Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why, Blogger? Don't You Like Winners?

Lately when I've been visiting other blogs, I've noticed something a little strange with the comments. When I get there it will say one number but when I actually leave a comment it will say one completely different. And then when I try to go to "newer comments" or "oldest comments," the number magically changes to something else.

I didn't think it was affecting Thanks, Mail Carrier but, sure enough, this morning when I'm attempting to draw a winner of my Snugfits giveaway, Blogger is holding the last 100+ comments from me. Now that's just not nice.

I'm holding out hope that this clears up soon because I've heard some not-so-pleasant things about attempting to get help from Blogger or its forum. Until then, I'm going to wait on picking a winner for this giveaway (or any others that end before it's fixed) because that just wouldn't be fair. If you know of any fixes for this or if you're having problems too and just want to commiserate, let me know!

Thanks for hanging in there, hopefully we can all go back to being winners soon!


Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...

I don't think you are missing any comments. I think bloggers is just flipping out and saying initially that you have more than you do.

Coupon Clippin Mommy said...

Hmm I will have to see if it does that to me. I'm popping over from mommy Bloggers Club. I am now following. Come check my blog out sometime.

annies home said...

I will watch and see if this happens I have not seen it before but will keep a good eye on it now that you made me aware of it