Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer and Dress-Up Fun from Aeromax {Fly and Play Prize Pack Giveaway!}

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Now that the warm weather is (mostly) here for good and summer is right around the corner, my girls have been having a good time riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk, digging in our sand table, and in general enjoying spending time outdoors. There's just something about the fresh air and sunshine that does wonders for their energy levels and moods (and mine, as well).

However, while they can typically manage to keep themselves entertained with nothing more than a few sticks and rocks, the times when their imaginations stall and they need a little inspiration are when it's no problem for me to step in (and keep the peace).

Besides, it is easy to turn a regular day outside into a creative, fun-filled time when we know that there is always entertainment, laughter and smiles to be had thanks to the one and only Aeromax.


Started well over a decade ago with only one toy, today Aeromax has a product line that boasts more than 300 items and recognition from having received every top toy industry award. With incredible toys, dress up clothes and gear available for both boys and girls in baby options all the way up to adult, Aeromax makes it easy and affordable to encourage pretend play and boost imaginations in all ages.

Having always adored every product we have had the chance to see from Aeromax, I was thrilled to hear that they had debuted even more new items that were sure to bring enjoyment and fun just in time for summer. Let's get out and play!

Aeromax summer 2015

One of the main things that I have always appreciated about Aeromax career gear is the way that they pay attention to every detail, from head to toe. These dress-up clothes are far from the cheap, flimsy outfits that are often sold for kids, these are much more like scaled-down replicas of the real thing!

Case in point, this adorable, high quality, durable Jr. Police Officer Suit and Police Officer Accessory Set!

Aeromax Police Officer

Could this one-piece outfit be any cuter (and more authoritative, of course)? From the cap to the arm badges to the belt with carrying loops, there really isn't much more that could have been included to complete the look.

I love that Aeromax made the buttons down the front so easy to pop in and out so that a child can easily pull this on over their clothes themselves (there is also a small strip of Velcro instead of a zipper). No waiting or struggle to transform into a young police officer just about anytime!

We added the handcuffs, radio, baton and badge from the Accessory Set and it really hasn't been any wonder that every child who has visited our house recently has wanted to take a turn dressing up in this great outfit!

Aeromax Jr Police Officer

If there is a child that doesn't love to dress up, I haven't met them yet. But instead of picking up the cheap costumes that end up falling apart or causing itching from the scratchy fabric, Aeromax career gear is fun, comfortable and truly a great way for any child to have a great time stepping into the role of their favorite hero, job or more!

As a bonus, even though we still have a few more months until October, Big Sister E has already declared her love for the Jr. Police Officer Suit so much that she is set on wearing it for Halloween. I love that this outfit will get so much use for play while also checking one thing off of a future to-do list!

police officer costume

At the same time that my girls have been having a blast arresting the bad guys, calling out speeding violations, and helping anyone and everyone who needs assistance, they have also been spending plenty of time running, throwing, giggling, and ooohhhhing in amazement at their new collection of outdoor summer toys from Aeromax.

Aeromax outdoor toys

It took zero instruction before the Aerobatic Foam Flyer and Parachute were soaring through the air...

Aeromax parachute foam flyer

...and only one demonstration of pulling the cords for the Sky Scraper and Alien Invasion before they were being launched from one side of the yard to the other and up to incredible heights.

Aeromax Sky Scraper Alien Invasion

While the kids are highly impressed by the lights and colors included on the Alien Invasion, it has been the Sky Scraper that consistently receives the highest praise due to the way that the little orange discs can shoot straight up well over 100 feet!

Aeromax Sky Scrapers review

In between marveling at the way that the Sky Scraper and Alien Invasion can send their discs ascending in every different direction, the kids and their friends have also had fun practicing sending their Sky Blaster zooming from one place to another.

This combination rocket and launcher in one is used similar to the way that I used to shoot rubber bands back when I was young (something that kids don't do these days), simply pull it back on your thumb and let it fly!

Aeromax Sky Blaster

From takeoff to landing, this great collection of new outdoor toys from Aeromax have proved to be an entertaining, durable, fun addition to any yard or park. The unique designs and the ease of use all come together for a way for a child to be able to pick up just about any one and be able to jump right in to the action, energy and delight!

At the same time, for any child that enjoys pretend play, the Jr. Police Officer Suit and Police Officer Accessory Set (or any of Aeromax's high quality career gear) are sure to bring imaginative, creative, giggling for hours on end for years to come. I'm looking forward to this summer and long beyond being filled with two happy police officers thanks to this great outfit!

To find out much more about these and all of the items that Aeromax has to offer for the children in your life, be sure to head over to and connect with them on Facebook and YouTube.

Finally, thanks to their generosity, one person will soon get to see just how much fun Aeromax can provide outdoors this season and more as well, because...

One lucky person will win a Fly and Play Prize Pack* from Aeromax!

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*Prize Pack includes one of each of the following toys: Foam Flyer, Sky Scraper, Sky Blaster, Alien Invasion and Parachute (total ARV $36+)!

A big thank you to Aeromax for providing products for me to review as well as a Fly and Play Prize Pack for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.