Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals for Motion Sickness Relief {#AdventuresInMotion}

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While there are a variety of unfortunate changes that have occurred to my body as I've gotten older, I would gladly take on a few more wrinkles and gray hairs if it meant that I could trade away my motion sickness.

As a child, I never had any problems and could easily read in the car or ride on an airplane without ever feeling at all sick. But fast-forward to today? I can barely glance down in a moving vehicle without feeling my stomach churn, I dread how nauseous I feel when flying, and can even only join my kids on the swings for a very short amount of time before I have to stop the movement. Ugh.

Over the years, I've researched time and again and have tried all the remedies but the bands, candies, and patches just can't keep the dizziness and queasiness away. What was I going to do, never get on an airplane again? Avoid ever being a passenger in someone else's car? Skip all field trip chaperone opportunities because of the bus rides?

Instead, my answer has always been Dramamine®, the leader in motion sickness relief. While others make sure they have their headphones and magazines for their flights, I never, ever leave without this nausea-minimizing miracle worker.

Which is why when I heard that Dramamine® had released a new product, I had no doubt that it would be just as effective. Bring on the Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals!

Dramamine Naturals

The full strength of the Dramamine® Original Formula has left me too lethargic in the past, so Non-Drowsy is a must in my book.

Add to that the way that the new Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals contain the clinically-tested ginger dosage required for preventing and treating motion sickness, and these are exactly what I need!

Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals

I've long moved past the idea of using things like antacids or upset stomach relievers to prevent or relieve motion sickness symptoms, as I don't mess around with feelings of nausea or vomiting.

Instead, I love that Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals alleviates these, doesn't result in drowsy side effects, and is even formulated with ginger (which makes it safe to use every travel day).

Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals review

When it comes to motion sickness, I don't want to just deal with it, I want to prevent it as much as possible. Without Dramamine®, my life would be spent feeling much more uncomfortable and nauseous — which is why you'll never find me traveling or visiting theme parks without it!

Do you suffer from motion sickness symptoms as well? You'll want to head over to Dramamine.com (and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter) to find out more about the new Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals as well as their other high quality, effective products. They are the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for treating and preventing motion sickness, after all!

But, wait! Why shop without getting a discount? Before you head to the store to pick up your next package of Dramamine®, print out this money-saving digital coupon first!


JewelWood said...

This is a great product because it is non drowsy. I have a problem with motion sickness and this is a great product for me to use!

kymom13 said...

Thanks for a review on a product I've been searching for. It sucks that as we get older our bodies decide for us what we can and can't tolerate! Hubby and I used to love roller coasters but now it's getting harder to tolerate them. Glad to see there's a solution without the effects of drowsiness!

Janet W. said...

My son in law and grandson get motion sickness easily. I love that this is non-drowsy!

Rose-Marie said...

I get motion sickness very easily. I'd like to try this! I can relate the best is to prevent it, not deal with it.

Unknown said...

This product is a vacation saver. I love the that it's now available in a non-drowsy formula.

tiffany dayton said...

I have never needed these.

slehan said...

I'd always fall asleep when I took dramamine, but no problem since I was just a kid and didn't have to drive....

slehan at juno dot com