Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reebok Athletic Shoes at Famous Footwear {#ReebokMom}

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

As much of August has been spent focusing on the gear, outfits and shoes that my children each need to head back to school this fall, shopping for myself has been bumped pretty far down the list of importance. My routine won't drastically change come September, so why focus on what items I might be needing?

This fall, however, I'm happy that I was able to take one outing with myself in mind, thanks to the great deals and one-stop shopping convenience of Famous Footwear and their selection of Reebok footwear.

Famous Footwear athletic shoes

Great for adults as well as kids, Reebok footwear reflects the best in comfort, style and function for any active family.

Considering that Famous Footwear carries top of the line Reebok shoes to help best fit anyone's on-the-go lifestyle, I knew that it would be just the place to go to to replace my old, worn tennis shoes with ones that would be able to support and perform well throughout all of my exercise (and every day) endeavors.

Famous Footwear stores

Looking around at the wide selection, the kids and I weren't sure where to begin.

I always appreciate how Famous Footwear staff are never too pushy, as they simply ask if they can help and then are willing to leave me be if I'm satisfied just browsing on my own.

Famous Footwear selection

As we looked around a little bit, I couldn't help but notice that although they were far from being the most popular brand stocked in the store, that there were indeed Reebok athletic shoes for every member of the family.

Reebok athletic shoes

Upon heading over to the Women's section to find a pair for myself... I apparently walked right past them.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with donning a pair of kicks that look like this...

classic Reeboks

...I started to panic thinking that this was the extent of the Reebok selection for women.

Fortunately, thanks to a little more observation (and a friendly Famous Footwear employee), I found two more pairs in stock that were quite a bit more modern and my style.

Reebok for women

Although I liked the features of the Reebok ZigKick, as soon as I tried on the SmoothFlex, I was sold.

Reebok SmoothFlex

After wearing the size 8 around a bit (my size in non-athletic shoes), I opted to try on the 7.5 and was glad that I did. I have found with other brands of athletic shoes that I tend to wear a half size smaller than other shoes, so it appears that Reebok shoes run true to size, also!

Taking the SmoothFlex home, I have been wearing these running shoes off and on ever since and have been really happy with how comfortable, durable and lightweight they have proven to be. I initially thought that they looked a little bulky, but I've found that the combination of the trendy, bright colors and the flexible rubber outsole has erased that thought from my mind.

Reebok SmoothFlex review

No matter if I'm going for a jog, hopping on my elliptical machine or simply running around with my kids at the park, the Reebok SmoothFlex have performed great and my feet never end up sore or tired afterward.

I love the ability of the mesh to let air in to keep my tootsies cool and that the cushioning insole is removable so that each wearer can customize the fit precisely. All in all, what more could I ask for than a pair of shoes that are lightweight, shock absorbing, durable, breathable, provide plenty of cushioning and are uniquely stylish and fun?

women's reeboks

Amidst the hectic back to school shopping that has been going on for my kids, it felt great to treat myself to a pair of shoes that I know will last for many years to come!

The Reebok SmoothFlex have a retail price of $79.99 but are on sale now at Famous Footwear for $59.99 — which, combined with the Buy One Get One Half Off sale that they are currently running, makes them an even better deal.

Although we didn't find either of my kids or my husband a pair of shoes while we were there, I was happy to hear that because I purchased my shoes during the sale period that I can return at any point through mid-September and still take advantage of a second pair of shoes for half off. Now that's a great deal!

Whether your life has you walking, running or partaking in high intensity workouts, check out all of the great options that Reebok has to offer to keep your feet protected and comfortable. And be sure to head over to Famous Footwear the next time any of your family members (don't forget YOU!) needs to update their footwear.


Unknown said...

I like the big selection of athletic shoes that Famous Footwear carries. Also has great prices and good discounts even on the great prices. I love the pair you ultimately chose... they look great and look like they would be comfortable.

Tiffany Schmidt said...

I didn't know Famous Footwear even carried Reeboks. And when did Reebok become so stylish?! Thanks for the revelation!

Anne said...

Great sneakers! (Just calling them sneakers gives you a hint at my age--LOL!) I've been wearing Reeboks for years, including a pair of purple leather high-tops that I adored. Here's wishing you many happy miles in your new *ahem* athletic shoes.

slehan said...

Yes, I call them sneakers, too. Fun looking shoe - but the important part is that they are comfortable.

slehan at juno dot com

Jessica Allen said...

I love shopping at famous footwear! I always find great deals! Reebok's are a favorite brand of mine too, love the colors, they look great on you!

Unknown said...

I didn't know Famous Footwear stocked Reebok! That's nice to know since I've been meaning to get a new pair of running shoes/sneakers. And contrary to my assumption, they seem to have the trendier styles so I'll definitely have to stop by and try a pair. I'm glad that your shoes worked out so well for you. I don't particularly care for one brand over another, just as long as they fit and do their job.

Unknown said...

love the colors of the sneakers.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com