Monday, January 14, 2013

Recovering from a Head Injury at Work {Guest Post}

Years ago I suffered a knee injury at work that ended up requiring surgery, so I found this guest post to be rather interesting and informative!

Suffering any kind of injury at work can leave you unable to earn money while also being in need of extensive treatment. Suffering a head injury at work is even more serious. Head injuries should always be treated seriously and your priority, in such a circumstance, should be to seek medical advice and to ensure that you are as fit and healthy as possible considering your injury.

Your Claim

The size of your claim will depend on a number of factors. Primarily, it will be necessary to prove that your employer was negligent. It is the responsibility of any employer to provide a safe environment where you can work from and if they fail to do this, which is likely if you have suffered a serious accident, then you have the legal right to seek compensation.

The Claims Process

The claims process can seem a daunting one and many people believe they do not have a method of redressing the financial loss caused by accidents at work. With a qualified solicitor on your side the process is quick and painless and gives the best opportunity to win a fair and reasonable amount of compensation to get you through your injury.

Your primary concern should always be your health and if you need to have expensive consultations and treatment then the cost of this should be covered by your compensation. Your employer will have employer liability insurance because this is a legal requirement of any company that employs its own staff.

Head Injury At Work

A head injury is only one possible type of injury that you may have suffered. Anything from broken limbs to serious illness caused by exposure to chemicals can be considered for a claim and you should consult with a professional solicitor if you have been involved in any kind of accident at work.

Visit for more details on how to proceed if you have suffered a head injury at work.


Beth R said...

Thank you for sharing the great information. I have never suffered something like this, but I have had co workers who have. The process was very lengthy though and difficult. These things really should be easier for the person who is suffering

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Thankfully I have not had to deal with something like this and I pray that I won't have to in the future. This is good info for anyone that has to go through an injury at work.