Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The #ThriftIsBack as Big Lots Takes Over as Hostess Thrift Stores!

Hostess logo
Snack food fans, rejoice!

Fans everywhere took the news hard when Hostess filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and closed its 11 factories and 600 thrift stores. No Twinkies? What has the world come to?

Fortunately, the drought didn't last long as the new owners of Hostess returned the company to operation in 2013 and reopened four plants... however, they did not resume operation of thrift stores.

So where can shoppers find their favorite Hostess snack items being sold at a discount? That's where Big Lots comes in!

Big Lots logo

Big Lots, the Columbus-based closeout retailer, operates 1,493 outlets in 48 states and is serving as the replacement for the Hostess thrift stores. Big Lots across the country are now receiving assortments of cakes and goodies stocked weekly (that vary by outlet) that are sold at a discount — as much as 40% off of the suggested retail price!

We're talking a Single Pack for 75¢, a Donettes Bag for $1.75, a Multi-Pack Box for $2.50 and more! Who wouldn't be excited to find these tasty snacks on the shelves and be able to save money on them at the same time?

Hostess snacks

In an effort to welcome the Hostess brand to their stores, Big Lots has launched a fun and creative social media campaign called #thriftisback. And, to encourage customers to share their love of Twinkies, Zingers, CupCakes, Donette, Ding Dongs and more, Big Lots debuted two humorous and unique videos to go along with the campaign.

This one is our favorite around here, so take a look so that you have an idea about our inspiration...

...when you see what my kids did in their own parody as they shook their Honey Buns.

No professional dancing, barely any synchronization and not a whole lot of coordination? Doesn't mean they can't still share the love of Hostess and the excitement of them arriving at Big Lots!

The assortment of Hostess items will be different each week and will vary by Big Lots store, so if you want to take advantage of these tasty deals, get to your nearest location early and often! As with Big Lots' other great deals, when they're gone, they're gone!

Find out more about all that Big Lots has to offer by visiting BigLots.com and connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

I was provided product and a gift card by Big Lots in order to facilitate our video and to thank us for participating in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own.


lgm52 said...

I enjoyed the first video, but the one with the children was really cute!

slehan said...

Thanks for the info about finding Hostess at Big Lots. Have to check into it.

slehan at juno dot com

Lisa R said...

I'm about a half an hour from big lots but happened to be in there last night. I did see a big display of hostess there, so this post explains it...thanks

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear that there's a place to get Hostess snacks at a discount. Thank you for this post.

Anne said...

This is great news! I only get to Big Lots every couple of months, but I'll be sure to look for Hostess bargains when I'm there. Thanks for the post spreading the word.