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Laser Hair Removal with the Remington i-LIGHT Pro {Review} #iLIGHTPro

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Remington. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.

As I've mentioned (more than once) in the past, hair removal is a task for which I lack motivation. If creams that make a mess, waxes that hurt or shaving daily are my only options for smooth legs, then I'm sorry, but I'll opt for long pants instead.

Until recently, those three options and laser hair treatments (typically involving thousands of dollars and numerous, painful sessions with no guarantee the hair won't grow back) have been the only methods commercially available.

But now that Remington has proudly introduced their innovative hair removal system, the i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System, they have brought the professional results of an Intense Pulsed Light machine to the privacy of our own homes!

Remington i-LIGHT Pro

As I previously mentioned, the i-LIGHT Pro is designed to help remove and reduce growth of unwanted hair on arms, legs, bikini line, underarms, stomach and chest right at home (but is not cleared in the U.S. for use on the face, head, ears, back or neck).

As opposed to razors or wax, this Intense Pulse Light (IPL) device doesn't cut, burn or pull out hair, but instead works below the skin's surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from growing. This new machine is FDA cleared and clinically proven, while also featuring exclusive ProPulse technology with the highest flash rate for speedy hair removal.

When it comes to putting the i-LIGHT Pro to use, it really couldn't be much easier!

Step 1: Set up the device by plugging it in and ensuring that the disposable replacement cartridge is securely in place underneath the nose cone of the hand piece.

You'll also want to prepare the treatment area by having it freshly shaved, clean and dry. As the IPL works below the skin, removing the hair will minimize the sensation felt from the flashes.

Remington i-LIGHT Pro

Step 2: The i-LIGHT Pro begins in a locked mode (something that I appreciate for safety) each and every time you turn it on. To unlock the system, it must determine that the skin tone of the area you are treating is compatible – the i-LIGHT Pro is not for use on darker skin, tattoos, dark freckles, birthmarks, moles, etc. – done in seconds with the Skin Tone Sensor.

Simply place the body part you are intending to treat directly on the sensor's window and, if suitable, a high-pitched beep sounds and the LED lights turn green.

i-LIGHT Pro features

Step 3: The i-LIGHT automatically unlocks into the lowest energy level setting (one star) but by pressing the Energy Level Selection Button, you are able to determine the intensity of the light flash delivered to your skin.

Higher levels improve hair removal results, but the discomfort is greater, meaning that you have to choose which level is tolerable for your own pain threshold. I have found that I don't feel a thing on the one star level and that the two star level is still quite pain-free on large areas (e.g. my calf) but does deliver a quick little pinch on more sensitive areas (e.g. on my kneecap).

Step 4: Once the energy level is set, you simply make sure that your skin is spread evenly and smoothly and apply the hand piece right to it. As there are Skin Contact Sensors on either side of the light window, they must be both fully engaged in order for the system to flash.

laser treatment at home

Step 5: When the Skin Contact Sensors are engaged, simply press the Flash Button and the result is a high beep, a short flash and a feeling of warmth (and a pinch, depending on the energy level that you have chosen).

All that is left to do is repeat along the treatment area in an organized, grid-like pattern without overlapping or "stacking" in the same place, as that could damage the skin.

Remington i-LIGHT Pro review

Although my impatience would like to say that a single treatment with the Remington i-LIGHT Pro results in permanently smooth, hair-free skin, this isn't a device that provides instantaneous results. In fact, as our hair goes through three different cycles (growing, resting and shedding), it has to be treated in the growing stage to actually disable the follicle.

As your hairs are never all in the same stage at a single given time, at least three treatments with the i-LIGHT Pro are needed in order to ensure that you've gotten them all.

laser hair removal

Time for the big question... does it work??

While I haven't seen a massive change, particularly after only the first treatment, now that I have had the chance to use the i-LIGHT Pro multiple times, I have been able to see that my hair does seem to overall be growing back slower and less thick.

I do think that this is a device that requires a long-term commitment, both in terms of the number of treatments and the length of time that it takes to complete a single area, but considering that the i-LIGHT Pro can possibly provide hair-free results for 4-6 months, I think it is worth it!

Although I haven't ditched my razors for good, I'm looking forward to continuing to use the i-LIGHT Pro and would recommend it as an alternative to constantly having to shave or wax. In another four months I hope to see even more positive results and can then continue with treatments as needed so that I'll be hair-free by next spring and summer!

You can find out more about the Remington i-LIGHT Pro (which retails for $249.99 or slightly less on Amazon) on the Remington website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. The device comes equipped with one light cartridge that provides 1,500 flashes, which equates to 2-3 full body treatments. Additional cartridges are sold separately for $24.99.

For an even better deal, when you purchase your i-LIGHT Pro from Remington by August 31st, 2013, enter the discount code MOMCENTRAL and receive 20% off of your device!


Anne said...

Wow. This is something worth considering. I can see that it takes a commitment of both time and money, but in the long run, it might just be worth it. Food for thought, for sure. Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

This seems like a neat option. I hate shaving.

raveandreview said...

I despise shaving, which means I mostly wear long pants. This would totally be worth it if I could go months with a razor!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

I don't know if I'm completely sold...yet. So you have to use it multiple times to start shaving less? At that point, I'd start getting frustrated and just shave. Plus, the price is a little out of my range right now for something to just try. Hmmm, may be worth more research though. Thank you for the great review!

presleyalison said...

Thanks for the review. It seems a little bit much - especially since I don't really m ind shaving. I have tried all of the other ones, though. I think I might stick to shaving if it takes a few times to get rid of growth, but then to go a few months without anything might be worth it...

slehan said...

The only place where hair is a bit of a bother to me in on my face, where you can't use this device.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

I've wanted to try this since I first saw the Remington iLight Pro. I really hate shaving but I live close to the beach so I shave almost daily. This sounds like the solution for me! Thanks for the review!

bettycd said...

I thought there was a light device that you could use on your face. Considering the price, it would be nice to resolve all the hair issues with this device
Thanks for the review - It's very helpful to read about results based on multiple uses.

Unknown said...

I've heard about Remington i-Light Pro from a friend...but didn't really know too much about it. After reading your blog, I think I need to try this product out. Would definitely make life easier.

Unknown said...

Wow, it's really innovative that this kind of technology is now available for home use. This seems like a good alternative to having to go to a salon regularly for laser sessions. I do wonder whether in comparison of overall price between getting the Remington or going to the salon depends on each person and their individual hair growth level/skin type. I'm glad that you were able to notice a difference. Skin removal is not a concern of mine currently, but it would be nice to invest in it in the future perhaps.

Unknown said...

I would love try one of these. Thank you for the review!

Unknown said...

good to know that it is actually working.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com