Thursday, May 8, 2014

Portable, Nutritious and Delicious: Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches {Review}

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Although I'm never quite sure if my children are going to love a particular food from one day to the next, I can say with almost 100% certainty that we've never gone wrong with yogurt.

From the time that they were babies, I can't think of a single instance that either of my girls has turned down the opportunity... and, considering that it is such a quick, easy and healthy snack, yogurt ends up being a winning selection for all of us!

However, when it comes to enjoying yogurt, it is clearly an item that is best enjoyed at home at the kitchen table. After all, handing a child a bowl of yogurt and a spoon while they're riding in a stroller, sitting in their car seat or at a picnic in the park is pretty much asking for them to drop it, spill it and/or end up wearing it, right?

Fortunately, even though life often has us away from home, it is still easy for our kids to enjoy a delicious, wholesome snack while on-the-go thanks to the portability and nutrition in Stonyfield Organic yogurt pouches.

stonyfield organic yogurt pouches

In an effort to combat the challenge of finding healthier portable food options, Stonyfield developed the first refrigerated yogurt pouches available and packed them with the nutrition growing babies and kids need. Offered in YoBaby, YoToddler and YoKids varieties, these convenient re-sealable pouches come in a wide array of flavors that all ages are sure to love.

Even better, all of the Stonyfield organic yogurt pouches contain pure organic ingredients and never any high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. We all know that having healthy snacks available when on-the-go or for the moment when hunger strikes can be difficult, so I love that Stonyfield has made it even easier to limit those that are less healthy with these tasty pouches!

Knowing that my kids would be thrilled with the ability to have delicious Stonyfield yogurt in such a convenient, easy package, we headed to the store to see which of the YoKids pouches would be available — Strawberry, Blueberry and Strawberry Banana!

stonyfield yogurt pouches

As I suspected, Big Sister E and Little Sister B were both big fans of these YoKids pouches and have been absolutely thrilled to have them in the car, at the park, on the way to a class or lesson or simply outside in the yard while we are enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

How could we go wrong when it takes only a matter of seconds to pull out these...

stonyfield organic yogurt offer to hungry, whining kids...

portable yogurt

...and have them result in pure happiness?

Stonyfield yogurt review

Did you know that three out of four kids are not getting the recommended levels of calcium and vitamin D, which are essential nutrients for building strong bones? I love that Stonyfield has made that much easier and that everyone is happy with these pouches... kids go crazy for the delicious, creamy texture and fun containers and moms love the organic, portable, convenient, nothing-artificial-added goodness!

If you are looking for a perfect mealtime or on-the-go snack, be sure to take a look at the selection and variety of Stonyfield Organic YoBaby, YoToddler, and YoKid yogurt pouches at a store near you.

You can also find out much more about these and all of Stonyfield's high quality, nutritious products by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Jessica Allen said...

These sound great, my kids love pouches, so we'll have to look out for these next time we go to the store. :)

slehan said...

I buy Stonyfield yogurt all the time but haven't tried these pouches. Nice and portable.

slehan at juno dot com

Melissa Storms said...

I love easy, portable and healthy snacks. stonyfield is also good tasting yogurt

Shannon said...

I love Stonyfield farms and this is a great and portable yogurt! Thank you for your review....

Unknown said...

These yogurt pouches are a great idea, I think they make a great snack while traveling. You don't have to worry about a spoon, you just twist off the cap and squeeze the pouch. The best part is that they're resealable, so if they don't finish the pouch just put the cap back on and put it in the fridge. Thank you for sharing this great review post.

sgumer said...

these would be great for on the go and on long trips. i could use them almost every day and give them as snacks when i pick the kids up from school too. thanks.

Anne said...

I love yogurt and eat it a lot, usually for lunch. These Stonyfield pouches look like a great way to take yogurt with me--I can totally see myself enjoying a pouch of YoKids! Thanks for the review.

DG Middendorf said...

I think I'll try these for my little grandson. They love yogurt and they are here daily. I want them to eat healthy. Thanks