Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Protect Your Children with the Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet

While I would like to say that I have always made the best possible choices and decisions when it comes to my children and their safety... my guilty conscience knows that that is not 100% true.

Have their car seat straps always been as very tight as possible? Has every single bookshelf, dresser and flat screen TV been anchored to the wall? Have they had enough sunscreen on every single time they went outdoors?

I'm not the only mom with nagging questions like these, right?

But while I can work to ensure that all future straps are tightened, anchors are in place, and sunscreen is applied, what about the other "safety solutions" that parents everywhere are using... that might not be all that safe?

While views on things like crib bumpers have changed, there are other areas of our houses where we are still utilizing outdated products that need improvement. Case in point, the old school outlet protectors that continue to be used in homes again and again.

outlet plugs

Why are we satisfied with continuing to use a product that was developed decades ago, doesn't always work, is easily circumvented, difficult to use and keeps stress and danger levels high? Every year, thousands of kids visit the emergency room due to electrical shock — many of which never recover — despite widespread use of various inserts and other outlet protection.

All of these accidents can soon be avoided thanks to the creation of a new, safer, easier alternative: the Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet.

Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet

An electric outlet that provides BOTH the absolute safety AND the convenience parents desire, the Guardian Angel Outlet is the result of five years of research, engineering, patents, trademarks and design and is now nearly ready for distribution.

Instead of simply covering the outlet with a product that more and more children are smart enough to pull off (and can end up as choking hazards), the Guardian Angel solves the problem by removing the possibility of a problem

Guardian Angel technologyThe electrodes right inside the housing actually allow the inner sensor to continuously monitor its surroundings. The result? The outlet knows whether or not the object nearing it is the plug to your vacuum or your child's curious finger. If it is an acceptable plug, the power stays on. If it is a "dangerous object," the power instantly turns off.

Incredible! By simply screwing the Guardian Angel Outlet in place of your outlet plate (no professional installation required), you'll be providing your family with 100% shock proof protection and peace of mind in one incredibly easy, permanent solution.

I'm telling you, it only takes watching this amazing video once before you wonder why in the world you don't have this continuously vigilant technology in your home at all times:

Guardian Angel's innovation of having technology that is always on and ensuring a child is always safe has won awards and acclaim from coast to coast... but now they need YOUR help to get this fantastic outlet into the hands of parents.

Guardian Angel is currently fundraising on Indiegogo and every contribution that is made assists in getting their product on the market and protecting children from the dangers of electricity.

If this is a product that you want for your children, grandchildren or just to make your home safe for ALL children that set foot inside, head over and contribute today!

This post was brought to you by Guardian Angel, but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Jessica Allen said...

Wow, these look great to have especially with little ones!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

These look like good quality ones. Very nice!

Unknown said...

It's great that the technology has developed to create a sensor to prevent outlet shocks. It's too true that the usual electrode protectors are not up the job when kids these days are able to pull them out rather quickly. This is perfect for those with small children.

Unknown said...

My newest grandchild is just starting to crawl. I think I am going to look for these outlets to make sure to keep him safe. Thank you!

Unknown said...

I never knew these exsisted, but I want to install these in my home!! I currently have plug covers, but I often forget to replace them after vacuuming., etc. These would give me peace of mind!

annies home said...

these would be perfect for my daughters house to protect those precious little hands of my grand babies thanks for sharing

Karen Glatt said...

This is a good product to have for the safety of children in the home. My sister is now making sure that her home is baby proof. I need to tell her about the Guardian Angel-shockproof-outlet!

Anne said...

This is genius. A usable outlet that's safe for little ones--what a great idea! Thanks for the helpful review.

Sean C said...

This is brilliant for the little ones.

Alina said...

I would love to place these in my house seeing as I have a 6 month old that just started crawling and definitely sticking everything in his mouth along with anything around the house.

Unknown said...

that's a really amazing product.

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