Thursday, January 16, 2014

Skinny Limits 3-Day Juice Cleanse {Review}

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Confession time: I don't take care of my body like I should.

It's not that I don't like healthy food, it's more a combination of not always knowing how to cook it, being too cheap to buy it, and/or my low willpower losing out to my taste buds when they say Eat. Chocolate. Now.

And it's not that I don't like exercising... no, wait. That's exactly what it is. I'd rather nap.

So, while I knew that I wanted to head into 2014 making better decisions for my overall well-being, I also knew that in order for me to follow through on any sort of health and wellness plan, it needed to be pretty straightforward. No counting calories or strenuous workout schedule, just follow these directions and feel good about doing it.

Considering the amount of talk that I've seen about juice cleanses, it made perfect sense to kick off the New Year with the company that knows all about making a healthier lifestyle easily accessible with their amazing juices, Skinny Limits.

juice cleanse

Founded by a husband and wife team in Austin, Texas, Skinny Limits provides cold pressed, raw juices for people interested in looking and feeling great. Instead of doing the juicing yourself (which takes hours of prep and is extremely expensive once you've bought the fruit, vegetables and equipment) or purchasing one that might not be completely natural and raw, Skinny Limits juices are created with the freshest ingredients and are never pasteurized or processed.

Even though my husband thought I was out of my mind for even considering embarking on a juice cleanse, I looked over Skinny Limits' website multiple times and was ready to handle the standard 3-day juice cleanse kit.

I found that placing my order was extremely easy and I appreciate that Skinny Limits not only ships their juices nationwide, but that they also allow their customers to select the specific date that they would like their juice delivered (each one is made fresh to order and delivered immediately after being produced).

order confirmation

On the shipping date I had chosen, I received an email saying that my juices were on their way and that they would be delivered by 10:30am the following morning.

Sure enough, at 9:30am on my selected day, 18 bottles of juices in varying flavors and fruit/vegetable combinations showed up chilled on my doorstep.

juice cleanse delivery

With easy directions to drink six 16 ounce bottles of juice each day for the next three days (in a particular order), I looked over my juices and reached for Bottle #1.

Skinny Limits review

Bottle #1, #3 and #5 in the lineup was named Pure & Simple (Green Juice), a combination of kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple and lemon.

Knowing that my first impression would mean a lot as to how the entire cleanse would go, I took a deep breath and took a sip.

green juice

Well, hey! This wasn't bad at all! The juice tasted like regular apple juice that had been mixed with vegetables and overall was easy to drink and really did leave my stomach feeling plenty full.

Feeling good, I reached for Bottle #2 three hours later, the Balance (Green Ginger) juice. While looking over the ingredients (kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger), I noticed that Balance contained the exact same items as Pure & Simple just with the addition of ginger at the end. They'd taste pretty much the same then, right?

While I found that this juice smelled the same as the first, it did have a tangy ginger taste to it that I wasn't fond of, making it overall a little more difficult to drink the full 16 ounces.

Three hours later I drank another Pure & Simple and then 2½ hours after that I opened Bottle #4, Scorpion Lemonade. Containing lemons, agave nectar, cayenne and filtered water, I took my first sip and felt my entire body pucker up at the sourness. This tasted like I was drinking straight lemon juice with a little pepper kick! Ack!

Scorpion Lemonade

While the Scorpion Lemonade was extremely difficult to drink, I looked forward to having another bottle of Pure & Simple a few hours later and then trying the final bottle, Crescent Moon, two hours before bedtime.

Listing the ingredients as raw cashews, vanilla bean, cinnamon, agave nectar, coconut oil, himalayan sea salt and filtered water, I had high hopes that Crescent Moon would be tasty... and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest! The creamy, cinnamon, sweet flavor was absolutely delicious and I immediately knew that I would drink these daily if I could! Mmmm!

One day down, two more to go!

By the end of the three days of drinking only my Skinny Limits juices, I was happy to find that my body really did feel cleaner, as a whole. Plus, much to my husband's surprise, I didn't experience discomfort, cramping or, ahem, colon cleansing, as he had thought I would. I did go to the bathroom many, many times (after all, I was drinking juice and water ALL day!) but my insides felt just fine.

I did find that following a juice-only diet did get progressively more difficult as I had to watch my family eat their meals, but other than the strange feeling of realization as to just how much of my day is spent focused on food, I made it through just fine.

juice cleanse skinny limits

The two positive outcomes that I took away from this cleanse were happy surprise seeing that I had lost 4.2 pounds and the realization that I had much more energy during those three days than I normally do. Instead of feeling like I needed a nap (or two) during the day like I usually do, I felt more rested and awake than I had in quite some time!

Overall, I would definitely do another Skinny Limits cleanse in the future and feel that this was a perfect way for a beginner to try this unique way of living healthy. While the retail price of a 3-day Skinny Limits juice cleanse is $147 (+$60 shipping if you are outside of Austin, Texas) is not cheap, it is in fact quite competitive with other cleanse options.

Looking for a way to detox your body and drink your way to better health? Visit to find out more about all of their juice cleanse options (as well as about raw foods, juice recipes and more) and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Unknown said...

That looks like a great way to cleanse oneself. Thanks for sharing.

Courtney said...

great review! I forgot to mention how much I lost too - 2.4 pounds. Nice! Want to do it again too! :)

Alicia said...

I've always been intrigued by the idea of a cleanse. It sounds like you had a good experience! I've never heard of that brand, I'm going to have to check it out!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a challenge to do, and i love a good challenge! Will check out doing this in the spring. I LOVE tart and sour flavors and look forward to trying the Scorpion Lemonade the most. Thanks for the great review.

Anonymous said...

I really want to do a juice cleanse but not sure my body would handle it too well since it is so used to protein and healthy carbs. Looks like good products though!

slehan said...

I don't think this is anything I could do. I have RA and am on several different medications so I wouldn't try it without my doctor's approval.

slehan at juno dot com

Karen said...

I'm so glad that you didn't experience any of those wonderful colon-cleansing effects! That's always my biggest fear with doing a cleanse!

freddie said...

This sounds and looks good and is a great way to cleanse your body. It's way too expensive for my pocket book. They had a special on tv the other night and the price of just one bottle was like $12 and I don't know who made that one but that's just way too much money for me.

Anonymous said...

I always think about doing a juice cleanse then I decide not to. I think I'll try to eat healthier. I cook all day and would never be able to do it.

Unknown said...

Good for you! I like to do a juice cleanse every couple of months. I do my own juicing, though, and it is a lot of work. I would definitely give this company a try.

Dianna said...

Wow! I have never tried anything such as this-- it may be a good way of cleaning out the system. I do have a juicer that I have made something similar but I am so sure its not as good-- thanks for the heads-up on this.

slehan said...

I have a juicer so I think I'd rather make my own juices than spend that much on it.

slehan at juno dot com

Tammy S said...

I just don't know if I could drink that much juice in such a short time span. That would be the biggest hurdle for me. It sounds like a great way to go though if your new to the whole juice cleanse thing. Thanks for the review.

sgumer said...

i have never heard of these before but they sound amazing. i will have to check and see if my store carries them.