Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just Between Friends Milwaukee County Consignment Sale and Twitter Party! {#JBFMilwaukee}

I had a conversation recently with a mom who mentioned looking online to see what the suggested number of outfits was that she should have for her 3-year-old son. First of all, what? Second of all, her internet research told her that the answer was seven. That's all. Seven.

The idea that either of my own children would own only seven outfits made me feel taken aback for a multitude of reasons, namely that I might be a wee bit addicted to buying them clothes. I can't seem to help it! They are both so cute, have nearly opposite senses of style and I can't bring home something for one without getting something for the other...

Before you get too far thinking that I'm out spending a fortune on my kids' wardrobes, here's my secret: I buy nearly everything at a fraction of what it would cost in the store or at all the mall.

That's right! Instead of spending far too much money on overpriced apparel that will be worn for one season or toys that will be passed over when the next fad comes around, I fully say no to wasting money and say yes to Just Between Friends Milwaukee.

Just Between Friends sale

If you have never attended a Just Between Friends event before, you're missing out. These nationwide consignment sales help families and communities across the country save money and make money by providing quality items at bargain prices for kids.

No matter if you arrive to shop with designated purchases in mind or simply want to browse to beef up your child's closet or pick up gifts for birthdays, the holidays and more, JBF is a not-to-be-missed sale for everyone. These bi-annual events provide exactly what you need for the upcoming season, whether that be snow pants, soccer cleats, a Halloween costume, dolls and accessories, a jogging stroller or more.

I spent quite a few hours at the JBF Milwaukee sale this past spring and still can't get over the pure enormousness and variety of what was available at rock bottom prices. Every age, every color, every style, every everything!

Need any of this?

JBF sale

Or how about some of this?

Just Between Friends

There is just no reason to buy retail when these bargains are waiting and I, for one, am giddy with anticipation for the upcoming fall sale. If you're within driving distance to the Milwaukee area (if not, you can find an event near you), then mark your calendar because you're not going to want to miss this!

Held at the Wisconsin Expo Center on the State Fair Park grounds in West Allis, Wisconsin, sale hours include:

Sunday, September 21st 10am-7pm ($3.00 admission)
Monday, September 22nd 10am-7pm
Tuesday, September 23rd 10am-7pm
Wednesday, September 24th 10am-6pm
Thursday, September 25th 10am-5pm (*25% off day!)
Friday, September 26th 10am-7pm (*50% off day!)
Saturday, September 27th 10am-1pm (*50% off day!)
*Items with a star will remain FULL price! Consignors decide which items go 25% and 50%.

But, wait! While you're making your plans on when you want to head over to shop, shop, shop at JBF Milwaukee, come join me to chat about all that is awesome about consignment shopping at the #JBFMilwaukee Twitter Party this week!

JBF Twitter Party

Why wouldn't you want to win Front of the Line Passes and a ton of JBF Bucks?! I sure do! Head over and RSVP now and then I'll see you tomorrow at noon at #JBFMilwaukee on Twitter!

In the meantime, be sure to visit the JBF Milwaukee website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter so that you'll stay in-the-know on all of the amazing happenings and updates from this fantastic event!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Just Between Friends of Milwaukee. This program is in partnership with Real Mom Media (www.RealMomMedia.com). All opinions are my own.


Anonymous said...

I wish that were near where I live-I'd get my Black Friday Christmas shopping done in a heartbeat!

slehan said...

Don't remember seeing anything like this in Denver. Too bad.

slehan at juno dot com

Liz Mays said...

Talk about the motherload of sales! That is unreal!!!!!

slehan said...

I hope you're able to go to this. I like that it lasts a week.

slehan at juno dot com

rj7777 said...

I live in Oregon and I don't think there is anything like this. There is a lot of shops around that have used baby items. You sure can find some good deals if you are willing to shop too. I like that you can sell your items here. Sounds neat for new parents too. Rita Spratlen

slehan said...

So, what did you find? Some good stuff?
slehan at juno dot com

joeyfortman said...

I love this! Thanks so much for coming as it was great to see you again!

Sarah Matos said...

I wish they would offer something similar in our area! This is great.