Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleep Number DualTemp Heating and Cooling Layer {Review}

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Recently, after professing her love for our couch and declaring it her favorite place in the house, Big Sister E turned to me and asked the location of my favorite place in the house.

Ignoring the thought that it was an odd question to begin with, I turned to her after only a second or two of thought and easily stated, MY BED.

Really? She asked. You like just laying in bed?

Absolutely! While the rest of my home is just fine, is there really any wonder that, if possible, I'd choose to spend even more of my day lounging in my bed when it is above and beyond the most plush, comfortable, luxurious place in the house?

And we're not just talking the amazing feeling of having your body cuddled by a cloud, we're also talking that, thanks to Sleep Number, my bed can be the exact perfect temperature for me year-round.

That's right. Ever since I was introduced to Sleep Number's newest product, the DualTemp, this additional layer on my bed has taken it to an entirely new level of personalized softness and climate control.

sleep number dualtemp

Known for offering the possibility to personalize your sleep comfort with their innovative beds, Sleep Number has now added the extraordinary Sleep Number DualTemp layer to their list of products, making it quick and easy to customize your sleep temperature. Sound complicated? It's not!

The DualTemp features active air technology that heats or cools each individual side and allows users to select their own ideal temperature at the simple touch of a button. If you sleep hot and your partner is always cold (or vice versa), there is now an easy way to banish temperature wars from the bedroom!

After fully agreeing with the results of a recent study indicating that 55% of couples disagree on the bedroom temperature (my husband and I are definitely part of that number), I was more than ready to visit my nearest Sleep Number store to find out more about the DualTemp.

Sleep Number store

Having been familiar with Sleep Number only as a name and concept (but never having actually tried out any of their products), I found myself thoroughly interested in what the friendly store manager told me about all of their various items.

Even better, Big Sister E, Little Sister B and I had a great time trying out the different beds, examining the sheets and pillows, finding out our preferred sleep number, and more!

Sleep Number products

However, our trip was made complete when we spent quite a bit of time examining the DualTemp and marveling at the way that it indeed resulted in one half of the bed being chilled while the other half was toasty warm.

This is definitely my kind of magic!

Sleep Number DualTemp layer

Needless to say, when a DualTemp layer arrived at my home a few weeks later, I had it out of the box and laid across my bed in no time so that I could fully experience its capabilities throughout the night (and without both of my kids squirming in the bed next to me).

Sleep Number DualTemp review

After only taking a minute or two to have the DualTemp spread out smooth (it is designed so that it can be added to ANY type of mattress, so the fact that I have a memory foam bed wasn't an issue), I looked over the fans and controllers to get accustomed to them.

DualTemp fans

This really couldn't have been much easier!

Once the tubes and plugs were all snapped into place, I stationed the fans on either side at the foot of our bed (if we had a traditional bed frame instead of a platform, these would slide right under the bed and stay a bit more out of sight) and went about programming each of the controllers.

DualTemp setup

I have definitely never had a bed that knows me by name before — I love that Sleep Number included this friendly addition!

Once I had my name programmed into one remote and my husband's into the other, we were ready to go. Now, each time I pick up my remote it says "Hi Xenia" before returning to my previous heating or cooling settings.

Sleep Number DualTemp remote

The three settings options for the DualTemp layer include a fan, cooling and heating, with both of the latter having three levels (low, medium and high) to choose from.

Sleep Number DualTemp Fan

Setting the DualTemp to the fan option causes room-temperature air to circulate underneath you throughout the layer. Depending on the temperature of your room, your DualTemp will then warm or cool.

Simple enough, right? I love the fan setting for the way that it keeps the air moving throughout the DualTemp just enough to be comfortable. It won't cool you off tremendously or heat you up immensely, but it provides the movement to make sleeping an overall more enjoyable experience.

DualTemp fan

Sleep Number DualTemp Cooling

Perfect for the hot nights that we had at the end of the summer, the cooling option has to be turned on 15-20 minutes before you are getting into bed and needs a blanket covering to "trap" the cool air in. At which point, when you slide into bed, it reminds me of an envelope of cool air!

As you move the controls from low to medium to high, the sound of the fan on the DualTemp slightly increases but is never loud enough to be bothersome. In fact, although I've never been a regular user of a white noise machine, I've found that the DualTemp provides a very soothing noise in the room!

DualTemp cooling

Sleep Number DualTemp Heating

Similar to the cooling option, the heating requires 15-20 pre-planning and needs the blanket covering to "trap" the warm air in as you move between the three levels.

As opposed to dealing with the hassle of plugs and the feel of wires from an electric blanket, I love the way that the DualTemp heater makes the entire bed warm and cozy. Those nights here in the winter in the Midwest when I have to choose between shivering and trying to layer 10 more blankets on top of me or cranking up the heat in the entire house another 10 degrees?

They are no longer as the warm air from the DualTemp circulates underneath me!

DualTemp heating

Awesome product, right?

Sleep Number took things even one step further so that you don't have to worry about leaving the heating or cooling running all night long on your DualTemp, as there is a simple timer button located right on the side of the remote.

By pressing it to activate the timer, you are then able to select how many hours (from 1 - 9) you want your DualTemp to run before automatically turning off the heating/cooling and switching over to the fan. Then you can relax easy and rest comfortably!

Sleep Number DualTemp timer

Whether you and your partner disagree over the temperature of your bedroom (I like to keep the room so cold that my husband shook his head recently and muttered, "This is unacceptable!") or you sleep alone and just want to eliminate the uncomfortable feelings of being too hot or too cold at night, the Sleep Number DualTemp is so unique that it allows each sleeper to warm it up – or cool it down – based on his or her own preference.

Plus, this one-of-a-kind product provides extra layers of extremely soft, breathable cushioning, so every curve of your body is given an extra cuddle and cradle. Since the day that I put this underneath our fitted sheet, I have found myself relishing in just how satisfying it feels to nuzzle down into the snugness while I pick my ideal temperature with the simple touch of a button!

The Sleep Number DualTemp is not a small purchase by any means ($999.99 twin extra-long, $1699.99 queen and $1899.99 king), this is one product that is unmatched by anything else I've seen on the market! We spend ⅓ of our lives in bed, doesn't it make sense that you have the sleep experience exactly the way you like each night?

DualTemp bye

To find out more about the Sleep Number DualTemp (and all of Sleep Number's innovative and high quality products) visit their website at and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than the DualTemp that I was provided by Sleep Number in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this incredible product.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I are definitely part of that number too. He likes it cool I like warm and cozy. This would be ideal for us. I like that it fits any type of bed. Very cool!

raveandreview said...

Oh my word, this is THE COOLEST THING EVER! I think I need this, right now.

Remus said...

I didn't realize they also had it so you could control the temperature as well.... how neat is that???

Jessica Allen said...

OMG I am just a little jealous!! I love sleep number & hope to have one of these one day! Thanks for the review!

slehan said...

I've been entering their contest for one of these. Love to win one.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

WOW!! Would love to have one of these beds but definitely can't afford one. But I did win a Sleep Number Cooling Pillow on a giveaway and it is the best!!! I no longer sleep with 3 pillows and it always stays nice and cool, just the way I like it!!

Unknown said...

Wow! This could be a sell out for the women who suffers from Hot Flashes due to menopause. This is a wonderful product. Thank you for the information.

Rose-Marie said...

It's a perfect time of year to find out about this. I wonder if this could save a marriage! As probably more people than not want something totally different as to hot/cold, etc. This is a great idea, and I never heard of it before!!!

Unknown said...

As a woman of a certain age I would love to be able to have cooling on my side of the bed. The night sweats are horrible.