Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chuck E. Cheese’s New Menu and National Value Deals Mean More Fun and Yum for Less!

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I'll admit that the first time I brought my kids to Chuck E. Cheese's was the first time I had set foot in one in one in at least two decades.

My memories of the place included a lot of loud noises and flashing lights, plenty of screaming kids, and a stage full of animatronic animals that were possibly a bit scary, but were still pretty awesome. The games! The tickets! The prizes! It was the stuff that a kid's treasured memories were made of.

As a parent, on the other hand... not so much.

Fortunately, from that first visit, I found that Chuck E. Cheese's has come a long way in the past 30 years and is now a fun, safe, clean place to visit, play and eat for the whole family. Although I try to make my kids believe that we only go there now for birthday parties or as a special treat for them, I have to admit that I might have just as much fun as them dropping my tokens into game after game!

Chuck E Cheese's

From the huge variety of games (with many for each age and ability level), rides and climbing tunnels to the entertainment (live as well as the animatronics from back in my day) to the menu that has long been extremely expanded to include something for everyone, Chuck E. Cheese's really has it all.

Chuck E Cheese

As a bonus, I love the addition of the Kid Check program that they have, wherein each member of a family/group is stamped (with invisible ink) at arrival to show a unique number. Then, when it is time to leave, a staff member shines a black light to check that each adult and child's numbers match, therefore ensuring that the correct parents and kids are leaving together (and that no kids make a break for the door).

But the Kid Check is only one of the five great aspects of Chuck E. Cheese's newly-defined Promise to Parents — Kid Check; Clean, open environment; Wholesome Family Fun; Food Made Fresh; Fun for all ages — that come together to complete the full experience found from this family entertainment leader.

And, if you've never thought of the menu at Chuck E. Cheese's as containing anything other than cheap, cardboard pizza (again, my memories from my childhood), you'll be just as pleasantly surprised as I was when I took my first bite!

Chuck E Cheese menu

Chuck E. Cheese's has updated its menu with new food options and national value meal deals starting at $19.99 and their pizzas are made fresh, never frozen. Every single birthday party I have been to where the parents eat the pizza as well, there are always comments about how they are amazed that it tastes so good!

Along with their pizzas that are each made to order, Chuck E. Cheese's also offers a salad bar with over 40 garden-fresh items and other great options like oven-baked sandwiches and tasty buffalo wings.

Fortunately, the large menu is easily displayed on menu boards at the store's order counters, so that it is easy to see all of the great value deal pricing as well as any recent menu additions – like the company's new cheesy bread and gluten-free pizza and cupcake options!


To top it off, Chuck E. Cheese's is now offering guests a collectible cup and pizza plate combo for only $2.99 at participating locations while supplies last. Where else can you feed your child for less than $3 and have them get to take home the cute cup and plate at the same time?


If yum and fun is the name of your game, Chuck E. Cheese's new national menu deals have got you covered! If you haven't visited your nearest location in a while, you're in for unbelievable value and unbeatable fun that your child won't soon forget.

Be sure to find out more about all that Chuck E. Cheese's has to offer by visiting (you can play games online there as well!) and by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

I was provided products from Chuck E. Cheese's in exchange for my time writing this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. I truly love Chuck. E. Cheese's!


Liz Mays said...

I didn't know they had a salad bar. I like that!

Jessica Allen said...

We love ChuckECheese, I recently found out about their gluten free items, so excited! :)

Paula V said...

I've been once for the kids with me. Have to say it is all about the kids. If it weren't for their fun, the pizza definitely wouldn't be worth it. Maybe the cook had a bad day though.

BeeBubbaBella said...

CEC is one of our kids favorite places to go. I have been surprised at how good the pizza is. If I am feeling super cheap we just take $20 get a ton of tokens and once it is all gone we go home =). I told hubby next time let's just take them to the Dollar store because they can get the same thing there that they get here as prizes.

Unknown said...

Chuck E. Cheese is looking like it's grown up from the restaurant I remember as a kid! I've shied away from bringing my son there because I remembered it as a zoo with terrible pizza, but seeing that there is now salad and gluten-free options available makes me reconsider!

slehan said...

They have really cleaned up their act since the last time I was there (long time)

Anonymous said...

i LOVED chuck e cheese as a child. its good they expanded their menu for the parent's sake

Unknown said...

I have not been to Chucky Cheese since my kids were little. Now I am going to be taking the grandkids.

Unknown said...

I too remember the back-in-the-day Chuck E. Cheese, aka Showbiz Pizza! The animatronics were scary! The games were limited. The jungle gym was tiny! And then I went recently and I was pleasantly surprised at how Chuck E Cheese had changed for the better but still kept the same sense of thrill and fun! There are more games for each age level, the jungle gym is significantly bigger and the menu is healthy and more varied! The safety is also much better.

Unknown said...

my nephew loves chucked cheese

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

This Mama Knows said...

Anyone know how much their salad bar is?