Friday, October 23, 2009

Kushies Baby {Review & Coupon Code}

Little Sister B has grown into a pretty good sleeper, but she didn't exactly start out that way. She was one of those infants that had to be held and as soon as you even thought about putting her down while she was sleeping, she woke up. There were many times that I would hold my breath while trying to slowly slip my arm out from underneath her when putting her into her swing... only to have her eyes open and look at me like I was crazy for even having entertained the idea.

What we did notice was that she was a much better sleeper when swaddled. As Big Sister E slept well right off the bat, my husband and I hadn't known too much about swaddling before Little Sister B came along but we learned fast. I tried any number of blankets and found some success but was always frustrated when I would get her all tucked in and then a corner or flap would come undone somewhere and we would have to start again. Why wasn't there something that could just attach and hold tight so that she could fall asleep and, more importantly, STAY asleep even if an arm or a leg moved a little bit?
The Kushies Swaddling Blanket (available in pink, blue or mocha) is the most luxurious swaddling blanket that I have ever touched. Multiple times I have told my husband that if Kushies made one in my size (theirs is one size made to fit babies up to 3 months old) that I would definitely get one for myself because I have never felt anything so soft.

The smooth, silky lining keeps any baby warm and cozy but the best part of the Kushies Swaddling Blanket is the design. The simple wrap top has a hook & loop closure that is somehow smoother than traditional Velcro, therefore even if it somehow brushed against baby's delicate skin, it wouldn't hurt at all.

Combine that innovative top with the roomy pocket on the bottom and Kushies has created a foolproof way for anyone to swaddle their baby with ease. Even my husband would have been able to figure this one out. Simply tuck your baby's feet in the pouch, lay their arms at their sides and close the flaps. Done. Your baby can now sleep in velvety bliss.
I'm all cozy and ready for bed!

Kushies began more than 50 years ago and has transformed over time into the company they are today, starting with their first major baby item: a revolutionary 100% cotton, reusable diaper. Now based in Canada, Kushies covers an entire range of products from educational toys to apparel that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Browsing the Kushies site, it was hard for me to decide which items were my favorite because their products are both creative and inventive, as well as covering so many aspects of childhood.

I love the idea of the Girl's Swimsuit Diaper and how economical and environmentally friendly it is. Instead of spending money on disposable swim diapers (those things sure get expensive) this reusable swim diaper even takes it one step further by removing the need for a separate swimsuit to go over it. Genius!

The Stacrobats Magnetic Stacking Acrobats (for ages 1 - 100!) are a great alternative to the common plastic baby toys in stores. These magnetic figures, balls and base encourage so many wonderful skills in children like self-confidence and dexterity while building imagination. There is no right or wrong way to play with these Acrobats and any child would have a great time exploring and discovering with these magnetic friends.

Both of my daughters love to cuddle their blankies and I think the Dobbi Dog Pillow would be an instant best friend for either of them. The mix of colors, patterns, textures and sounds combined with the adorable Dog would keep them feeling happy and safe when they need a good snuggle. As for me, I especially like that Dobbi comes with a zippered mesh laundry bag so that he could take a spin in the washing machine with ease.

This just in! For one week only, Kushies adorable Kritter Pillows are on sale for 70% off! 70%! Until Thursday, October 29, enter KRITTERS at checkout and you can take Dobbi home for only $3.50. What a cute holiday or anytime gift! Check out the selection of Kritters and order one for the lucky child in your life before this deal ends!

Whether you're looking to stock up on essentials like cloth diapers, bibs or blankets or you're shopping for a great baby/toddler gift such as a folding baby travel bed, an adorable organic sleeper or a really cool My Bag (an organized daycare or overnight bag), Kushies has it all. They take pride in their exceptional customer service and the high quality of their 350+ products and will work to ensure your satisfaction. Find Kushies online, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Making a purchase from Kushies? Enter coupon code tmc10 for a 10% discount on your entire order!

Thanks, Kushies, for having such high standards for your company and your excellent products. And, for taking care that our swaddling blanket was not smashed or crushed, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the Kushies Swaddling Blanket that I was sent, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and its luxurious product... that needs to be offered in adult sizes.)


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