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Teaching Forgiveness and Compassion in Children: Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard App {Review}

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If you had asked my 7-year-old self what sort of apps I enjoyed the most, I most likely would have rambled about the sweetness of a red apple versus the tartness of its green counterpart.

These days, however, both of my children are completely familiar with apps. Everything from games to education to entertainment can be accessed by simply pressing your finger on your chosen icon — whether at home, away, during travel or more. Is there any wonder that both girls love to reach for the iPad whenever they can?

But while I'm constantly reevaluating what apps I want in my home (and covertly deleting some), when I'm introduced to a children's app that combines beautiful artwork, interactive possibilities and a positive message, I know that it's a keeper.

Which is what families everywhere can enjoy with Kidappers' new release, Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard!

Son of the Sun app

Available from iTunes for the first time today, February 3rd, Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard is the first story in the Son of the Sun series featuring a little sunbeam who was sent by his Father Sun to explore the Universe.

This stunningly beautiful story begins when Father Sun gathered all of his sunbeam children together to tell them, "Now you are all grown up! The time has come for you to go on your own journeys. Explore the Universe, find friends, learn more about life! But most importantly, remember, in each of you there is a spark of Heavenly fire. Be careful, and always listen to your hearts. Good luck!"

father sun

The story then proceeds as a little sunbeam takes his first journey to Earth and has various adventures on the North Pole. Along the way, users are introduced to 15 adorable and detailed characters as they proceed through 20 bright, child-friendly illustrated slides.

children's app

Son of the Sun was designed to help children with reading fluency and diction by allowing them to follow along with the narrator or read on their own. During the time that we have tried it out, my girls and I agree that younger children can easily enjoy the relaxing narration while older children (approximately 8 or 9+) would be able to read alone or follow along easily.

What my children have especially enjoyed, however, is the way that Son of the Sun alternates between the pages of the story and the interactive landscapes of the tale. The beautifully drawn scenes are not only amazing to look at, but by simply touching different areas on the screen, more than 150 playful animations have continued to captivate my kids' attention!

north pole animals

Along with the stunning illustrations, one aspect that I love about Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard is the overall moral. While the typical plot in children's stories focuses on good guys beating bad guys, this story instead teaches children that people can change, and that compassion and forgiveness can help make the world a better place.

When the dastardly Wizard Lizard captures the Son of the Sun, the hero looks doomed. But instead of fighting, Son of the Sun uses his powers, and the story takes a surprising turn!

son of the sun and wizard lizard

As much as I want my children to know that being good wins out over being bad, it is just as important for them to learn to be ready to forgive and that, with forgiveness, goodness can fill the world. 

Instead of immediately punishing the Wizard Lizard for being evil and entrapping animals, the fact that he is given another chance (and changes his ways to use his magic power for good) is the perfect way to ensure that everyone ends up happy.

children's story of forgiveness

By combining wonderful illustrations, lots of interactivity and an important lesson for kids, Kidappers has turned Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard into an engaging story that children and adults can enjoy.

While kids will want to return again and again to explore the interactive landscapes throughout the story and create music, hear animal sounds and have the on-screen characters engage each other, parents will appreciate the calming music (more than 30 minutes of unique musical arrangements) and elegant narration (great for bedtime!) that contain a positive message.

Available in English, Ukrainian and Russian and including fun puzzles with three different levels of difficulty, Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard is available now for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store (compatible on the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad mini).

For more information about this and all of Kidappers' past and future projects, visit them at and connect with them on Facebook.

I was provided with a free app download and compensated for my time in writing this review, however, all thoughts and opinions shared are honest and my own.


slehan said...

That looks like an incredible app. Calming music - not that annoying stuff many apps have.

slehan at juno dot com

sgumer said...

what a great app. looks like the kids would enjoy it and it teaches a lesson.

Rose-Marie said...

Wow- I've never encountered an app like that - very special. It would be good as a gift, too!