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Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match {Review & Giveaway}

Playmobil logo
While my girls typically have varying interests, one thing that they can both agree on is soccer. They each have participated in indoor as well as outdoor classes and, while neither of them has shown a great deal of drive or determination in the sport to make me think it will be a part of their future endeavors, at least they both had fun.

Which is why I knew that taking the world of soccer and putting it into a miniature, durable, portable package would be something that they would enjoy. Add in the ability to improve hand-eye coordination, develop spatial relation skills, make it all a form of entertainment... and it all comes together thanks to Playmobil and their Take Along Soccer Match.

Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match

Dribbling across the field and scoring a goal has never been easier thanks to the Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match. By allowing your kids to challenge one another to a soccer game no matter where you are, this set comes fully equipped with everything needed pass, shoot and score your way to a complete soccer game experience.

While I wasn't sure if my girls possessed quite enough dexterity and hand-eye coordination to control the miniature athletes in this game (it is designed for ages 5-10), I knew that they would still love playing with their realistic teammates and attempting to kick the ball.

Sure enough, when this game arrived, they were full of curious questions and eager anticipation to start playing.

Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match review

Inside the box, we found a portable, travel-ready 22" x 33" field, two small soccer balls, six soccer players, and various accessories.

Playmobil Soccer Match

It didn't take long before we had the entire Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match constructed and the 3-on-3 teams ready for action.

Playmobil soccer game

Right away the kids and I marveled at the way that players are able to control one of the figures' legs with a small lever on the back. Just by giving it a tap, that leg kicks up to propel the ball forward, which helped make playtime more realistic... not to mention bringing a smile to my girls' faces every time.

Combine that with the goalies that were connected to joysticks (thus allowing players to control the movements from behind the goal net), the ability of the figures' arms, legs, necks and more to move or rotate, and the unique way that you can customize small details in the game (e.g. changing the hair from one figure to another and selecting the numbers for each miniature jersey), and it was no wonder that it added up to a hit overall.

Playmobil soccer review

While this game hasn't been used extremely competitively around our house, it has provided hours of fun and entertainment for all of us. The girls enjoy reaching for their favorite little soccer player to practice kicking the ball around the field and can often be found playing by themselves or together and giggling as calls of Pass it me! and I'm open! Kick it here! and I got it! fill the air.

This game has proven to be a big enough draw that the girls sometimes head over to play with it for a few minutes even before they've had breakfast. Who says that pajamas aren't an appropriate soccer uniform?

soccer game

All in all, Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match has been a fun and unique addition to our game collection that I'm happy to have around. Not only does it keep my kids entertained, but it helps them practice motor skills, socialization, and learn basic science concepts at the same time.

As a major bonus, when you're done playing, simply fold the entire game back up on itself to form a briefcase-type package that is not only portable and stores in tight spaces, but all of the small pieces stay inside for less chance of getting lost.

Playmobil portable soccer

With so many electronic games and toys out there, it can often feel as though kids only play with things that include lights and sounds (and require batteries). Instead, Playmobil offers a wide selection of modern-yet-classic games such as the Take Along Soccer Match that can combine fun, activity and imagination all in one.

Retailing for $59.99, this innovative game can be purchased directly from the Playmobil USA website, on or at specialty stores near you. But, wait! Head over right now to and redeem the coupon code US72A12C to receive 20% off of all Playmobil Take Along items!

Thanks to the generosity of Playmobil, one person will soon be ready for some kicking on a very small scale, because...

One lucky person will win a Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match!

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Disclosure: The information and gift packs have been provided by Playmobil USA through MyBlogSpark.

Pamper Yourself with Cleopatra's Choice {Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin Review}

Cleopatra's Choice logo
Although sending our children back to school can tug at our heartstrings, the fall season also has the possibility of allowing moms to focus a tiny bit of their attention back on themselves (at least for a few minutes).

While I haven't taken the time to think about pampering my hair or skin during the rush-rush-rush of this summer, the ability to have a tiny bit of time to breathe during the month of September means that I can consider making up for the extended abuse that I've long doled out.

But along with a good scrubbing of my face, a little lotion on the dry parts of my skin, and an extra dose of conditioner in hopes of removing some of the frizz from my hair, what is there to do?

Thanks to Cleopatra's Choice, the solution to pampering can all be found in one small bottle of their Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin.

Cleopatra's Choice Argan Oil

An online beauty retailer that has traveled the globe in search of the worlds' finest health and beauty secrets, Cleopatra's Choice is known for raising pampering to a fine art. The exotic beauty secrets that they have discovered have resulted in products that revive youth and beauty while proving effective care for the skin, body and hair.

While I was already impressed by Cleopatra's Choice and their belief that beauty is on the inside as well as on the outside, finding out that they only offer quality products with the highest standards was an added plus. Even more, most of the product line is cruelty free, vegan friendly, and helps to promote the culture and well being of the community it is made in.

After hearing all that, I was even more eager to put their Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin to the test.

Cleopatra's Choice Argan Oil review

Designed to moisturize the entire body, Pure Argan Oil comes from the Argan tree, and is fast becoming the hottest global commodity in the beauty industry. I love that one single product can be used to treat problems with your hair, skin and nails simply by rubbing a small amount on your blemishes, blotches, stretch marks, cuticles, frizzy locks and more.

When I first checked out this product, I had a slight hesitation about using it on my hair or my skin. After all, it is pure oil! Wouldn't it just leave my hair looking greasy? And cause breakouts left and right on my face?

pure argan oil

However, after trying the Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin multiple times, I was happy to find that neither of those situations occurred! In fact, this extremely versatile product has proven beneficial and has shown positive results everywhere that I have tried it.

In my hair (which typically needs all of the help it can get), I am able to use the Argan Oil right out of the shower and let it dry, for a soft, smooth, non-greasy feeling. Or, if I wait until my hair is nearly dry and then rub it on, the oil provides a shiny, frizz-controlling barrier that I can definitely appreciate!

For an extra boost of softness, I apply the method that Cleopatra's Choice recommends, which is to work the Argan Oil through my hair and on my scalp and leave it sit for 20 minutes before proceeding to shower and wash my hair like normal. The sleek, shiny, smooth results are great — and my hair looks and feels stronger than before.

Cleopatra's Choice pure argan oil

When it comes to using the Argan Oil on my skin, I've found that it rubs on easily and absorbs into my heels, hands, elbows and just about anywhere else without leaving a greasy feeling. While I've never put much thought into taking care of my cuticles in the past, a dab of this oil on them seems to be keeping them hydrated and less prone to breaking.

Overall my skin hasn't been too dry this summer, but my feet have taken a beating from walking around barefoot or in flip flops for months. I've taken to putting a few drops of Argan Oil on my heels and really like how they feel softer, less calloused and have fewer cracks — I'm looking forward to utilizing this magic liquid more this winter when the dry air really takes its toll!

argan oil

To find out more about Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin and learn if this organic oil is right for you (it's safe for all skin types and many users have claimed that it has been soothing for various skin conditions), visit This 4oz bottle typically retails for $44 but is currently on sale for $29.95 with free shipping.

You'll also want to connect with Cleopatra's Choice on Facebook and Twitter so that you can stay up to date on their large selection of high quality products.

(Other than the Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin that I was sent from Cleopatra's Choice to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fuel Kids' Fun While Beating Boredom With Lunchables {Hasbro, Lunchables & $50 Fandango Gift Card Prize Pack Giveaway}

Lunchables logo
While summer is coming to an end, that doesn't mean that it will put a stop to all of the dreaded I'm booooorrred calls from children everywhere. Aside from having extra activities planned or events on the calendar, what's a mom to do?

Thanks to the Lunchables Lunch Combinations team, the answer is in the form of their Never Be Bored Again challenge that the whole family can be involved in. The brand has now partnered with actress and celebrity mom, Tori Spelling, to launch a national campaign that will benefit the minds, bodies and imaginations of kids everywhere!

Never Be Bored Again

It's all about fueling kid fun while beating boredom and efforts to make a difference are already underway. On August 28th, Lunchables hosted a complete sport court make-over at the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank with Spelling and installed new basketball hoops, foursquare grids, playground equipment and more. What an amazing way to help out those kids and all that the Boys & Girls Club does for them!

But that's not all. That event was just the kickoff to the announcement that Lunchables is also donating up to $100,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and their sport and recreation programs... and you can be a part! Simply capture photos of boredom-busting activities and share them by visiting the "Never Be Bored Again" application at

summer fun

Every photo that is uploaded from today through October 15, 2012, will generate a $1 donation to Boys & Girls Clubs across America, up to $100,000, to help amp up the fun.

As an added bonus, after uploading your photo, you will receive a $1-off coupon for new Lunchables with Smoothie, while supplies last. It's a win-win for everyone!

Lunchables with Smoothie

When it comes to boredom busting, what photographs come to your mind first? Your kids playing dress up? Helping cook? Or craft? Having a backyard barbeque with friends? A day at the beach to beat the heat? Even just an afternoon spent making silly faces in the mirror counts as an activity that would bring on the laughter and fun!

While we've experienced a long list of summer activities that could fall into this category, one of our most recent was thanks to the extremely fun pack of goodies that Lunchables sent over.

Lunchables prize pack

We haven't had a bored moment since all this entertainment arrived! The girls both have had fun writing and drawing all sorts of top secret information into their Lunchables notebook...

Lunchables notebook well as carrying around their important possessions in their Lunchables messenger bag...

Lunchables messenger bag

...and we've already picked up some tasty Lunchables at the grocery store with our coupons so that they're on hand for upcoming lunches at school and preschool. Next we just have to decide on what movie to go see with our Fandango gift card!


But what easier way to beat boredom than to pull out a great game? Thanks to Hasbro's Connect 4 Launchers, Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase and Twister, we've been able to reach for these updated classics and enjoy spending time together whenever and wherever.

Who can be down about the rain or the too-hot temperatures outside when you're inside doing this?


No matter if you have a plethora of tricks up your sleeve to keep boredom at bay or you're always on the lookout for an activity that will provide endless entertainment, be sure to upload your photo to the "Never Be Bored Again" app to help support Boys & Girls Clubs across America.

Then keep the fun going with your kids by heading over to to play the instant win game and win one of over one million prizes! Grand prizes include a tricked-out tree house, your child's very own Sport Court or the Ultimate Game Room — go enter for your chance to win!

Lunchables sweepstakes

For more information and an exclusive look at behind-the-scenes boredom-busting fun with Tori Spelling or details on the new line of Lunchables with Smoothie, check out Lunchables on Facebook.

And, thanks to their generosity, one person will soon be ready to never have another dull moment around their house, because...

One lucky person will win a Never Be Bored Again Prize Pack* (total ARV approximately $150)!

*Prize Pack contains (1) Lunchables messenger bag, (1) Lunchables notebook, (5) Lunchables free product coupons, (3) Hasbro games, (1) $50 Fandango gift card

(Enter with the Rafflecopter form below. If you have any questions or problems entering, there is a video tutorial found here that can help.)

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A big thank you to Lunchables for providing a Never Be Bored Again Prize Pack for me as well as for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.

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Creativity for Kids Craft Party {#FaberCastellParty}

Creativity for Kids logo
With my most sincere apologies to all of the moms of boys out there, I have to admit that... I just don't get boys.

Clearly it was meant to be that I would have girls, as when it comes to things like pretending to be princesses, doing our hair or making our own frilly, crafty projects, I fully understand them (and want to participate as well). On the other hand, digging in dirt simply to get dirty or hitting rocks with sticks? I'm sorry, but I just don't get the entertainment.

I'm sure that I would feel different if I had a son, but for now, I'm more than happy to focus on all things girly. Which is why when we got word that we were to host a Creativity for Kids Party filled with projects such as decorating fashion tote bags and creating our own trinket boxes, I knew that it was right up our alley.

Creativity for Kids boxes

After looking through the two large boxes of Creativity for Kids products that arrived, we were amazed at all of the options that we had to choose from. When there is this much fun to be had, how do you decide between it all?

kids' craft projects

With the start of the school year looming right around the corner for us, we wanted to make sure to have friends over to share in our Creativity for Kids fun with us before everyone became too busy.

Fortunately, we were able to have some of our favorite gal pals come join in the merriment and they weren't in the door more than a few minutes before we were tying on our aprons and diving into these great kits.

kids' apron

We started out with the project that required the least amount of setup or adult help, yet still produced something extremely fun and fashionable: the Stuck on Fashion Tote Bag.

Just the right size for kids, this pink zebra-striped bag measures 16"w x 9"h with a 10" handle and comes with a stiff bottom piece to help it stand and a matching wallet and ID tag. Once each girl had a tote, we spread out the included peel-and-press fabric stickers and let their creativity take over!

fashion tote bags

With the ability to customize their tote as much or as little as they chose, the Stuck on Fashion Tote Bags were a big hit. Each girl was able to select their favorite colors, shapes and more and ended up with a finished product that will work as a purse, shopping bag, pretend play accessory or more.

These cute tote kits retail for $14.99 each and, although the box states that they are for ages 5 - 95, the 3-year-olds at our party had no problem peeling and sticking these fun shapes. Find out more or make a purchase at Creativity for Kids, or at a store near you.

After our tote bags were decorated and fashionable, it was time to fill them! We moved on to the Pop Art Necklaces and again found that Creativity for Kids had made it easy for each girl to customize their creation precisely to their liking.

Whether they chose a completed sticker or one that needed to be colored, our attendees (ages 3 years and up) were easily able to place it in the plastic bottle cap, top it with a clear opti-dome, thread the satin cord and beads, and be ready to show off their handmade jewelry.

Pop Art Necklaces

We loved how the girls were able to select their favorite colors for their necklaces — including the bottle caps, stickers, cording and beads — so that their finished results ended up personalized and fun. After the party I asked Big Sister E what her favorite project was and she picked these necklaces!

These Pop Art Necklaces and More kits retail for $14.99 each (enough to create 10) and again, although the box states that they are for ages 5 - 95, our 3- and 4-year-olds were able to complete each step on their own just fine. Find out more or make a purchase at Creativity for Kids, or at a store near you.

Even though I had hesitations about attempting the Fashion Headbands kit with the younger age group that we had at our party, the box stated that it was also for ages 5 - 95 (and the kids were eager to do more!) so we pulled it open to see what was inside.

As with Creativity for Kids' other kits, I appreciated that users are able to get inspiration and ideas from the photos on the box or the information on the written instructions... yet there really is no right or wrong way to be creative. This kit included 10 satin headbands in a rainbow of colors, rhinestones, fabric flowers, feathers, a glittery butterfly, yards of ribbon and more. Simply use the included glue and your imagination and go!

handmade headbands

The girls loved designing their own headbands and getting to choose their favorite colors in the band, ribbon and accessories to add on. However, the process of wrapping the ribbon around the headband proved to be a bit too difficult for the younger crowd and they also had a hard time trying to glue on pieces like rhinestones without having them pop back off.

I do think that this is a really fun kit and, retailing for an affordable $19.99 (at Creativity for Kids or on for the 10 pieces, it would work really well for 7-9-year-olds for a birthday or slumber party activity.

Even though I would have thought the girls were all crafted-out, we decided to open up the Feather Trinket Box kits and do one more! I haven't found this particular mini kit online, but they are just the right size to contain everything necessary for a single craft.

trinket boxes

Including a flower-shaped pink box, rhinestones, feathers and craft glue, no one had any problems turning the individual pieces of this kit into a darling little jewelry box. Top, bottom, sides, it didn't matter! The hardest part about completing these boxes was allowing them to set aside to dry because the girls wanted to keep on decorating and playing with them!

All of Creativity for Kids' mini kits retail for $5.99 each, which is a reasonable price if you're looking for something unique and fun to keep on hand for a rainy day or a small gift.

All in all, we had a great Creativity for Kids Craft Party! I had assumed that my girls and their friends would have fun making the crafts, but they really got into the creative aspects and getting to be the designer in each of the projects.

Plus, as Big Sister E pointed out, these kits were a special way for all of the girls to enjoy the time together, laughing and talking while they worked. I love the idea that a box of supplies can result in cute, fashionable products while also providing a bonding experience for girls, their friends... and Mom, too!

Each of the girls were able to take home all of their creations as well as a neat Coloring & ARTivity Book so that they could continue stretching their artistic imaginations even further at home...

goodie bag

...and, although everyone was worn out by the party's end, there were smiles all around. This turned out to be a fantastic way to spend a morning and we'll be sure to keep it on our list to do again in the future!

Find out more about how your children can create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with Creativity for Kids by connecting with them on their website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

(Other than the Creativity for Kids party packs I was provided by Faber-Castell and MomSelect, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of these products.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Performance Bicycle's "Grow Up with Performance" Program Provides a Discount on Your Child's Next Bike {Girls Piper 20" Coaster Brake Kid's Bike Review}

Performance Bicycle logo
While not all children will take horseback riding lessons and not all of them will go to space camp, there is one thing that just about every single kid will do (and love) at some point: ride a bike.

Whether they take to it immediately and go zooming down the block or cautiously need a little more time to ditch the training wheels, riding a bicycle is a rite of passage that girls and boys everywhere encounter during their childhood that turns into lifelong memories. I can still remember practicing over and over on my older brother's bike before finally mastering being able to ride on two wheels!

When it comes to motivation, however, nothing beats a brand new bike. The comfortable new seat, the soft grip of the handlebars and the shiny spokes of the wheels... and when it comes to offering cyclists the best selection of products, the best value and the best service in the industry, no one knows better than Performance Bicycle.

Performance Bicycle products

As America's leading multi-channel bicycle retailer, Performance Bicycle has been successfully serving cyclists' needs for 30 years. Along with the 100 store locations and an inventory of more than 10,000 products available through their catalog and website, Performance Bicycle has proven to be the #1 shopping destination for people who love to ride bikes through their continuing commitment to providing value, education, expert advice and professional service. These folks just know bikes!

But they also know savings. So while your child is sure to remember their first bike just like you remember your first car, Performance Bicycle's "Grow Up with Performance" program (available in store only) offers unmatched savings on necessities and future bike purchases.

Growth Guarantee

The process is simple. Not only will Performance Bicycle help you find the right size and type of bike for the developmental stage of your young rider, but as your child grows, you'll receive great discounts on future bikes:
  • 1st Kids' Bike Purchase: Receive 10% off any Kid's Helmet
  • 2nd Kids' Bike Purchase: 15% off
  • 3nd Kids' Bike Purchase: 15% off
  • 4th Kids' Bike Purchase (or 1st Adult Bike Purchase): 20% off
Who doesn't love to get a discount on the quality-manufactured bicycles that are going to provide years of memories?

And no matter what color or style bike your child is looking for, Performance Bicycle has a variety of choices to pick from. Browsing their website is easy thanks to their Kids' Bike Age and Sizing Chart, which makes it simple to match up your child's age and height to determine which type of bicycle will fit them best. 

Considering that Big Sister E is quite tall for her age, I was able to easily see that she needed a 20" bike. As she isn't ready to have a bike with gears, Performance Bicycle's category of 20" Coaster Brake Bicycles looked to be the perfect compromise... and, when the Performance Girls Piper 20" Coaster Brake Bike arrived, it was all I could do to not wish that it was a little bigger so that I could take it for a spin.

pink girls bike

Really, do bikes come any cuter than this? From the colorful designs to the preppy detailing, it was clear that the Piper was going to be eye-catching even when it was still a pile of pieces right out of the box.

bike assembly

As neither my husband nor I are a whiz when it comes to wielding a socket wrench, we were initially a bit dismayed when we found that this bike came with lots of great safety tips and information... but no diagram or written instructions as to how to put it together. 

Fortunately, with a little perseverance (and me apparently not giving my husband enough credit for his bike assembly skills), we were able to connect each item to the steel frame in the correct place. Adding the Wald Training Wheels as the final touch, we were able to step back and see something that resembled the bike from many young girls' dreams.

pink girls bike

As soon as you're within 10 feet of this bike, there is no denying the high quality and durability that it displays. This isn't a kids' bike that is going to be used for a little while and then discarded, this is a bicycle that will be passed down from sibling to sibling and then on to relatives or friends for many more years of riding.

I love that the 20" High-Tensile steel frame has a low standover height so that Big Sister E can stand without having a bar in the way (this bike is designed to fit 6-8-year-old girls) and that she has no problem getting situated and ready to ride on her own.

Performance Bicycle review

At the same time that the Piper looks fashionable, Performance Bicycle didn't skimp on the safety. The pads and reflectors help ease my worries and the addition of the chainguard makes me happy knowing that this important part of the bike is protected.

To top it off, I love the way that this Coaster Bike includes the pedal brakes that are traditionally found on kids' bikes, but also includes a single hand brake. This way, Big Sister E can still have the safety and security of stopping her bike with the pedals, but will also be able to get used to the idea of braking by squeezing the hand brake, making the transition to any future bikes easier. 

Performance Girls Piper Coaster Brake Bike

But who can think about future bikes when this one is this amazing? Big Sister E hasn't shown a great deal of interest in riding a bike in the past, but the Piper has quickly changed that and she has been more eager to get out there and practice than ever before!

She'll happily ride one way...

riding a bike

...and then the other. Over and over again!

learning to ride a bike

Typically retailing for $179.99, the Performance Girls Piper 20" Coaster Brake Bike is currently on sale for $139.99 (the Wald Training Wheels retail for $24.99 and fit 16", 18" and 20" bikes). Plus, if this bike was purchased as a part of Performance Bicycle's "Grow Up with Performance" program, you'd save even more!

From the youngest riders who are first learning how to pedal to the experienced bikers who live to feel the wind in their hair, Performance Bicycle has the selection, knowledge and service to provide just what you and your family need. 

Be sure to visit their website to find out much more information, browse their products, request a catalog, find a store near you, place an order, and more. You can also connect with Performance Bicycle on Facebook and Twitter so that you'll never miss the latest and greatest from this incredible company.

(Other than the Piper Bike and Training Wheels I was sent from Performance Bicycle to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and their products.)

HABA Launches to Bring Beautiful German Quality to Kids Everywhere {My First Ball Track and Rainbow House Pegging Game Review & Giveaway}

While talking to a friend about her daughter's upcoming birthday recently, I couldn't help but nod when she said a line that I have repeated more than once: And the presents? My kids just don't need any more stuff.

But then her husband chimed in with an addition that struck me: Unless it's heirloom stuff. You know, really nice quality.

As a parent, it is difficult being on either side of the situation because we really all just want the best for our children. But often we end up wandering the toy aisles in the big box stores and opting for something that will hopefully be entertaining and fun, even if the small voice in our head is saying that it'll probably just end up discarded after a few weeks.

Which is why I love knowing that I can always turn to HABA.

HABA logo

Unmatched in their selection of unique, high quality toys, games, gifts and furniture, HABA offers the whimsical and innovative toys for babies, toddlers and beyond that reflect their European values of staying playful and environmentally-friendly.

While this company was founded in Germany back in 1938 and has been bringing amazing, award-winning products to children ever since, consumers here in America have mostly been relegating to finding them on the shelves of specialty toy stores.

However, this summer has changed all that with the introduction of Without needing to dig out your passport (and hope that it isn't expired), a few taps on your keyboard bring you to a site that is brightly colored, easy to navigate, and even offers sections on safety, product development, corporate philosophy, user videos and more.

HABAusa website

It's just too easy to get lost browsing the magical world of HABA!

I love the way that the new website helps narrow down their large selection so that you can find the product that will work perfectly for your young recipient — whether you have a previous notion of what that will be or not.

From specific categories (e.g. Wooden Blocks, Pretend Play or Outdoor Toys) to shopping by age, price or manufacturer, starts with a broad range and quickly works to pinpoint more than a handful of items that are sure to be immediately loved.

My girls adore just about any way that they can dress that uses their imagination, so clicking Pretend Play, narrowing it to 3 - 5-year-olds and then to Costumes resulted in options that they would definitely enjoy.

Halloween costumes

Or maybe you're on the hunt for a small item for baby to finish off the wrapping of your baby shower gift? In less than a minute I had chosen Baby > 0-12 Months > Handcrafted Wooden Toys > $0 - $10 and came up with many that would be great to put right on top of a box instead of a bow or add to a basket of must-haves for the new little one.

wooden baby toys

As much as it was hard to tear myself away from looking at all of HABA's items that are designed with creativity and incomparable durability, the arrival of their Rainbow House Pegging Game and My First Ball Track - Basic Pack gave us the ability to see the high quality and entertainment value for ourselves.

HABA wooden toys

Perfect examples of why we have always loved HABA, both of these creative, interchangeable toys are made from beautiful beech wood and colored with water-based, non-toxic stains. The resulting pieces are not only vivid and bright, but are designed to provide endless play opportunities for children of all ages.

HABA review

There really is no right or wrong to the Rainbow House Pegging Game (retail price $39.99) and there isn't a limit on the number of creative stacking variations that a child can build and rebuild time and time again.

Match the colors, contrast them, stack them tall, keep them short... at first glance you might think that this game wouldn't hold that much interest, but it truly does.

Rainbow House Pegging Game

In the same way, the My First Ball Track - Basic Pack (retail price $69.99) gives kids young and old the ability to feel like a master builder. Each of the connecting blocks has two convenient dowel studs that easily connect to the bottom of the track pieces, therefore eliminating any frustration during the construction process or by accidentally bumping into the set and having it come crashing down.

Instead, it is simple to set or move each item into place and send the two bright balls rolling down... only to reach the finishing block at the end and give a cute ring of the bell!

My First Ball Track - Basic Pack

While both of these toys are easily manipulated by younger children (the Rainbow House Pegging Game is designed for 2+ and the My First Ball Track - Basic Pack is made for 18 months+) they have also captured the attention of both of my kids... and, ahem, I have to admit having spent quite a bit of time being enamored with them myself.

They're so colorful, easy to use and well made that it's simple to see that both of these toys display what HABA is known for: quality, creativity and the durability to last for generations to come!

Now with the ability to purchase them right from (you can also use the store locator to continue to find these products in hundreds of stores from coast to coast), it is even easier to bring home the award-winning items that will be a perfect gift or educate and inspire your own children for years to come.

Thanks to HABA's generosity, one person will also be able to enjoy the individuality, style and value that comes along with their amazing items, because...

One lucky person will win their choice of the Rainbow House Pegging Game or My First Ball Track - Basic Pack from HABA!

HABA giveaway

(Enter with the Rafflecopter form below. If you have any questions or problems entering, there is a video tutorial found here that can help.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A big thank you to HABA for providing a Rainbow House Pegging Game and My First Ball Track - Basic Pack for me to review as well as the choice of the two items for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.