Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Find the Very Best in Children's Toys and Games on the Magicforest Holiday Toy List {Vilac Organic Farm Review}

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When it comes to holiday shopping lists, it's hard to find one that doesn't include toys. After all, kids can only take so many years of receiving a new sweater or a package of socks, right?

But of course that doesn't mean that any old toy will do, as we all know that providing the children in our lives with items that provide the right mix of high quality and complete safety is of the utmost importance. Why wrap up a flimsy piece of plastic that will be discarded long before the new year when you can instead give a toy that is original, imaginative, open-ended and captivating?

All that (and more) is exactly why we love Magicforest!

Magicforest European toys

Celebrating its 10th year in business, Magicforest is a European toy importer with a simple operating principle: provide the very best in children's toys and games. Coining the term Magicforest as a friendly place where kids learn, play and grow, this company connects U.S. retailers with the most amazing European toy manufacturers... and we the consumers end up the winners when we shop!

Even better, Magicforest has put together a holiday toy list that highlights many of the items from their collections. Whether you are looking for smaller stocking stuffers or larger, centerpiece presents, Magicforest has offerings that don't include flashing lights or make beeping noises. Instead, they rely on a child's imagination and ingenuity and result in years of educational, entertaining play!

This year's list spans Europe and includes:
Can this list of must-haves get any more unique and fun? I love how Magicforest offers so many magical items that don't need instructions and instead are simply inspiring. Are there kids who wouldn't be excited to dress up with Les Mask'ottes animal face masks, build with real tools from the Tool Box kits or just get a laugh from the whimsical Sardine Activity Can?

Around here, we've definitely been in awe of everything Magicforest stands for since the arrival of the Vilac Organic Farm from the French toymaker Vilac.

Vilac Organic Farm

Combining the classic quality and enticement of building with wood with the eco-friendly aspects of the modern world, this 145-piece wooden chalet takes creative play to another level.

Not only do kids get the chance to turn the various sizes of wood (harvested from forests in the Jura region of Eastern France) into just about any structure or creation they can dream up, but they are given an appreciation for Mother Nature at the same time!

Vilac Organic Farm solar

Including notched wooden pieces of all sizes as well as roof shingles, a solar power windmill, a car, a farmer and his dog, and more, the Vilac Organic Farm caught my kids' attention and had them immediately enthralled.

As the three of us worked together to build the chalet, I pointed out how the French wood was tinted with kid-friendly dyes and that, upon completion of our construction, we could place the entire thing in front of a window in order for the sun's rays to generate electricity to run the windmill. How many times will I get to tell my children either of those all while having fun building together?

Vilac Organic Farm construction

Before long, we had stacked up the majority of the pieces and were all pretty proud of ourselves for the resulting eco-chalet!

Vilac Organic Farm review

So cool!

The girls have returned to the Vilac Organic Farm multiple times to tell a variety of tales about the farmer and his dog (as well as to dismantle the chalet and turn the pieces into any number of other creative creations), and love marveling at just how neat it is that there is a real garden planted. We can't wait to see the seeds begin to sprout!

Vilac Organic Farm toy

Designed for ages 5 and up, the Vilac Organic Farm retails for $99.99 and fits right in line with Magicforest's selection of innovative and high quality items. With so many options of unique and fun toys and games for all ages (their exclusive collection of Moulin Roty toys are an especially great line that you won't find anywhere else) a purchase from Magicforest is sure to thrill the child on your list this holiday season like nowhere else can!

For more information about Magicforest and their fantastic array of European toys, visit their website at Magicforest.com and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Jen F said...

Some of these toys are great. I had never heard of Magic Forest before! Thanks for sharing some of their cool products.

Rebecca Orr said...

What a neat toy! And the kaleidoscopes take me back to my childhood! They would be great stocking stuffers for my kiddos.

Sarah Matos said...

Ive never heard of this company before but just by browsing I can tell the quality of their products is excellent which is hard to find!