Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guidecraft Doll Buggy {Review}

Since before they could even talk, both Big Sister E and Little Sister B loved pretend play. I couldn't even count the number of hours that we've spent imagining stories and adventures of all kinds, from simple shopping and cooking of play food to in-depth trips to the moon with all of our stuffed friends.

However, to be honest, some of the toys that we have played with can barely withstand a time or two of being used before they start to fall apart. Dress-up clothes that rip or plastic doll strollers that collapse or lose wheels and have to be thrown away. Let's just say that they don't exactly make for a good time.

In answer to problems like these, one of my favorite sites, Guidecraft, recently completely revitalized the world of pretend play with their new line of high quality, solid hardwood doll furniture.

Featuring classic styling and incredibly durable construction, Guidecraft offers a doll high chair, buggy, cradle, bed, bunk beds and table and chair set that are made to withstand generations of play.

On top of that, they're gorgeous. The solid hardwood and attention to detail makes Guidecraft's doll furniture light years better than any other that I've seen. Right out of the box I began admiring how sleek the wood was and what a difference the rubber tires were going to make in taking this for a smooth ride.

I am always extremely appreciative of companies that do a great job labeling their products' pieces and Guidecraft does exceptional work of that. Each of the larger pieces were individually marked and even the hardware had a sticker to show which was which (instead of just having to match them up to a picture).

In only a few short minutes, each piece was securely screwed together and I sat back to admire just how nice this doll buggy truly was.

As well as the clean lines and simple, attractive design, I could already see that there was plenty of room in this buggy for one or more dolls (it is designed for dolls up to 21"), stuffed animals or toys to easily fit in the open, deep seat. And, to make sure that my girls' little friends were comfortable while on their ride, Guidecraft included a cotton/poly blend washable lining, pillow and blanket to complete this product.

All that was needed was someone to help push...

Both Big Sister E and Little Sister B have had a great time with this doll buggy and I couldn't be happier with the heirloom-quality that it has proven to be. The wheels move easily on carpet, tile, hardwood or even outdoors and the handle extends far enough back that there isn't any chance of bumping toes on the bottom while pushing it.

As a great added feature, the handle height is easily adjustable simply by selecting which holes to screw it into - meaning this buggy can grow with your child for years to come!

Until then, I love watching my daughters enjoy this safe, beautiful piece and know that someday I may be able to see my own granddaughters doing the same thing.

All of Guidecraft's doll furniture is available in Natural or Espresso finishes and really would make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion. Their prices are higher (but are also available on Amazon for a little less) than what you would pay for their cheap, plastic counterparts, but the difference in the quality is immeasurable. When it comes to pretend play, the Guidecraft name certainly means the very best!

(I was provided with a Guidecraft Doll Buggy to help facilitate this review as part of my participation as a Guidecraft Mom. I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way and this post is solely my honest opinion of this website, the products and how much we love them.)


Clueless_Mama said...

It looks like your little girls had a ball with the stroller. I love Elmo and the baby together. Such a cute product. Have a great weekend Xenia.

Anonymous said...

Their doll furniture is amazing. The girls are enjoying it! The plastic stuff is junk. Loving their high quality products!

Mandee said...

Adorable! Love seeing pics of your little girls having fun with all of these great products! We love Guidecraft! I can't wait to one day get their kids rolltop desk! :)

Enjoy your weekend! :)