Thursday, May 7, 2015

#PutYourHeartToPaper This Mother's Day with Hallmark

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I have been compensated by Hallmark in exchange for writing this post but the content and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote a letter to someone? I'm not talking about a quick note to your significant other to remember the upcoming sports practice or to pick up milk, I'm talking about truly putting a pen to paper and writing a letter or sending a heartfelt card. Was it in the past few months? Year? Has it been a few years?

I came across this comic recently and felt as though in our email/text/instant message world, it couldn't have been more accurate:

mail comic


With Mother's Day only days away (this Sunday, May 10th!), there couldn't be a better time for each and every one of us to take the time to devote our full attention, feelings and thoughts into jotting down a meaningful message for the moms (whether biological, emotional or both) in our lives. Sure, she would appreciate getting taken out to dinner or a new piece of jewelry, but if you really want to show that you care, just pick up a pen.

To make things even easier, Hallmark has debuted their amazing Put Your Heart To Paper campaign that, along with their beautiful cards (with themes that are sentimental, humorous, nostalgic and more), really leaves you with no excuse to not tell the important women in your life how much you care. Go beyond only saying I love you, I appreciate you and thank you and 'put your heart to paper!'

Hallmark Put Your Heart To Paper

With so many designs, styles, messages and more in all of their cards, Hallmark makes it a snap to find the perfect ones for all of the maternal relationships in your life. I feel extremely fortunate that I have had many inspirational, strong, caring women in my life and what better time than Mother's Day to celebrate how special they each are to me?


There's no question that Mother's Day makes me think of how lucky I am to have my mother in my life. She is creative, thoughtful, loving, driven, a bit crazy, and a fantastic Nana to my own children. She is constantly thanking me for helping her out, but really? After all of the years of work, stress and effort that she put in doing her best getting me to this point in my life? No question that I'm more than happy to repay the favor.

Which is why I adore this card for her this Sunday, as the front has a carefully crafted Wonder Woman outfit and the inside reads, "Thanks for always using your powers for good." There isn't anyone that has embodied a superhero more in my life than Mom, so this is perfect! I plan to include a few personal lines of my own thanking her for being awesome as well, because even if I do tell her that from time to time, Mother's Day is precisely when it should be put into writing to help drive it home.

Wonder Woman Mother's Day card


You know the classic stereotype of the evil, overbearing, unapproachable mother-in-law? Now picture the exact opposite and you'll have my husband's mother. She just might be the most kindhearted, caring, always-thinking-of-others, would-do-anything-for-you woman that I've ever met and I'm beyond lucky to get to have her as a second mother. In fact, I love the way that my own mother and my mother-in-law are, on the one hand, complete opposites... yet, on the other, can be so similar.

I really couldn't ask for more and absolutely cherish having such a great relationship with my mother-in-law, while being even more touched seeing the way that she adores my children to no end. For this reason I'm having a hard time deciding between this first card, which reads "A mom's heart is always there — ready to comfort, ready to give, ready to love" on the front and "Wishing you a Mother's Day that makes you feel so loved in return" inside...

Mother's Day cards

...and this second card, which states, "The best moms get promoted to grandmas" and "To the best mom and grandma a family could ever have. We love you." Both cards have the ability to help portray just how much we care and are thankful that she makes our lives better simply by being who she is!

Grandma Mother's Day Card

My Mom Friends

For many women, myself included, it takes a while to make other "mom friends" once you've had a child and have realized how life has permanently changed. For me, even though it did take a few years, I am to the point now where the close group of friends that I have do mean the world to me. 

These women know who they are and, whether we are out having dinner and drinks, hanging out at someone's house, chatting during soccer games, saying a quick hello after school, planning play dates for our children, commiserating over the difficulty of motherhood, setting up carpools or much more, their strength, wisdom, support and love are all aspects that make my world turn.

For these amazing ladies, I know that one of Hallmark's humorous cards would be perfect to bring a smile to their faces this Mother's Day. I'm loving quite a few of the options but have to go with this simple, yet adorable card as my favorite. It reads "Good moms let their kids lick the beaters" on the front, followed up with "Great moms turn the mixer off first" on the inside. After I add a few lines about how much I appreciate their friendship and the influence that they have had on my life and it will be ready to go!

funny mother's day cards

My Online Mom

To anyone who doesn't spend so much of their life on a computer, the idea of an online mom friend probably doesn't make much sense. But for me, there is one digital friend that I can turn to not only for advice and to share my thoughts and feelings, but she is inspirational in the way that she is a fantastic mother to her children.

Even though they are grown, they are the center of her world and I can't help but want to reach right through the internet and give her a hug for being such a rock and a source of light to them (and me). This Mother's Day, you deserve this card, Liz, because you truly are "So very loved and admired" and to know that your children and I are "Celebrating you today" (printed on the inside).

Hallmark Mother's Day cards

This Mother's Day, be sure to take the time to write out a card to the women in your life who surround you with love, advice, companionship, laughter, motivation and more. While it's one thing to simply know how much you appreciate them, it is so important to share that with them!

There is no one way to do it and no need to feel as though you have to be a poet or spend hours coming up with precisely the right words, that's what Hallmark is for! Their cards can easily express your feelings and give you the perfect starting point to add your own personal message. Wouldn't the amazing mother figure(s) in your life be absolutely thrilled if you put your heart to paper and told her how much she means to you?

Find out more about Hallmark's Put Your Heart To Paper campaign (and see their tear-inducing videos) by visiting and connect with anything and everything Hallmark on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Then get to your nearest Hallmark store right away to pick up cards in time for Mother's Day!


Liz Mays said...

Ummm, now I'm all teary and a mess! I can't believe you said all those nice things about me. I'm blown away!

I just love you to pieces, Xenia!

Unknown said...

I love that someone put so much thought into this.

Courtney B said...

hallmark are the only cards I will purchase. I know i'm picky right? I love hallmark, I remember being a little girl and begging to go to the store to buy little toys!!!

slehan said...

Getting a letter or a card is so nice.
slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

I'm so touched by the beautiful relationship and love you have for your Mom! Hallmark is the perfect sentiment to show it, too!

lil_lady_dz said...

Hallmark always has the best cards and little gifts, I love just going in there and walking around for a while to see all the cool things they have. Thanking mom is perfect with a letter and/or a card.

Sandra Watts said...

That little comic is so true! I love it. I also like that card with Wonder Woman costume on it.