Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mail Delivery: My Child ID Review

According to (which knows everything), there is no specific phobia term for a fear of losing something, such as personal possessions. Trying to be helpful, they do point out that athazagoraphobia is the fear of forgetting something and that if you forget where you put it, it's lost!

Unfortunately, that doesn't help me. I don't have a worries about forgetting my diaper bag, my keys or my phone, I have fears of losing them. However, those thoughts pale in comparison to the ultimate fear - losing my children.

Everyone hears the stories. A child is abducted or gets lost or runs away or... simply goes missing. When I hear about it on the news, I can barely think of the horror the parents are going through and how they are dealing with each passing moment of not knowing the location of their child.

Thankfully, I have never been in that position, but what if I was? What if you were? As the first three hours a child is missing are the most critical for their safe return (according to the Department of Justice), would you be able to supply the necessary information to law enforcement calmly and quickly? Part of me hopes and thinks that I would be able to think rationally and supply them with the data that they need... while part of me knows that when put on the spot, I can't even remember my own phone number.

Developed by, My Child ID is a digital identification device that keeps all necessary important information at your fingertips. You would be able to tell law enforcement your child's hair and eye color, but do you know their physician, medications, emergency contact information and how to contact your babysitter? That's where My Child ID comes in.

With 128 MB of storage, one My Child ID can store the profiles of every member of your family on one small elephant-shaped device (in your choice of four fun colors). Compatible with Microsoft, Mac and Linux operating systems, simply plug the USB cable into your computer and follow the simple prompts to easily begin entering your child's information. My Child ID is even password protected and encrypted so that there is no worry of whether your child's social security number is going to be safe after having been entered.

I was surprised by how many of the boxes I had to leave blank on my first attempt to create a profile for my daughters. I knew I could find out what their blood type was, the names and phone numbers for Big Sister E's teachers and the contact information for anyone who we would need to talk to in an emergency, but that would take some time. Would I know where to look when I was under pressure? I was already valuing having a My Child ID much more.

In the end, it the time it takes to fill out your child's profile is well worth the knowledge that it is all organized and stored in one convenient location. The My Child ID easily fits in the palm of your hand and stows nicely in a purse, diaper bag or connected to a key ring so that it can travel with you anywhere. When turned on, it displays only the pictures that you have uploaded and no personal information, therefore making it safe to always have at hand.

For yourself or your next gift-giving occasion, My Child ID is the ideal present - how often can you give the gift of safety? It even comes packaged and ready to go right out of the box (see right). Give any parent you know the peace of mind that their child's vital information will be ready if the unfortunate circumstance arises that it is quickly needed. Retailing for $39.95, My Child ID is available on as well as at select stores for a limited time.

Thanks, for helping parents be proactive about their child's safety and for continuing to develop and improve such innovative technology for safeguarding children and families. And, for never losing a single letter or package, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the My Child ID I was sent, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and this great product and its benefits.)


Unknown said...

THIS is the best little device I have seen all year...because it can be lifesaving! Yes, we all have these fears...and unfortunately in today's world our fears are founded. THIS would be something I would consider giving to my kids for THEIR kids; one of those things many parent may not consider as a purchase due to price or to even AVOID the worry. BUT, I am going to show my husband this and consider it for even our older tweens and teenager. AND for our 3 grandkids.
THANK you for this review!

Emily's Family said...

This is an awesome device. aThanks for sharing.

Hey also thanks for being my guest blogger today

stockpiling4us said...

Just stopping by to check out your page! Very Nice!! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Unknown said...

wow what a great product

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Unknown said...

This is a great idea. I'm glad I read about it. Thanks for sharing it.