Monday, November 23, 2009

Mail Delivery: Fresh Organics Review

Am I the only person who finds showering boring? Sure, I love the feel of the hot water and the fact that I actually have the time to myself (if being in the actual shower alone counts because I'm often not the only one in the bathroom) but there is something about the repetitiveness of showering that seems tedious to me. Every day I do the same thing over and over in the same order and I start to wonder if I'm ever going to break the routine.

Recently, thanks to Fresh Organics, my showers have turned into mini trips to the spa for me.

When I first looked at Fresh Organics' Body Polish in the Pomegranate Fig scent, I wondered not only what body polish was, but what the pomegranate fig combination would smell like (as I couldn't tell you the aroma of either a pomegranate or a fig). I don't like products that are too scented, as it seems like they overpower the actual effectiveness of the item itself.

I was pleasantly surprised at the answers to both of my questions. Made with ingredients such as sea salts, honey and certified organic green tea oil, Fresh Organics' Body Polish refines, renews and replenishes your skin by removing dirt and oil while providing antioxidants to leave your skin soft and toned. I loved the way it felt a little like wet sand when I dipped my hand into the jar and how the texture of the polish is somehow both gritty and smooth as I massaged it into my skin. As for the smell, the combination of pomegranate fig was both sweet-smelling and natural, not like those flowery bath products that are found in stores.

As I dried off, my skin felt young and soft but without any greasy residue, plus when I put my nose to my arm I could smell just enough of the fresh scent without feeling as though I was drowning in it. Later on in the day, I still felt as though my skin was less dry or rough as it usually is at this time of year.

Part of keeping skin feeling smooth and young, however, is getting rid of the dead skin cells so that the new, healthy cells can surface. For that, I love using Fresh Organics' Exfoliating Scrub (available in their Pomegranate Fig or Lavender Vanilla scents).

Loaded with vitamins, oils and fruit enzymes and seeds, I felt as though the Exfoliating Scrub was filled with small beads that were gently rubbing the old skin off so that what remained was younger and healthier-looking. As with the Body Polish, the Exfoliating Scrub also left my skin with a light, sweet smell that slowly faded throughout the day.

Beginning in 2008 with their great Organic Baby products, Fresh Organics carries a variety of items for men and women. Following their high standards for using only safe, organic ingredients, these items are not only good for your body but safe for the environment. They contain no harmful chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients and the packaging is made with recycled and recyclable materials.

Products from the women's line include Castile Soap, Hydrating Lotion and Body Butter and cute gifts such as Bubble Bath Roses in Heart Box and the Instant Spa gift set (which sounds like a wonderful relaxing treat). The men's line consists of Cleanse-All (used for hair and body), Smooth Shave and Moisturizer, as well as a Travel Kit with a small-sized bottle of all three.

With almost all of their prices ranging between $7.99 and $12.99 (for a large amount - both of the products I tried were over 14 oz), Fresh Organics is a great site to shop for the entire family because there is something for everyone (my daughters loved their Calming Bubble Bath that we previous reviewed so much that we've run out)! For more information on their company, to purchase items from any of their great lines (or a gift certificate) or to read testimonials from more satisfied customers, visit the Fresh Organics website.

Thanks, Fresh Organics, for breaking the monotony of my shower routine with products that are good for me and the environment. And, for telling me to have a good day when you brought this box to my door (even though you're the one who brightens mine), thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the Body Polish and Exfoliating Scrub that I was sent by Fresh Organics, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company, their products and way they make my daily shower more spa-like. Okay, maybe I don't get a shower in daily, but who's counting?)


Ashleigh said...

Love that! With showers... I don't mind the shower so much as the getting ready afterwards. Such a hassle! Haha.

Liz Mays said...

So girly and feminine and fun! :)

Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...

i am so jealous! that sounds so relaxing! showers are so boring! but i tend to just stand under the hot water until my husband comes looking for me!

MIG said...

I think showering is really boring as well. I always dread the routine. It's great that you found something new and refreshing. I'm going to check these products out too.

Unknown said...

would love to try the bubble bath roses

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