Friday, July 12, 2013

Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies {Review}

While we all have our favorite restaurants, I've long teased my husband about one of his that has morphed more into... an obsession. A place where, upon simply seeing the sign, he lights up with excitement.

What's more is that he has slowly but surely passed that passion on to our kids as well. It's no wonder that it's a much-loved event around here when anyone finds out that a trip to Jamba Juice is in the day's plan!


Creating smoothies, fresh-squeezed juices, yogurt and fruit blends, wheat grass shots, steel-cut oatmeal, healthy baked goods and much more, Jamba Juice has been following their goal of inspiring and simplifying healthy living for more than 20 years.

Whether you prefer their classic smoothies made from real whole fruit, 100% fruit juice, sherbet and frozen yogurt or their amazing juices made freshly on the spot (or one of the other delicious menu options), Jamba Juice has mastered the science of tasty nutrition.

Which is why I was excited to hear that one of our favorite names had expanded on their selection with their all new Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies!

Jamba Juice Smoothies

Created in response to alarming findings from a recent study conducted by Produce For Better Health Foundation on America's consumption of fruits and vegetables (only 1% of adults and 2% of kids meet both the fruit and veggie recommendations each day!), these new smoothies each contain two servings of fruits and one serving of veggies.

Not only that, but they are made from only real, whole fruit and vegetable juice, contain no added sugar, and still taste fresh and delicious! What more could I ask for?

Knowing that my family full of Jamba Juice addicts would be excited to give these Fruit & Veggies Smoothies a try, we headed to our nearest location to check them out.

Jamba Juice locations

Right away we had no problem spotting the Fruit & Veggie Smoothies and I was impressed with the way that Jamba Juice had made each of the four flavors — Tropical Harvest, Apple 'n Greens, Berry UpBEET and Orange Carrot Karma — different enough to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

Jamba Juice menu

As well as the Fruit & Veggie Smoothies, I was happy to see the addition of the new Jamba Kids meals, perfect for pint size patrons who don't need a full smoothie but could instead use a little snack.

Jamba Kids Meals

Developed in conjunction with the expert dieticians on Jamba's Healthy Living Council, these perfectly sized meals feature smoothies made with whole fruit and fruit and veggie juices, and a choice of a pizza swirl with turkey or a cheesy stuffed pretzel, both of which are full of whole grains and protein.

It was time to put these tasty new menu items to the test! We opted for:
  • The new Tropical Harvest Smoothie — made with a fusion of mangos, peaches and passion mango juice blended with juices from butternut squash, sweet potato and carrot. An excellent source of Vitamins A and C, this beverage is free of dairy and gluten and is 230 calories.
  • The Jamba Kids Berry Beet It! Smoothie — made with a delicious blend of strawberries, mangos, bananas and mixed berry juice with carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale and lettuce. Measuring in at 190 calories, this beverage is also free of dairy and gluten and is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, B6 and fiber.
Result: yum and yum!

While both of these smoothies were a bit thicker and chunkier than what we are used to, the flavors ended up being a hit and if none of us had known that there were vegetables in our cups, we probably wouldn't have guessed!

I felt that the strongest flavor in the Tropical Harvest was the sweet mango...

Tropical Harvest smoothie

...while the Berry Beet It! was a blend of the strawberries and mixed berry juice. I definitely would have never named beets, broccoli, spinach, kale and lettuce!

Berry Beet It smoothie

Whether you are avid visitors to Jamba Juice, only stop by once in a while, or have never been, if you are looking for a tasty way to boost your (and your family's) fruit and vegetable intake, head over to your nearest Jamba Juice to try out the Fruit & Veggie Smoothies and the Jamba Kids meals!

To find out more menu options or to locate a store near you, visit and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Robin O said...

We don't have a Jamba Juice nearby, but I'll try to find one next time I'm traveling. Thanks for the review!

slehan said...

I like the idea of a store putting fresh veggies in their smoothies like I do at home.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

I love smoothies and so does my famiy and adding vegetables to them makes them more nutritious. We love Jamba Juice!

Anonymous said...

i wish there was a jamba juice near me!

Rebecca009 said...

I have one down the road from me, its amazing. I go there all the time after I work out to reward myself :P

cheryl lister said...

I tried the apple and greens, mainly because the clerk said she thought it was the best. I was very impressed! Love that they contain no sugar.

Tiffany Schmidt said...

Too bad we don't have a Jamba nearby. We do have Robek's and they do very similar mix ups! I love smoothies.

Unknown said...

We don't have a Jamba nearby or any place that sells smoothies. I want to try the Mega Mango. They all look so good and in this heat they would be great.

Unknown said...

Yum, I love that the Fruit & Veggie Smoothies are naturally sweet. I wish there was a Jamba Juice nearby so I could try all the flavors; they all look appealing! The Apple 'N Greens and Tropical Harvest especially would be my first choice!

Unknown said...

I haven't been to one but I'll have to stop next time I see one - the smoothies look delicious!

Unknown said...

yum...would have to try the one with beets.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com