Friday, March 5, 2010


As I'm typing this, I am covered with my Nuddle. It's just so soft and cuddly that it's the perfect thing to use to keep me comfortable during this never-ending winter. I'm not the only one around here that likes it, either. The other day Little Sister B climbed right by me on the couch just to get over to the Nuddle to lay her head on it. I was slightly offended for a moment but then realized that I couldn't blame her, it truly is that plush.

The lucky person who will soon be the happy owner of a Nuddle Kids or Nuddle Baby is...

Congratulations, barbara.montyj! Enjoy napping+cuddling with this luxurious blanket!

I used to be so much better at time management, but now I find myself running to make it out the door most days... fortunately, using my DevaFuser and DevaCurl products cover up the fact that I barely jumped in the shower before hurrying out. My curls look great and I don't go out with wet hair anymore!

The two lucky people that will get to try three amazing DevaCurl products are...

Congratulations, Jessica and Starla! I hope you and your curls enjoy these great products!

It appears that I was right in thinking that people want to keep the romance alive long past Valentine's Day. Eden Fantasys is definitely a place to go to find pretty much anything and everything for the bedroom and the lucky person who will get to go on a shopping spree there is...

Congratulations, momtoem! Have fun shopping!

Thanks to everyone who entered these great giveaways! The final three Traveling With Children giveaways will be posted today and tomorrow and the upcoming weeks will be filled with great items for both moms and kids... I hope you'll join me!