Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Window Vases by McNaughton Inc {Review}

McNaughton logoWhen it comes to home decor, I tend to lean towards items that fall right in between being contemporary or trendy and unique and out-of-the-ordinary. On the one hand, I love photos I see of homes in magazines and on design websites... but, on the other hand, I want to have a way to add my own personality and style in there as well.

Add that to the fact that I have two young children and therefore appreciate items that incorporate versatile and unbreakable features, and I was thrilled to be introduced to Window Vases by McNaughton Inc.

window vasesEasily available right at, these plastic vases are an innovative, attractive way to display fresh cut flowers, silk flowers, bamboo, dried flowers, living plants or more in a safe and go-anywhere manner.

By using the secure and durable suction cups on the back of the 13 different styles, these vases can suddenly go where no other vases have gone before. Just place and press the suction cups around your home, in your car, RV, boat or more, and you instantly have a decorative addition and floral display.

Admitting that the idea sounded fantastic but that I was skeptical of how well that Window Vases would actually work, I was looking forward to trying them out for myself and seeing just how well they would hold up.

window vases reviewLooking the vases over, they were indeed exactly what they claimed: plastic window vases. The material was strong and durable and the seams were clearly reinforced to keep water in.

suction cup vasesI appreciated that the suction cups fit tightly into the vases — just loose enough that you could remove them for cleaning or storage, yet secure enough that they wouldn't cause the vase to slip off and fall.

suction cup vaseAs much as I was impressed with the craftsmanship, I couldn't help but think that there was still no way that these would stay attached to my window once they were filled and heavy. Wouldn't the weight of the water combined with the cold of the window just make them peel away?

Picturing the mess of cleaning up all of the leaves and petals, I put these vases to the test filled with water but without flowers.

plastic vasesAnd I left them.

And waited.

And waited some more.

After two solid weeks of them staying up there without even the slightest hint of a suction cup failure, even I had to admit that these really do work. Feeling secure that I wasn't going to have to run for a mop anytime soon, I started using the Window Vases as they are intended and found that they're really just so cute!

The 10" tall Bulb Shape Window Vase takes the place of a full vase, as it has the ability to hold up to 12 flower steams, greenery and water. Instead of having to move a vase from our table to the kitchen island and worry about it getting knocked over time and time again, I can create an attractive display right on my window!

hanging floral arrangementI love the idea of using this vase to attach to a window in our guest bedroom to brighten it when we have visitors (and know that it will still stay out of harm's way from my kids) or just to keep up in our kitchen or dining room to add the cheer that flowers provide. Retailing for only $6.95, I might just pick up a few more so that I can have flowers in multiple rooms at once!

On a smaller level, the 5.5" tall Mini Oval Style Window Vase is ideal for one flower stem, greenery and water. Just right for a single tulip or a sweetheart rose, this sweet little vase works great on windows but also on mirrors and in the car. Pretty much anywhere!

mini vaseGreat for displaying craft flower projects as well!

With a retail price of $4.50, the Mini Oval Style Window Vase is on sale now for only $3.50! For that price and the affordable prices of all of the Window Vases, I'd love to purchase a variety so that they can line up on a larger window for a colorful spring-like display!

Where there's a window or a mirror, there's a Window Vase to liven things up. Whether you purchase single stem, minis or bouquet styles, these reusable, innovative vases provide a unique look that can be mounted nearly anywhere... including out of the reach of children and pets. These work with fresh cut, silk, or dried flowers as well as live plants and dirt. You can't go wrong!

If you're looking for a great gift on its own or as a fun surprise for a birthday, shower, Mother's Day or any day of the week, Window Vases are an affordable, clever option from McNaughton Inc. Visit to see the full line and make a purchase, while also browsing other items in McNaughton Inc's line of useful, original products that help make life easier, better and safer.

(Other than the two Window Vases that I received from McNaughton Inc, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these unique and innovative products.)