Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Belly Burner Belt {Review} As Seen On TV - does it work?

I don't like to exercise. At all. Sure, the feeling of getting my body moving and my heart pumping is great afterward, but finding enough motivation to even begin is usually overpowered by my extreme laziness.

Therefore, I'll try any way possible to increase the calorie- and fat-burning potential of my normal, daily activities. Combine that with my love of things As Seen On TV and I was eager do a review of The Belly Burner and find out what it could do for me.

Simply put, The Belly Burner is a belt that intensifies your calorie burn by increasing your thermal core temperature. Made out of high quality neoprene fabric (most commonly used in wetsuits for insulation or as laptop sleeves or iPod holders), by wrapping it around your midsection more heat will naturally be generated. The result? An increase in your metabolic rate and a faster burning off of unwanted inches and belly fat.

The Belly Burner has a simple Velcro design that not only makes it easy to take on and off, but it can be adjusted to fit snugly on a range of sizes. Available in a medium for women up to a size 24 and men in sizes 28 to 45 and a large for women over size 26 and men in sizes 46 to 58, you would most likely be able to purchase one and allow multiple family members to use it.

Thinking that might be odd because of the moisture that might be left on The Belly Burner? Not to worry, after removing it you can simply run it under water and lay it out to dry (which it quickly does). Plus, every once in a while toss it in the washing machine (but not the dryer) for a thorough cleaning. Also, you have the choice of wearing The Belly Burner Belt under clothing or over a light shirt or top if you prefer, which might keep a little more of the perspiration away.

So... does it really work?

My husband initially commented on feeling "snug" while wearing The Belly Burner around and, after my first time using it, I agreed. It reminded me of the belt I wore for back support while I was pregnant, except more rubbery and firm. I really liked how I was able to wrap it to fit me just right and the Velcro was very strong and supportive. It really did feel like a portion of a wetsuit wrapped around my stomach but in an oddly comfortable way.

Again, I don't like to exercise, but I gave The Belly Burner a chance while taking a walk and while mowing the lawn. I went into it slightly expecting to have to stop and readjust but, in fact, the belt stayed perfectly in place no matter how much I bent or moved. What I found was that I was definitely warmer across the core of my body and the perspiration in that area was noticeably more than the rest. I didn't have a way to test if I had burned more calories than normal, but it did seem like it.

I can see how using The Belly Burner belt could really add to your weight loss and calorie-burning attempts if you used it regularly. I wouldn't wear it to places that you didn't want to get a little sweaty, but for working out (it even comes with a Blazing Abs workout DVD by the creator of The Belly Burner, Bobby Waldron) it definitely couldn't hurt.

Plus, use the included Exercise and Food Journal, Meal Planner Nutrition Log and Calorie Counter At-A-Glance for added success to your training or exercise. No, this belt won't give you amazing abs and a leaner stomach simply by putting it on and sitting there, but as long as you are going to be moving, this will help warm you up, hopefully lose some belly fat and give you an extra boost towards your goals for slimming down.

The Belly Burner Belt is available online for $39.90 (plus $7.95 shipping & handling) and you can even try it free for 30 days when you order.

Thanks, Bobby Waldron, for creating The Belly Burner and hopefully helping my extra inches melt away a little quicker. And, for allowing me to get my exercise when I met you down at the end of the driveway when you delivered this, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than The Belly Burner Belt and bonus items that I was sent, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this product and its possible benefits.)


Anonymous said...

I've seen this many times and always wonder about it. Belly fat is my worst enemy!

Mandee said...

Awesome review! I might have to look into this after I have my baby. I could wear it while chasing all of the boys, right? he he! :)

clenna said...

I want one - sounds great.

Coaker Castle said...

Sounds interesting, but I think I need a full suit not just a belly thing. I gotta lotta cals to burn baby!

Clueless_Mama said...

Sounds like a cool little device. Do they have one for thighs?? LOL I love that you mow the lawn. It is one of my favorite things to do. I knew we were alike:)

jacque4u2c said...

I forwarded this to my husband, he has just lost 160 pounds and I think will help tone up the flab he has left.

stacey said...


I've been considering to buy this belt for some time. You post was very enlightening.


Bobby said...

Your welcome! great review!

Thank you