Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mail Delivery: Baby Banz

Big Sister E is a fashionista, what can I say? Due to a win of mine on icefairy's treasure chest, she received a Bucket hat and Sunglasses set from Baby Banz that she adores and has been rockin' ever since. The hat, for sure. She's very off and on about sunglasses, as she is about most things in life ("I want gween beans. GWEEN BEANS." Ten handfuls shoved in her mouth. "I don't LIKE gween beans." Sigh). So the sunglasses haven't been worn too many times, but the hat is definitely receiving lots of love and the sun could shine a little brighter on the glasses tomorrow, one never knows.

Maybe it's the pink flamingo color or maybe it's because the hat is adjustable and, therefore, fits very comfortably on her head, but any time I mention anything about wearing a hat, Big Sister E runs to get this particular one and makes sure it is firmly on before we head out. She has worn it to the park, the zoo, in the water at the splash park, even just for a stroll around the block. It does a great job of covering her
head, ears, neck and face, which is important for her fair (okay pale, very pale) skin when we're out in the sun. It even has a UPF rating of 50+. Plus, no matter what she has done it it and how wet, wrinkled or crumpled it has been at the end of the day, I flatten it out or hang it up and it looks pristine by morning. This set is definitely going to last for quite a few more summers for her... and just when she outgrows it, it'll be time for Little Sister B to take it over.

So, thanks icefairy and Baby Banz, Big Sister E is not only protected from the sun, but she's stylish and happy about it. And, for getting that padded envelope to fit nicely in the box, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the hat and sunglasses that I was lucky enough to win, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way but instead just really thought they were too cute and of such high quality to not share my opinion)


Unknown said...

love the hat and color

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