again!

I was provided complimentary passes by Disneyland Resort in order to help facilitate this review, but they in no way affected the amazing time that we had and my honest opinions in this post.