Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BigBoxPlay Life Sized Cardboard Fort Play System - On Kickstarter Now!

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If there is an age that children reach when they stop being overly amazed and thrilled by cardboard boxes, my girls haven't gotten there yet. I, for one, don't see a box and feel the extreme desire to examine it, push it around, color it, climb inside and hide, and then attempt to come up with new ways to play with it. But maybe that's just me?

As for my kids, cardboard is fantastic. It's wonderful! It's the best thing ever! Forget whatever toy that came inside, they just want to play with the box.

Inevitably though, the excitement is always fairly short-lived. The flimsy cardboard rips or the bottom falls out or the girls realize that, in fact, they can put their creativity towards something that isn't just a box... that is, if they happen to put down their tech devices for a minute and actually use their creativity.

But... what if a cardboard box could be taken to the next level? What happens when a company that is frustrated with all the digital toys dominating the market decides to turn cardboard into something captivating, durable, dependable, and amazingly fun? The result is a life-sized cardboard fort (strong enough for your children to stand on!) that is big enough for kids to create their own endless adventures inside (and atop). It's BigBoxPlay!

BigBoxPlay outdoors

Developed by founder and chairman Pete Moffett, BigBoxPlay started as a special way to connect with his grandson by taking fort-building to the next level.

Unlike any other product on the market, this innovative play system takes children's iconic love for cardboard structures and building forts​ and offers a durable yet modular system that is anything but ordinary. With personalized play systems​ featuring different themes, activity kits, and Adventure Guides, ​BigBoxPlay has the ability to empower a child to build anything they can imagine​ time and time again!

Even better, this play and learning system not only sparks imagination and creativity, it is also designed to teach kids important skills such as communication, storytelling, collaboration, problem-solving, and empathy. Who wouldn't want their kids gaining those abilities all while building anything that they can imagine in the coolest fortress of fun around?

BigBoxPlay fort

BigBoxPlay systems come in two options, a 3 Box Set (great for smaller rooms) and a 5 Box Set. Both are extremely strong and feature child-friendly assembly, durable double-wall cardboard, quick set up and disassembly for easy storage, and are available in different themes such as castles, spaceships or cubes.

There's just no way that kids wouldn't have fun with these!

BigBoxPlay Kickstarter

Ready to find out more and exactly why your kids will love it? Well, you're in luck! Today, May 9th, marks the kickoff of their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that will run for the next 31 days where supporters and fans can take advantage of exclusive pre-order pricing of $75-$135 with free shipping!

Once the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, BigBoxPlay will be available nationwide at BigBoxPlay.com.

BigBoxPlay truly is playtime reimagined, so head over and check them out today!

This post is in partnership with BigBoxPlay but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.