Monday, August 15, 2016

Support Team USA with P&G Products at Walmart {#LetsPowerTheirDreams}

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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.

Growing up, most sports came easy to me. Whether racing on the playground, perfecting gymnastics skills (I was on a club team for many years) or jumping into a game of soccer, my competitive spirit and natural athletic ability served me well for around 95% of all sports.

One from that remaining 5%? Swimming.

Either a result of swim lessons gone bad (I have a vivid memory of being thrown from the diving board when I was too scared to jump. That can't be a valid teaching technique, can it?) or simply a lack of interest and talent, swimming was never my thing and I'm much happier keeping my face out of the water. Give me a shallow end to splash around in any day but try to teach me actual strokes? No, thanks.

So, never would I have guessed that here I am 30+ years after my own disastrous start in the pool getting to experience the complete and utter joy of swimming — by watching my own children love it!

swim team

After a few successful sessions of swim lessons, my girls have both joined our local swim team and, without a doubt, have had a blast diving into the water and pushing themselves to be a little faster at each meet.

Whether swimming an individual event (Little Sister B specializes in backstroke while Big Sister E favors breaststroke) or participating in a team relay event, I couldn't be much prouder watching my own children glide through the water in ways that I never could.

swim team start

What has made this summer's swim team experience even more fun is the Rio 2016 Olympic Games! My family has always loved watching the Olympic Games, but getting to see these incredibly talented athletes show off their skills in swimming and diving has been truly amazing. What better way to show my children that hard work, determination, and lots of practice really does lead to success?

From seeing Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky dominate lap after lap in the pool to David Boudia flawlessly perform dive after dive, we just can't get enough of cheering on Team USA as they rack up victory after victory in the water!

But I also love that we can do more than just yell and clap from our couch, we can support Team USA simply by shopping for great Proctor & Gamble brands at Walmart. That's right! Just by purchasing P&G brands like Bounty, Tide, Pampers, Venus, Head and Shoulders, and more at their everyday low prices at Walmart, we can all help power the dreams of Olympic athletes everywhere.

brands supporting the olympic games

Pretty great, right? These brands and products are ones that we use and love anyway, so I'm excited that we are getting to support our country's hardworking Olympians at the same time!

Why wouldn't I want to use Head & Shoulders® Classic Clean Shampoo to leave my hair manageable, flake free, less itchy, less irritated, less red and looking great while also knowing that I'm helping back Team USA?

Head and Shoulders

Won't you join me in supporting Team USA by heading to your local Walmart and purchasing your favorite P&G products today? #LetsPowerTheirDreams together!


Dawn said...

I loved every bit of the Olympics. Can't wait until Toyko.

JewelWood said...

Love this brands. I always buy them at Walmart and happy to support TEAM USA! They did great at the Olympics!

Janet W. said...

These are excellent products! I really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year! Gymnastics was fantastic!