Monday, December 15, 2014

Celebrating the Magic of Disney at our Royal Princess #DisneyKids Playdate!

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I received free products from Walt Disney World Resort and MomSelect in order to host a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate. The opinions expressed here and honest and my own.

Although I've loved seeing my kids grow up before my eyes, I can't deny that I would give just about anything to be able to bottle up little bits of their childhood to save for later. Who can resist the wide-eyed innocence, abundance of energy and endless curiosity of preschoolers?

However, even though I know that my girls' personalities and preferences will wax and wane as they age, there is always one thing that I can count on to receive their devoted, unconditional love: Disney.

Isn't that the case for just about all of us? Whether you're an ├╝ber-fan or can't help but smile at your child's affection for their favorite princess, superhero or car, Disney is a part of our lives and our culture that has always been special.

For me, as much as I have my own soft spot for the wonder, care and imagination that goes into everything and anything Disney, it is increased even more now when I can see it through the eyes of my children. So, even though it's not exactly feasible for me to bring them to visit one of the parks every other weekend, I'll always look for ways that I can bring the magic and fun to us instead.

Most recently, we channeled the Happiest Place on Earth with a memorable, unique, imaginative #DisneyKids Princess Playdate!

Disney Kids Princess Playdate

Disney doesn't leave anyone open-handed, so when a box filled with surprises arrived, we couldn't wait to start planning.

As soon as we opened things up, it was clear that it wouldn't really be possible to not have fun with all of these amazing Sofia the First goodies and party favors as well as Disney-themed activities, games, snacks and more!

Disney party supplies

Although this fall and winter has seemed especially difficult to come to a consensus on dates that multiple of our friends were available at the same time, it wasn't too hard to convince any of our other young princess fans to come over to play.

Starting with the Princess Sofia decorations and accessories that came with our kit, it wasn't long before the girls and I had our royal table set...

princess party decor

...and had donned our tiaras in time for our guests to arrive.

paper tiaras

Since there is no shortage of Disney toys, games and items to play with already in our house, I loved that our #DisneyKids could have a blast simply by playing (together or separately) with just about anything.

Besides, what kind of Princess Playdate would it be if Merida wasn't fixing toys with Doc McStuffins and Elsa wasn't showing up at Barbie's house?

girls playing

But as well as the creativity and imagination that came through from the girls on their own, everyone also had an especially great time with the Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'n Play Fairy Hideaway, the Kinetic Sand by Spin Master (this stuff is magic in itself!), and all of the activities and games that came in our kit.

I'm pretty sure that the kids could have played for days and days with the Disney Side Bingo, "Which Disney Junior Character Are You?" Fortune Tellers, Disney Attraction Matching, Disney Junior Straw Banners, and Disney Junior coloring sheets!

Disney party activities

Plus, no playdate is complete unless there are snacks, so we made sure to leave plenty of time for the girls to enjoy the tasty Crunchmaster crackers, Clif ZBars, Kellogg’s fruit snacks and our homemade princess cupcakes.

The combination of the four resulted in smiling, happy, refueled princesses that were ready to head back to even more playing!

princess cupcakes

By the time the afternoon came to an end, it was declared a definite success. If we had had more time I'm sure we could have also done some Princess crafts, played Princess movies, pulled out even more Princess party games... next time!

Plus, if we ever ran out of our own list of ideas, there is no shortage of recipes, activities, themes and more to inspire just about anyone at There is absolutely something for everyone, whether you have a group of young princesses in your life or not!

Are you ready to show your Disney Side? Be sure to connect with Disney Parks on Twitter and YouTube, as well as following the #DisneySide hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram for even more magical celebrations.

And, if you happen to have a preschooler in your life and you're looking for a way to make their little dreams come true in a big way, check out all of the great information about Disney with Preschoolers where you can download a free Preschool Parent's Guide to Walt Disney World Resort.

How do you show your #DisneySide?

I received free products from Walt Disney World Resort and MomSelect in order to host a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate. The opinions expressed here and honest and my own.


Anne said...

Wow--what a wonderful day for your princesses! Lucky girls, and such happy faces, too. Thanks for sharing. Makes me wish I lived closer to the little princesses in our lives.

Joanne said...

I can't wait for my little grand to be old enough to enjoy Disney! I remember taking my son to Disney World when he was a toddler, right after it first opened! A long time ago!