Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Cravings with Meta Appetite Control {#MetaAppetiteControl}

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There is no doubt that summer is in full swing around here, as everything from the nonstop heat (alternating with rain) to the flip flops to the endless pile of swimsuits and towels waiting to be washed are making the days fly by at a rapid rate. How is it mid-July already?

But here's the thing. My kids grab snacks throughout the day to keep them fueled up for their next activity, and I always seem to find myself joining in simply because... well, why not? The problem, however, is that Big Sister E and Little Sister B truly are burning all those calories while I, on the other hand, am sitting. Sitting in the car, sitting in the bleachers, sitting chatting with the other parents, sitting on the pool deck — you get the point.

Therefore, keeping a handle on my hunger cravings is extremely important in an effort to stay on track with my healthy eating and weight loss goals. If I'm not hungry, I'm much less likely to give in to the temptations that surround me morning, noon and night!

Which is why there was no hesitation last month when I said yes to trying out Meta Appetite Control!

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As I mentioned, Meta Appetite Control is clinically proven to help users feel less hungry between meals (reducing appetite for up to four hours), and is the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand that contains 100% natural psyllium fiber. With every serving, that psyllium fiber in the powder thickens to form a gel, which aids in the sensation of fullness.

The result is that users like myself can make it through their busy schedule without constantly feeling hungry (or, in my case, hangry) at all points throughout the day. It really is just that easy!

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Including Meta Appetite Control as a part of my everyday routine hasn't been a difficult adjustment in the slightest, as I find myself reaching for it most often after lunch to help ward off the constant afternoon cravings.

Instead of joining my kids in their snacking, a glass of Meta Appetite Control gives me a small boost of energy and a slight full feeling. Plus, as all that is required is to place two rounded teaspoons into an empty glass and mix briskly with eight or more ounces of water, I can simply bring my zesty orange drink right along with me if we're heading out!

Meta Appetite Control on the go

Although I still have more work to do in terms of my overall wellness, I'm happy knowing that Meta Appetite Control has at least helped improve my eating habits. One day at a time is the way to success!

Want to give Meta Appetite Control a try with me? It is available now at your local Walgreens, where you can save $5 on it by filling out the form below (Influence Central will select and handle all product and coupon fulfillment). Who doesn't love to save a few bucks on a great product?

Find out more about Meta Appetite Control (which is available in Sugar-Free Orange Zest, Sugar-Free Pink Lemonade Quench and Unflavored Smoothie Enhancer) and all of the other innovative Meta products by heading over to MetaWellness.com. Be sure to also connect with all things Walgreens at Walgreens.com as well as on Facebook and Twitter.