Friday, February 15, 2013

Clip-N-Clamp: The Amazing Multi-Purpose & Cell Phone Holder {Review}

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Have you heard the following phrase before?

If evolution were true, mothers would have three arms.

While I think it would be a little strange to have a third arm (where would it be located? Straight out of the middle of my back? I'm thinking I'd definitely need a redesigned chair) it sure would be handy for all of those times that us moms are multi-tasking.

Which, let's be honest, is pretty much all the time.

Doesn't it seem like, no matter what situation or environment we are in, it would be nice if we had an extra hand to hold something? For me, it seems to happen most often in the car. Between wanting to go hands-free when talking on my phone or simply having the phone propped nearby to give me GPS directions, I'm always thinking that it would be much more convenient and safe if I had a third arm to hold the phone securely.

Now I do. Thanks to the arrival of the Clip-N-Clamp, a new multi-purpose holder that can adapt to be used in any number of locations, I never have to worry how I'm going to juggle my phone, iPod, iPad, camera, Kindle or more!

Clip-N-Clamp with cell phone

At home, in the car, on-the-go, or even at work, the Clip-N-Clamp gives users the full benefits of gadgets like smartphones, mp3 players, eReaders, camcorders, cameras and more without having to hold them. Whether keeping a smartphone or GPS in place while driving, holding a camera steady while taking a picture, playing golf, taking a family photo or more, it is there to help out!

After learning about the Clip-N-Clamp system and its flexibility and strength, I was interested in seeing the Flexarm (the 12" ball-and-socket arm that can literally bend 360° in any direction) in person and seeing just how well it would bend and stay in any and every position. Could this really be the third arm that I've always needed?


Happy to see that there was nearly no assembly required, I looked over the pieces of the Clip-N-Clamp and couldn't think of anything that it would need to be extremely useful.

Coming complete with the Flexarm, one Disk Clip and two Velcro patches, one Phone Clip that secures to most smartphones using tension, and one Camera Clip which screws into the bottom of a camera, the Clip-N-Clamp is ready for use right out of the package.

Although I initially assumed that the clamp would be as strong as, well, a regular clamp, I was surprised and impressed to find that it was much more powerful! I definitely believe Clip-N-Clamp's claim that their clamp has 30 pounds of holding power and I love that it is designed to not weaken over time. Add that to the silicone tips for maximum grasping power and reducing slippage, and any worries that I had about it holding my cell phone securely disappeared.

Clip-N-Clamp strength

In terms of setup, the sky's the limit! The Clip-N-Clamp simply needs to be attached securely in any position that you'd like — upright, sideways, upside-down, or anything in between.

For me, I knew that I would mainly be using this in the car, so I had no problem clipping it tightly to the center console and then angling the Flexarm precisely to where I wanted it.

Clip-N-Clamp in car

Next, the Disk Clip can be used to attach all kinds of devices to the Clip-N-Clamp using Velcro, so all that is required is to secure a piece right to the back of your GPS, flashlight, Kindle Fire or almost any other device.

Or, for my iPhone, it only took a few seconds to stretch and secure the Phone Clip into place...

hands free phone

...and admire that the custom-made, clip-on buckle allows for the quick removal and replacement of it (or any accessory) to the Clip-N-Clamp.

Clip-N-Clamp review

VoilĂ ! No more balancing my phone on my leg when I need directions or having it slide around my dashboard when I have it on speaker phone. Instead, the Clip-N-Clamp keeps it solidly right where I need it  — not too close, not too far, and not in the way if I need to reach to the radio or temperature controls.

As unbuckling the phone from the Flexarm (as well as from the Phone Clip itself) only takes seconds, it's just so easy to grab it right from the Clip-N-Clamp when it's time to go.

On the same note, it is just as easy to pull out the Clip-N-Clamp when you're at home and need an extra hand while working, cooking or gardening, when you're out biking and want a way to play music but not wear headphones, at the park when you find a beautiful setting and would love to get a family photo, and more!

Considering the number of photos that I take around here, I love being able to depend on the Clip-N-Clamp as a tripod to grab a picture of myself rather than having to coach my 4-year-old through how to hold a camera steady!

camera tripod

Retailing for $19.95 (with free shipping!), the Clip-N-Clamp is available at

The company is so sure that you're going to love this unique and convenient device that your order also comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so if you've always wanted that extra arm, head over to their website to see if this is the solution for you!

Other than the Clip-N-Clamp that I was provided in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this product.


Unknown said...

Looks like so many little pieces i think i would get confused..but then again im horrible about putting anything together.

Anonymous said...

this is sure a nifty little invention

slehan said...

That looks fantastic and very useful.

slehan at juno dot com

Liz Mays said...

Interesting, but does it move out of place with the car vibrations?

ColleenMarie82 said...

I do like this, it would be good to use especially when my kids are playing with my phone so it doesn't get dropped.

Unknown said...

Such a simple concept, but a brilliant tool that's very useful it seems! I can think of many instances where I could use a prop like this to hold up a camera, phone, GPS or other device. I will definitely have to look into finding the clip-n-clamp to purchase. This could be a great gift to receive as well!
Thanks for the review!

slehan said...

The one place I wouldn't need it would be in my car. There are enough distraction while driving.

Unknown said...

How very cool. I need this so I can drive and my phone can be handy and safe.

Paula V said...

Well if that's not nifty as can be. How genius!