Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wow Your Guests with PercyVites Personalized Video Invitations!

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I love birthday parties. Whether they are for the very young and feature a lot of cake smushing or for those of us a little more "seasoned" and only include a few friends meeting up for drinks, there is something about having a celebration to mark another year of our lives that makes me happy.

When it comes to my children, we have had a variety of parties over the years ranging from large to small. And, while coming up with a theme or a cake flavor doesn't always prove to be too difficult, I find that we have gotten stumped more than once figuring out invitations. Do we mail cards? Send an email? Do an e-vite?

With Little Sister B's eighth birthday right around the corner, I'm thrilled that we've now found a better way. From now on we're going to wow our young guests with a unique, personalized video invitation from PercyVites!

PercyVites characters

Founded in 2010, PercyVites is the most personalized interactive video tool in the party product and planning category, offering quick, convenient, and efficient party planning all with a click of a button. The personalized video invitations are perfect for people of all ages, with licensed favorites for kids and a variety of chic creations for adults.

Users can insert their own pictures, party details, and messages directly in various fun clips and personally address them to each friend and family member. Even better, PercyVites includes their Percy Party Dashboard, allowing for easy organization of party details and RSVPs, simplifying the entire party planning process from start to finish.

Pretty cool, right?

I already thought that the idea of sending an animated, custom video invitation was innovative and fun, but then I found out that PercyVites has added new licensed characters to their lineup making the selection even better. But as much as Little Sister B would enjoy Little Charmers or Lalaloopsy, I knew that she would flip over the addition of Shopkins!

PercyVites Shopkins

I have yet to meet a young girl who doesn't love Shopkins, the miniature grocery store-themed characters that kids can collect, share, and trade. So what could be better than seeing them come to life in PercyVites' creative and colorful video invitation?

Simply click through PercyVites' user friendly interface to add your event details such as the guest of honor, date, time, location, and any special messages that invitees need to know. Then include a photo (how fun!), add guests' contact info, and select a date for the invitations to be automatically sent out.

Just check out the adorable finished results!

Once you have all of the steps personalized, you're even able to see a full preview of your video to ensure that it is exactly the way that you want it — something I especially appreciate. No worries that it will be sent through cyberspace with the wrong date or a misspelling!

In all, I love that PercyVites makes it so simple to have all of the party information in one spot so that the planning is convenient and easy. At the same time, how excited would a girl be to receive one of these invitations? I know that my little birthday girl can't wait to send them out and get ready to be a star on her big day!

All that we have left is to head to to pick up some extremely cute cake decorating tools (e.g. candles, edible cake toppers, cupcake rings, and more) and it's Shopkins party time!

PercyVites personalized photo

Retailing for 79¢ per invitation, including PercyVites as part of your party planning process is such an innovative, entertaining way to get kids (or adults) looking forward to your event even more. The entire process takes only minutes to complete from start to finish and with so many themes and characters to choose from, you're sure to find one to kick off your next gathering with pizzazz.

Find out more about these unique party invitations (you can also send thank you's after your party just as easily!) by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I received information, a PercyVites promo code, Shopkins product, and decor items in order to help facilitate this review. However, opinions shared are 100% honest and my own.


Granmama15 said...

I loved the PercyVites Video Birthday invite!! My granddaughter has to see this, because it features the Shopkins! We bought the case for her because she has so many of them & I know she would be sad if she lost any of her little buddies! Plus the cost of .79 cents for each video is reasonable! If you start adding up buying the paper invitations, the stamps and writing each invitation out, these even saves time! I loved the added comment of bring a coat, we'll be outside!