Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mail Delivery: Plug in Shelf Portable Cell Phone Charging Station Review

Are you like me in that you just feel better when your house is clean? It's like there is a direct correlation between the amount of stuff lying around me and how cluttered my mind feels. Unfortunately, I lack willpower when it comes to putting in the effort to actually keep the mess at bay, and at times it definitely threatens to take over. In fact, at any given time the portion of the counter in our kitchen that is deemed as "mine" looks something like this:

Wow, seeing it here definitely makes me want to keep my mess a little more under control!

Aside from not being very attractive, it takes me a little while to dig down into the depths of the mess to find whatever it is I'm looking for when I need it. The worst? When it's my keys or my phone that I'm trying to find. In fact, my phone is somewhere in the middle of the pile in the picture above.

A year or so ago we installed a small hanging container near our coats and shoes that I've managed to get in the habit of putting my keys in when I come in the door. The phone, however, is another story. If it has managed to escape the clutches of the crackers and wipes in my diaper bag, the phone ends up buried and, 9 times out of 10, out of battery on the counter.

When it's not plugged in, I find my cell phone charger a bit of an eyesore (yes, that's coming from the woman who is the cause of the clutter in the above photo). Even when I straighten up the counter, the cord to my charger snakes everywhere and there isn't a way to leave it visible and not be a mess.

Correction: there WASN'T a way to leave my cell phone charger visible and not have it be a mess.

Just looking at this picture makes my mind give a sigh of relief. See my phone all pretty and neat?

I can honestly say that the Plug in Shelf Portable Cell Phone Charging Station from CP Docks is one of the best inventions that I've seen lately. Such a simple and obvious idea, the Plug in Shelf not only eliminates the tangled mess from the charging cord but it designates a safe place for your phone - that's easy to find! All that is involved is plugging the Charging Station into an outlet, wrapping your charger cord around the cleat and resting your phone on the non-skid shelf. Done! No more cords, no more lost or damaged phone, no more digging the charger out of the back of a drawer when my husband moved it even when I told him not to...

CP Docks even thought to make the Plug in Shelf sit a small distance away from the wall so that a PDA or Blackberry can easily be plugged in and still have ample room on the shelf. This works for anyone, any phone, anywhere! A completely portable unit, the Plug in Shelf can easily be moved from the kitchen to a teenager's bedroom to an office with ease.

If you're looking for even more organization, CP Docks also offers an EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station that takes order and tidiness to the next level. Instead of plugging in, the EZ Mount replaces any standard electrical outlet cover and consists of a non-skid shelf for your phone, a holder to keep the cord hidden and a handy hook for hanging your keys. Install this near the door and you would never have to wonder where your keys or phone are and if the latter is going to be charged when you need it.

Both the Plug in Shelf and EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Stations sell for $14.95 on the CP Docks website with free shipping! I love having a permanent place for my phone and that it'll be charged when I need it. As an added bonus, having my phone and charger so neat and organized makes me want to keep the rest of "my" portion of the counter clean, too!

For pushing me a step in the right direction in terms of cutting down on my mess, thanks, CP Docks. And, even though you kept me glancing out the window since you were a little later than normal when delivering this, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the Plug in Shelf that I was sent by CP Docks, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these products and the way that they have lessened the amount of times that I have to stand there fuming while I dig through my piles for my phone.)


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Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

LOL my counter always seems to look like pic #1!

Unknown said...

That looks really neat. My counter looks like picture 1 also.

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Unknown said...

I could so use that in my kitchen!

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Rose-Marie said...

at least you have the guts to how your space!!! I could use one of these, I'm a little klutzy so I have to put it where I can't crash into it. but excellent idea!