Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mail Delivery: Stay With Me Socks Review

Aside from Little Sister B's cute cheeks and chunky thighs, I love to munch on her feet. Is there really anything cuter than baby feet? Those little toes can melt anyone's heart from the moment they arrive.

Yep, only days old and I was loving them.

Most moms would agree that one very frustrating aspect of those sweet little baby feet, however, is keeping them covered in socks. Really, what's the deal with baby socks? It seems like no matter what the size, they don't fit right. And the sizes that they come in are usually such a wide span that they're either too big and baggy and don't stay up or too small where they slide right off or the elastic on the ankle leaves deep marks.

If the size isn't bad enough, once your baby leaves the newborn stage, one of two things happen with socks. They are either pulled right off from the act of crawling or pulled right off from... well, your little sweetheart. What is it that babies love about their feet that they must remain uncovered? Do they know how adorable they are so they want to taunt you? Or do socks just taste THAT good that they can't help but sample them?

Stay with Me socks are the answer to so many problems that I can't believe they are just now hitting stores. If you have ever returned from an outing and discovered that your baby is missing a sock, these socks are for you. If you have ever had to purchase a pair of baby shoes just to keep your little one's socks on, these socks would have saved you money. If you shake your head in wonder when you're folding the laundry because there always seems to be just one lone sock left over, well, then you're just like me. Where DOES the other one go?

The main feature of Stay with Me socks is the genius Velcro strap on the ankle. This strap can be fastened in front of baby's ankle for a smaller fit, behind the ankle for a larger fit or it can be used to loop the two socks together before they go in the wash (say goodbye to lost socks). Due to this brilliant idea, Stay with Me socks recently received an iParenting Media Award celebrating their unique design and excellent quality.

Once the strap is fastened, these socks live up to their name and WON'T slide off. Normally I spend a fair amount of time retracing Little Sister B's path to find her socks after she has crawled from room to room, but after wearing Stay with Me socks, I didn't have to go look for one once. In fact, when the Velcro was fastened, even I couldn't just pull them off and had to undo the strap first.

I really liked that by using the Velcro, the strap was adjustable to Little Sister B's feet and I was able to fasten them comfortably on her. However, whether it was due to the carpet or just the way that she moves (turn, crawl, crouch, crawl, stand, slide, and on and on... the kid doesn't stop), at first the strap did come undone by itself a few different times, causing me to have to stop to refasten it. After trying them on her again later, I found that I just needed to be sure to have the Velcro lined up evenly and fully attached before letting her scoot away and then they worked great. Even if they slouched a tiny bit from her movement, the socks never came close to falling off.

Stay with Me socks are available on their website or at Target this fall and come in two sizes: small (0-3 months) and medium (3-14) months and in a variety of color combinations. The larger size comes in stripes of blue/white, pink/white or green/white while the smaller size includes the three stripe choices as well as solid white and pink or blue with white accents. They also feature a skid-proof bottom, which I appreciate for my little daredevil as she gets more and more brave on our hardwood floor.

Thanks, Stay with Me socks, for providing Little Sister B a way to NOT have to wear shoes in the house this winter so that they will keep her socks on. Why didn't I come up with these socks? And, for keeping me guessing by sliding this envelope in between other mail, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the pair of Stay with Me socks that I was sent, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this innovative product.)


Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...

where have these socks been all of my life? Do they come in adult sizes? I spend so much time pairing socks after the laundry that it's just sad!

2Wired2Tired said...

What a great idea! Someone is very smart. I love baby feet but think they should stay cozy in socks when it's chilly and these are perfect! I will keep them in mind for anyone that's having a baby as a gift.

eight helping hands said...

Here to follow you thru MBC! I love these socks! Also love your blog title!

Mel at Adventures of Mel said...

Thanks for stopping by!:) I love the name of your blog....:) Don't ya just love getting the mail? Although I do wonder what my mailman and UPS guy must think....that I'm an out of control spender or something. LOL

Richele McFarlin said...

I LOVE the name of your blog. I so enjoy getting a package in the mail. I also could have used those stay on socks at one time for my children. Great happy to have found you on MBC. I am now following you back!

Unknown said...

I so need those!

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