Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mail Delivery: Silikids Review

Now that Big Sister E has turned 3, there are quite a few things in the "Big Girl" category that I can safely say that she has mastered. One thing that we're still working on, however, is drinking out of a regular glass because she is such a fan of her straw sippy cups. She can do it, but it needs work. I know that when we're home I should just give her an open-topped cup and she'll get better and better with practice... but the thought of her soaking her shirt and dropping the glass only encourages my feelings of procrastination.

Another big issue that I have is wondering what glass I would be willing to sacrifice in her learning attempts. Plastic cups would, of course, not break, but there's the whole plastic thing and I can barely keep up with the list of all of the things in plastics that are bad for us these days. A glass cup would be the better option but... glass + Big Sister E = a high likelihood of breakage and crying and, in general, safety issues.

Fortunately for me, the founders of Silikids understood my dilemma and created a 6 ounce Siliskin Glass that is just the thing for transitioning toddlers to "big kid" glasses.

Available in aqua or lime and just the right size for little hands.

Founded in 2006 by Stacey Feeley and Giulana Schwab, Silikids was born in response to the void in the market for hygienic, practical and non-toxic children's products. Why silicone? It is non-porous (therefore not harboring germs or bacteria), environmentally friendly (made from sand!) and promotes reuse (something that is great for everyone to work on). Plus, silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures, meaning it can be placed in the freezer, boiled for sterilization or washed in the dishwasher or washer and dryer.

The hip-looking Siliskin Glass has been the perfect transition cup for us. The glass is BPA-free and the Siliskin hugs it tightly and prevents any slipping (but also gives the glass extra protection in those cases of occasional drops) and is easily slid on and off for cleaning. The combination of these two ideas, glass and silicone, work together to provide a unique cup that is safe for Big Sister E and the environment.

Plus, she finds the dots design pretty cool, which doesn't hurt.


Silikids offers a large variety of fun and colorful Silicone products for babies and kids of all ages. The Siliskins come in many different sizes and colors, their Silipads (knee pads) would be great for Little Sister B to save not only her knees but the life of her pants and I love the idea of throwing their Silibib in the dishwasher when she coats it with sweet potato during a meal.

Silikids are coming out with new products soon that look great! They are expanding their line of Siliskins for glasses and bottles by adding a 9 ounce Siliskin Bottle that will be perfect for parents who want to use glass bottles with their baby but are concerned about breaking them (particularly when you're pulling one out in the dark in the middle of the night). The Siliskin Bottles are offered in translucent colors so that it is easy to see the amount of liquid inside and will be safe in hot or cold temperatures (e.g. boiling or freezing).

Another innovative product from Silikids is the upcoming Silicup, the first 3-in-1 drinking system that I have ever seen, that can be used as a bottle for a baby, a sippy for a toddler or a cup for big kids. By switching between the included component pieces, the Silicup easily makes the transition from the bottle nipple to the sippy spout to the leak-proof travel cap.
All of my pieces are dishwasher-safe!

The 10 ounce Silicup features their durable silicone sleeve over the non-toxic, BPA-free glass that will, of course, offer easy gripping and help prevent breakage when dropped. Had the Silicup been around when Big Sister E was a baby, I would have loved to be able to purchase one product that would have lasted her from infancy through childhood!

For more information about Silikids and where to purchase their products, visit their website. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that all Silikids products are priced less than $20 and their company really does care about the environment. As well as making a conscious effort to create items that will last and promote reuse, if you send your Silikids products back to them when they can no longer be used, they will have them recycled for you!

Thanks, Silikids, for being such dedicated moms in your efforts to provide such clean and safe products for kids. And thanks, Mail Carrier, for bringing the box up to my door with this great glass inside. When you saw Big Sister and I standing there waiting for you, I appreciated your comment, "If I had known you were home, I'd have brought the rest of your mail up, too." That's okay, you just keep bringing fun things to my house and that'll be good enough for me.

(Other than the 6 oz Siliskin Glass that I was sent, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this innovative product.)


Janie B said...

Very cool! What a great idea. Why don't I ever think of things like that to make money?????

Molly said...

Is it weird that when I read "Silicone" in the post title I thought of breast implants? : )

Mandee said...

How cool! I'm going to have to look into these. Thanks for the honest review! :)

annies home said...

she is super cute and the review was great. SOunds like another great product I am going to have to check out for princess

Unknown said...

love that they are glass

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