Monday, December 14, 2015

Tylenol #HowWeFamily Showcases "Family Is Not About Who You Love But How."

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I have received information from the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

Recently, in a conversation about our family not always eating at the most traditional of restaurants, Big Sister E chimed in with, "Our family isn't normal. We're crazy!"

Even better than the fact that she was so cheerful about that statement, is that she was right. Our family certainly is a little unique and quirky, but you know what? So is yours! So is everyone's! Whether we have that one eccentric uncle or the black sheep cousin or we all just happily dance to the beat of a different drummer (is that how the phrase goes?), the whole point is that we're family.

It doesn't matter the age, race, gender, orientation, appearance, abilities or any other factor, family is not about who you love but how.

And no one has summed that up in a more beautiful, heartwarming way this holiday season than TYLENOL®. Please, take less than one minute to watch their amazing #HowWeFamily video. It has sent chills down my spine and brought a tear to my eye every time I have seen it due to the pure simplicity and incredible message it portrays.

You watched it, right? Just click that little arrow, you won't be sorry after you've seen this compilation of real moments from real families and their joy, laughter, surprise, and unconditional love!

TYLENOL® has been caring for the well-being of families for over 60 years and I couldn't applaud them more for believing that perfect single line of family is not about who you love but how. This video and the corresponding #HowWeFamily program showcases the stories of 11 real American families (including one from spokesperson Gabrielle Union) and truly celebrates all families and how they come together.

Putting aside the food, shopping, presents, lights, parties, and more this holiday season, isn't simply coming together and appreciating those that you love what actually brings a smile to our faces?

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This holiday season, TYLENOL® is continuing to celebrate all families, so be sure to visit the TYLENOL® #HowWeFamily website at and connect with them on Facebook.

How does your family share their love this time of year?


slehan said...

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Unknown said...

We share our love by making homemade cards and gifts for each other, a family tradition for years.