Monday, June 8, 2015

Zippy Sack, the Fun New Way for Kids to Make Their Beds! {Review & Giveaway}

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I equate making the bed with flossing your teeth.

Both are aspects that you know you should do... but unless you were raised doing them daily, therefore ensuring that they are ingrained as part of your daily routine, it can be extremely difficult to pick up either one and turn it into a habit.

For me, I would love to have my bed made every day. There's just something about how having the sheets smoothed into place and the duvet laid out neatly that is so much more inviting than the crumpled mess that currently awaits me. The problem lays in the two factors that affect just about everything I do: my lack of time and my laziness.

So if I can't even take the extra few minutes to get my own bed situated in the morning, how can I expect my kids to do any differently? Fortunately for them, that's where Zippy Sack comes in and makes the entire process quick, easy and fun!

Zippy Sack

Created by Toy Island, Zippy Sack is the fun new way to help kids make their bed with just a quick zip and flip! As anyone who has ever made a bed before knows, the various pieces are easily entangled and hard to keep neat. What is it that we do during the night that gets them that way? However, instead of struggling to lay each part into place separately, a Zippy Sack slips over the child's bed like a fitted sheet and stays in place.

At bedtime, kids simply zip inside the soft, cuddly, machine washable fleece for a night of snug and cozy dreams without the worry of their covers sliding off. Even better, in the morning it only takes a zip and flip for the bed to be made and magically transformed into a cuddly friend!

I'm telling you, it couldn't be much easier or cuter!

Considering that I can normally walk into my kids' rooms and find their beds looking not so neat (to put it nicely), I was eager to see if owning a Zippy Sack could transform the sloppy look into something that was not only straightened, but was one that they were able to take care of all on their own.

Zippy Sack characters

After removing our Puppy and Kitty Zippy Sack (there is also an adorable Panda and Dino available) from their handy reusable carrying cases, I popped them into the washer and dryer, and we were ready to go.

As soon as the girls and I approached their beds, I found that the smart concept behind Zippy Sack was to create an ultra soft blanket that functions with the simplicity of a sleeping bag. Instead of it being a chore to make your bed or tuck in for the night, you only have to zip up the side and you're ready to go!

Once we had stretched the elastic around the four corners (which was extremely easy to do)...

Zippy Sack elastic

...the blanket was already mostly pulled right into place. All that was left was to zip it!

Zippy Sack zip it

As opposed to small, cheap zippers that often get caught or stuck, each Zippy Sack has a large plastic zipper that slides up and down easily. No worrying that kids will get frustrated or not be able to do it themselves!

Zippy Sack zipper

In the end, the beds were made in a fraction of the time that it normally takes and Big Sister E and Little Sister B were head over heels with getting to "zip and flip" and even more in love with the results!

Zippy Sack review

Ever since the arrival of our Kitty and Puppy Zippy Sack, both beds have been made each morning without a single reminder. Instead, I'll often walk by their rooms and see not only a neat and tidy bed, but a whole slew of stuffed animal pals all enjoying hanging out with the Zippy Sack as well.

Zippy Sack kitty

But simply having a cleaner, neater room isn't the only benefit that we've found since the Zippy Sacks have arrived.

Thanks to how much the girls love their new bedding, our nighttime routine has been less of an issue now that they are excited about climbing into their beds. They constantly talk about how ultra comfortable their Zippy Sack is, point out the various things that they can store in the convenient side pocket...

Zippy Sack pocket

...and love doing the zip and flip when they hop into bed and zip themselves right up!

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Currently available in twin or full sizes for $29.99 and $39.99 respectively, a Zippy Sack just might be the answer to stress-free making of your child's bed (as well as getting into it at night) as well. Instead of finding their blankets in a crumpled mess on the floor or at the end of the bed each morning, they will love how fun, fast and easy it is to zip and flip and be done!

These adorable characters are available now at and will be showing up at retailers nationwide this fall. You'll also want to connect with all things Zippy Sack on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

And, thanks to the generosity of Toy Island, one person will soon see just how much fun it can be for their child to make their bed as well, because...

One lucky person will win their choice of Puppy, Kitty or Dino
Zippy Sack from Toy Island! 

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A big thank you to Toy Island for providing products for me to review as well as a Zippy Sack for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.