Monday, June 10, 2013

AMDRO PowerFlex Pest & Weed System {Update}

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Recently I was introduced to a product that, while it may not be the most exciting subject in the world, has proven that it can truly make life easier when it comes to pest and weed control. After all, who wants weeds growing up near their garden or creepy crawly insects getting into their home?

Not me, that's for sure (especially those insects, because just the thought of their little legs moving sends a shiver down my spine).

Which is why I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to try out the AMDRO PowerFlex Pest & Weed System and have seen firsthand the way that it has moved pest and weed control into the 21st century of technology by creating one innovative solution that fits all of consumers' control needs.

AMDRO PowerFlex

As I mentioned in my AMDRO PowerFlex review, this battery-powered sprayer features four specialty formulated cartridges that eliminate a wide range of pests – from ants and cockroaches to dandelions and many other hard-to-control weeds.

As a huge bonus, this all-in-one system simplifies indoor and outdoor pest and weed control by helping consumers eliminate unwanted pests in just three easy steps:
  1. Fill the reusable one gallon tank with clean water.
  2. Twist in one of four patent-pending cartridges.
  3. Spray to treat target pests; quickly switch between projects by removing the cartridge, flushing the applicator for ten seconds with water from the tank and twisting in a new cartridge.
Is there anyone that doesn't want a bug-free household or a little "More Beauty, Less Beast" in their yard?

More Beauty Less Beast Infographic
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After looking over the four different cartridges available for the AMDRO PowerFlex — Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate; Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate; Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate; and Home Pest Indoor Killer Concentrate — I put this revolutionary all-in-one system to use on the annoying weeds and grass growing up in our rocks or coming through our mulch.

After one week, there is definitely a noticeable difference between those spots that were sprayed with the  Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate and those that were not. Instead of looking healthy and lively, the weeds are now brown and wilted – just the way that I like them.

weed killer

After the positive results with the Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate, it didn't take any convincing for my husband to turn to the Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate next.

While we typically use the "you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone" method of thinking with outdoor insects, there are times that we find we have to take matters into our own hands to provide a safe place for our kids to play.

Such was the case with the line of anthills that were on our driveway that were looking a bit too unfriendly for our girls to sit to color with chalk or stand barefoot to play with hula hoops.

The total span was approximately 4' that looked like this.
I'm sorry, ants. I really am. But you can't take over the driveway, it's just not in the game plan.

And, thanks to a single application with the AMDRO PowerFlex Pest & Weed System, there is no longer an issue. Along with some of the anthills being washed away a bit by rain, we haven't seen a single ant anywhere along that 4-foot stretch.

anthill removal

Considering how easy the AMDRO PowerFlex is and how effective their products have proven to be, I have no doubt that we'll be using this contraption for years to come!

Created to simplify indoor and outdoor pest and weed control unlike any other product on the market, AMDRO PowerFlex products range from $11.99 to $14.99 and are available at The Home Depot, Walmart and select regional retailers.

You can find out much more and see if the AMDRO PowerFlex is right for you by visiting their website and connecting with AMDRO on Facebook and Twitter.

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slehan said...

We have a couple of ant hills on our driveway. Will look into this. Thanks.

slehan at juno dot com

Paula V said...

Wow...this sounds like great stuff. Love the reusable container and the different cartridges.

Unknown said...

It looks great!! Love that you said "Sorry ants, but you can't live here" LOL.

Anonymous said...

That's great. I have been reading how ants are increasing this year. Anything that works is good news to people with infestations.

Tonic67 said...

I feel bad killing anything, but sometimes when they are very bad and living in places where they cause damage or destruction, like termites or carpenter ants, something needs to be done. I had a guru once say you should ask them to leave nicely and give three warnings first.

Unknown said...

Wow, the Weed & Grass Killer concentrate really did a job on your weeds. I appreciate the four different varieties that's offered in the system. Having perimeter pests is probably something we need as we have a patch near our garage that attracts ants. I may have to look into trying Amdro to get rid of them.