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Stay Cool, Dry and Chic with Lusomé Sleepwear {Review}

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If I had to estimate, I'd say that I spend approximately half of my life in pajamas.

With one third of the day devoted to sleeping combined with the number of hours that I spend lounging around, procrastinating getting dressed, changing into pj's early in the evening, etc, it isn't hard to see that pajamas truly are my apparel of choice.

Therefore, even though I could easily go to any big box or department store to purchase pajama separates or sets, why wouldn't I want to make sure that I bring home ones that are fashionable, functional and comfortable all at once... and can even take things one step further by combating night sweats and heat surges?

That is exactly what is found in the incredibly high quality, unique, super-soft knitwear based sleepwear from Lusomé.

Lusome sleepwear

Launched in March 2014, Lusomé (an ancient term that means desirable) was created by founder Lara Smith as a response to a health crisis — her sister had breast cancer and the treatment caused relentless perspiration.

At the same time, statistics show that 80% of women will suffer from night sweats at one point in their lives due to any number of reasons, including hormonal changes from being pregnant, nursing, having treatment from cancer or simply menopause. For that reason, Lara didn't only want to design another line of loungewear and sleepwear that was simply soft and dependable, she wanted it to be an option for women that would leave them looking and feeling beautiful while also staying dry.

With that in mind, Lara worked with one of the leading textile mills to create dryLon, a proprietary technology that pulls the hot perspiration away from the body. This technology is now the fastest, most advanced moisture management technology in the world and ensures that along with comfort, softness and movability, Lusomé provides amazing moisture-control.

As I often find myself too hot while I'm sleeping or lounging in my pajamas, I couldn't wait to see how Lusomé could allow me to look and feel beautiful while also staying comfortable and cool.

Lusome pajamas

The company's signature set, the Donna Shirt and Donna Pants are sold separately from Lusomé but together form the most comfortable, stylish functional sleepwear outfit that I have ever worn.

As soon as I removed each of these pieces from the packaging, I found that I couldn't stop running my hand over the smooth, soft jersey-like fabric. How could something that feels this good on my skin be so... scientific?

At the same time, it was immediately evident that Lusomé hadn't focused only on the material itself and left out the details. Each seam was perfectly sewn, each shell button securely attached, the white piping edged just right, the combination of the elastic plus the drawstring on the waistline, etc. I couldn't have asked for more!

Lusome pajamas review

Wearing these opulent pajamas has been nothing short of luxurious for me and, as my entire family will attest, it has been a difficult feat to find me in anything else since these have arrived.

Both the Donna Shirt and Pants fit loosely enough that they are extremely comfortable, yet the slimmer cut to this classic men's styling and way that the fabric drapes keeps away any hint of sloppiness. Instead, I feel more chic, stylish, elegant and put together than I would have thought possible in pajamas — and have worn the Donna Pants to walk my children to school multiple times without anyone ever taking a second glance.

Lusome review

Although I am fortunate to not have any health or hormonal issues that would cause excess heat or perspiration, I have still been able to experience the power of Lusomé helping keep me cooler as the temperatures have continued to rise.

Instead of waking up in the morning (or tossing and turning during the night) due to feeling hot and sweaty, my Donna set manages to move the perspiration away to keep me comfortable. Not only have I never encountered material that has this ability, but recent lab reports have shown that Lusomé apparel has 10x faster moisture moving speed than their next best competitor. If you are looking to reclaim a comfortable night's sleep while also looking and feeling beautiful, this is definitely the company to turn to!

Lusome sleepwear review

Whether you prefer to sleep and lounge with more coverage, in a lacy tank top and shorts, or in a flowing gown, there is a Lusomé option for everyone. I love that their sleepwear has everything from ultra-feminine nighties to men-inspired pajamas so that every woman's style preferences can be filled while they receive an amazing perspiration-free sleep experience!

Lusomé is available now in over 70 retailers across Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as on their website. Suggested retail pricing ranges from $58 to $98, which is more than what you might find in the store but is truly backed up by their quality, sophistication and functionality in helping women continue to feel confident and comfortable throughout whatever life may bring.

Find out more about this incredible brand, their use of dryLon, and how their products have been lab- and consumer-tested to deliver a healthy, cool, premium sleep at You'll also want to connect with Lusomé on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so that you'll stay up to date on new styles, sleep tips, contests, and more.

Other than the Donna Shirt and Donna Pants that I was provided by Lusomé in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this company and their products.


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