Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar {Review}

There are small scribbled notes laying around our house pretty much everywhere you look. An upcoming appointment reminder, miscellaneous items to add to our shopping lists, phone numbers... these scraps of paper have threatened to take over our countertops if we don't keep a close eye on them.

Even with the ways that we have tried to become more organized (planners, written calendars, etc) there's still something about needing to be able to quickly leave a message that keeps these little notes around. We need something right in the heart of our home, the kitchen, that is simple, reliable and functional for our whole family. Something as innovative, perhaps, as the Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar.

This unique, easy-to-use gadget can be used anytime, anywhere to keep track of every aspect of an individual or family schedule with the touch of a button. Using the Quick Start Instructions, it only takes a few minutes before the Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar is up and running and ready to be customized just for you.

When it comes time to program in a date, select the day (and month and year, if setting for the future), press and hold the Record button and speak your message. When the date arrives, the red light above the Today button blinks to indicate your waiting note. Press Today at any time to hear items for the current day, the day of the week to listen to the upcoming days or a specific month and date for later.

Jenda also gives you the option to skip over a message or go back and repeat, so there is no worry about missing something or having to wait through comments for other family members. And when you no longer need one, simply erase it. This is definitely something that requires no technology knowledge and could be used by all ages.

For a quick note to yourself, instead of scribbling on a piece of paper (never to be seen again), the To Do List button allows you to quickly and easily leave a message of any kind for yourself or for another family member. Going out for a walk? Leave a Jenda note. Need to remember to grab a birthday card when you're out? Have Jenda help remind you.

I really like the convenience of the Jenda Voice Calendar, because not only is it easy to give a quick push of a button, but you have the option of keeping it almost anywhere in your house or at work. It comes with strong magnets, meaning we can display it right on the refrigerator, as well as using the wall mounts or flip-up stands when that is more convenient. This can turn into a control center of sorts for the family to stay organized or keep track of dates and schedules.

Plus, the Jenda runs on 3 AAA batteries and lets you know when they are running low. I wondered if all messages would be lost if the batteries ran out or were taken out to be changed but that's not the case. Pop new batteries back in and everything picks up right where you left off, no problem at all.

Whether a busy mom or a grandparent that might need extra reminders (this has the added bonus of being easy to use if your eyesight is a little poor), the Jenda Voice Lifetime Calendar has something for everyone. Kids can check it in the morning and know the plans for the day and it is easy to program in birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions and have it remind you of them yearly.

My husband pointed out that a great idea would be to set the Jenda to let you know a week ahead of time for an occasion like, ahem, Mother's Day and then it would be like having an assistant give you a nice reminder with time to spare to get a card or gift. Smart thinking, Dear!

For an innovative, one-of-a-kind time saver, the Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar replaces having to keep erasing a whiteboard or buying a paper calendar every year and tediously transferring over every date. Thanks, Jenda, for creating a quick and easy gadget that works to make life easier for busy families everywhere (the Jenda Calendar sells on their website for $49.95). And, for making my life organized and simplified by staying on schedule with my mail, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar that I was sent, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review was made possible due to my membership at The Product Review Place and is solely my opinion of this calendar and its functions and benefits.)


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Happy Mother's Day:)

Susan Fobes said...

I am always on the lookout for a worthwhile tech gadget-especially one that might help a date challenged person like myself...

Clueless_Mama said...

I need one of these so badly! I think it looks and sounds so neat. I love new gadgets. I hope you are having a great Mother's Day! Did your hubby remember without the help of the Jenda??

Unknown said...

Love this gadget may have to get me one as I am always forgetting where and when I need to be somewhere
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