Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mudderella 2016: Own Your Strong!

mudderella logo
Last spring I spent weeks (months, actually) planning, preparing, worrying, anticipating and exercising as my friends and I counted down the days until we were able to participate in an athletic event unlike any other: Mudderella.

Were there times that I thought that we might be crazy? Absolutely. Who voluntarily puts themselves through a 5- to 7-mile muddy obstacle course — particularly if you're me and you're, well, lazy?

But the more that I visited the Mudderella website; read about their incredible support of Futures Without Violence (a national nonprofit that is working to prevent and end domestic violence); and learned about how these events are the first and only full-day athletic event series designed for women, by women; I knew I had to try.

When else could I challenge my all-around strength, balance, endurance, and agility in a team environment with friends that would be there to encourage me along the way? Before we knew it, we were lacing up our (old) tennis shoes and (literally) jumping right in!

mudderella mud run

Sometimes I still can't believe we made it mile after mile, but we really did.

From sloshing through mud up to our ankles to crawling in it under cargo nets to working together to conquer and climb obstacles that we never would have thought possible, it was a day that I'll never forget.

Mudderella muddy obstacle
I was pretty grossed out at our first obstacle!

Unfortunately spring weather in the Midwest is unpredictable and Mudderella Chicago 2015 happened to fall on an extremely cold, blustery, rainy day, putting a damper on the entire event. But even with all that? It was still very easy to see that Mudderella truly provides a way to be strong, have fun and enjoy the day with your girlfriends all at once — no solitary workout here!

From start to finish, groups of friends (no duo is too small! No gang is too big!) completed and conquered the course together. The feeling of crossing the finish line is one of empowerment, laughter and overcoming a challenge with other amazing women by your side helping and cheering you on!

Mudderella finish

I can honestly say that whether you take part in a Mudderella event with a partner or in a huge group, the experience of togetherness and strength while having fun is pretty much indescribable. The laughter and camaraderie and eagerness to lend a hand between friends as well as with complete strangers really does make this event stand on its own.

Which is why my rock star team of four has decided to take on the Mudderella course once again!

I'm most looking forward to new obstacles such as Stunt Double...

Mudderella Stunt Double obstacle
Leap from a 10’ high platform and onto a large inflatable below!

...as well as having the chance to complete a handful of classic course obstacles that were closed last year for safety due to the high winds and freezing rain. This year it will be a beautiful warm day on June 4th, 2016 (I just know it!) and we will be ready to conquer Mudderella Chicago once again!

Are you with me? If you would like to spend a day overcoming personal challenges, giving your fitness goals a boost, and filling your soul with feelings of empowerment and support, then Mudderella is for you! There is no incorrect definition of "success," as ALL women are welcome to participate to discover just how possible it is to Own Your Strong.

Own Your Strong

Right now Mudderella has six events planned for 2016 (be sure to check back as they add more!), so it's easy to find the one nearest you:
  • Grayslake, IL - June 4, 2016
  • Englishtown, NJ - June 18, 2016
  • Epping, NH - July 30, 2016
  • Kitchener, Ontario - August 27, 2016
  • Whistler, British Columbia - September 24, 2016
  • Melbourne, Australia - December 3, 2016
Visit Mudderella.com to find out more and sign up in your area — remember that even if you aren't feeling all that physically fit at the moment (me!) that the Mudderella Training Program can help you get there!

You can also feel your own motivation build by visiting Mudderella.com and connecting with this incredible event on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

I have been provided with Mudderella registration codes in order to facilitate my review, but all of the information and opinions shared are 100% honest and my own.