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LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Tablet and LeapFrog Imagicard Provide Learning and Fun! {Review}

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While children are being introduced to technology at younger and younger ages these days, that doesn't necessarily mean that all tech devices are now being made with the durability required to withstand children's play.

Many a parent has realized that simply handing over their own device comes with the risk of it being damaged or our kids being exposed to inappropriate content on the internet, deleting our photos, changing settings or more.

Instead, that's where LeapFrog comes in with their wide range of gadgets that are safe, educational, entertaining, easy to use, and just for kids. And, after the success of earlier versions of their LeapPad, LeapFrog has added a wide array of interactive and educational updates and features to make it even better with the release of the LeapPad Platinum Tablet.

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Designed to help your child take learning to entirely new places, the LeapPad Platinum combines eBooks, videos, music, educational games, creative activities, learning apps, and tools into a sleek, durable, and entertaining device.

With a shatter-safe 7" multi-touch color touch screen and wrap-around bumper for the ultimate in durability, cameras and video recorders on the front and back, 8GB of memory, access to 1,000+ games, compatibility with the new LeapFrog Imagicard learning experience, and much, much more, kids ages three to nine can touch, drag, tilt, photograph, and record their way to learning fun.

Considering how much my kids love technology and would be thrilled at the opportunity to experience the innovative learning approach and kid-tested gameplay of this device, I knew that they would be beside themselves to try out the LeapPad Platinum and a selection of LeapFrog Imagicard products in person.

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Right away I found that this updated LeapPad is compact (it measures 9.06" x 5.88" x 1") and that LeapFrog truly integrated plenty of features to ensure that this device is kid-tough along with being sleek and modern. I know that my own iPad has not been as thoroughly drop-tested, impact-tested, and compression-tested in LeapFrog's Quality Lab like this one has!

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum review

At the same time, I was instantly smitten with the fact that the LeapPad Platinum has an included stylus that is attached to the device and that the AC adapter allows the lithium ion rechargeable battery to be easily recharged.

No more losing the stylus and, as opposed to purchasing more and more batteries or dealing with rechargeable ones that continue to be pulled out to plug in separately, the fact that the kids can plug the LeapPad Platinum right in without any help makes me swoon. Every little added convenience makes life easier and both of these features eliminate the possibility of future whining or hassle!

LeapPad Platinum stylus charger

Along with the AC adapter and stylus, I appreciate that the LeapPad Platinum includes a kid-safe web browser on its Wi-Fi connection. With LeapSearch, children have access only to age-appropriate content and videos (and more) — all approved by learning experts and featuring parental settings for fine-tuning to your preferences.

No worrying if they'll start watching videos that you don't want them to see on YouTube, they will only be able to visit sites completely safe and appropriate for kids!

LeapPad Platinum LeapSearch internet

Along with access to the internet, the LeapPad Platinum includes a whole slew of engaging ways for kids to play. It has access to 1,000+ age-appropriate educational games, apps, eBooks, videos and more (all designed or approved by learning experts) as well as LeapFrog's innovative peer-to-play capabilities.

This fun addition is a fast and easy way for kids to connect and play safely with nearby friends who also have a LeapPad device!

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Also, although the LeapPad Platinum is entertaining all on its own, I appreciate that LeapFrog has made it so simple to keep expanding the options.

First, parents are able to go right online and download apps to find games, books and more that are just right for their child's age and developmental level. With such a wide variety of ways to learn and so many options for fun, this is one toy that does it all — whether you select games that focus on math, creativity, reading, writing, social studies or more!

Second, LeapFrog offers a variety of changeable software cartridges (sold separately for approximately $24.99), providing interactive books, learning games, and creative activities. Kids can play and learn with some of their favorite characters, including Doc McStuffins, Transformers, Octonauts, the gang from Cars or Monsters University and many more!

Third, the LeapPad Platinum allows users to unlock even more gameplay with the introduction of LeapFrog Imagicard digital game and interactive cards!

LeapFrog Imagicard

A first of its kind digital and physical learning experience, LeapFrog Imagicard brings characters and more to life simply by using the LeapPad Platinum to take a picture of one of the cards. The result is nearly magical, as the interactive games appear to leap off of the card and screen!

Whether playing LeapFrog Imagicard PAW Patrol, Letter Factory Adventures or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, my kids have had a lot of fun with the resulting photo fun, trivia questions, virtual stickers, fact finding missions, carnival games, and more!

LeapFrog Imagicard paw patrol

Retailing for $129.99 from LeapFrog or on Amazon, the LeapPad Platinum Tablet is a great way to bring home the ultimate tablet experience, just for kids! Due to its durability and quality, you'll never have to worry about what might happen to your expensive tech gadgets when this can be used at home or on-the-go with ease.

At the same time, the highly responsive touchscreen and user-friendly controls are just right for a child... all the while that the parental controls leave you knowing that you're in charger of just what your little one is accessing. The result is the appeal that kids want with the portability and educational qualities that parents insist on!

Find out more about this and all of LeapFrog's innovative products by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I receive products, promotional items and educational material to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.


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We love LeapFrog! the shatter-safe 7" multi-touch color touch screen sounds awesome! Thanks for the review :)

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They make such great learning toys for kids. And always coming up with new stuff.

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