Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Perfect Springtime Gift: Fellowes' Powershred M-12C Cross-Cut Shredder {#GiftFellowes}

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Fellowes Brands. I received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Although the single digit temperatures and endless snow makes it difficult to believe, spring is actually right around the corner.

Along with the obvious perks that I'm looking forward to enjoying (e.g. warmth, sunshine and flowers), I'm also anticipating my psychological urge to do some spring cleaning. I'm not the only one that sees everything fresh and new outside and feels compelled to clear out and declutter inside too, right?

That's why this season is the perfect time to not only help myself but friends and family as well by gifting the power, versatility, durability and safety of the Powershred M-12C Cross-Cut Shredder from Fellowes.

Fellowes m-12c shredder

As a global manufacturer and marketer of business machines, records storage solutions and technology accessories, Fellowes' goal is to enable people to work with greater security, organization and productivity. And with spring such a popular time of year for people to get married or move into a new home, now is definitely the time for a paper shredder from Fellowes to step in and help.

With everything from credit receipts, old bills, paycheck stubs, bank and investment statements, prescriptions, outdated medical records, and government documents sitting around taking up space, it is tempting to just dump it all in the trash when starting your new life as a married couple or instead of having to pack and transport it to move.

But we all know better, right? We've all heard the horror stories about identity theft and that taking the time to dispose of documents that contain information about our finances and other private details properly can make the difference in protecting ourselves from a huge hassle down the road.

Which is why a Fellowes M-12C shredder is the perfect wedding or housewarming gift!

Fellowes shredder

There really isn't much that Fellowes could have done to make this paper shredder better, as it has features galore to give users the ability to confidently discard all of their sensitive and confidential paperwork with ease.

My favorites include:
  • Arrives fully assembled.
  • Slim, compact design fits in just about any room, office or small space.
  • Cross-Cut blades shred up to 12 sheets of paper — including junk mail, paper clips, staples or even credit cards — quickly.
  • Large, 4-gallon capacity paper bin.
  • SafeSense Technology: an electronic sensor near the paper opening ensures that the machine automatically stops and disables itself if anything, including little hands, come too close.
With its ease of use and the ability to keep pretty much any and all information from falling into the wrong hands, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to gift the Fellowes Powershred M-12C Cross-Cut Shredder to a friend of mine in celebration of her family's new home.

house for sale sign

Being the helpful friend that I am, I was involved in various aspects of the moving process and this paper shredder was the perfect accessory from start to finish...
  • During the initial decluttering and packing stages, it tore up all kinds of old records, credit cards and papers that had been stored for years.
  • During the in-depth packing, it made it easy to decide what needed to stay and what could go. There were stacks of old papers that we unearthed that were quickly turned into tiny shreds!
  • During the unpacking and organization/set up of the new house, we still came across items that were deemed unnecessary. With the Powershred M-12C, there were no worries about whether or not it was okay to throw anything out, as the tiny particles that it turns papers into are extremely tiny.
In the end, after all of the work of packing, lifting, moving and unpacking, their house looks amazing and their identities stayed protected with ease. As a big plus, the SafeSense Technology ensured that we were able to leave this shredder sitting out throughout the entire process and there was never any sort of concern that their young children might possibly get hurt!

house organization

Overall, I have been extremely impressed with the Fellowes Powershred M-12C Cross-Cut Shredder. It does a wonderful job of getting rid of documents of any kind quickly and efficiently and, combined with the way that Fellowes has made safety a priority makes this a must-have for homes everywhere.

Throughout this spring's wedding and moving season, why not surprise your friends and family with an innovative and affordable gift that will help them be productive, organized and secure? The M-12C comes equipped with all of the features necessary to make the newlyweds or new homeowners in your life safe and happy!

The M-12C is available at Target Stores nationwide and with a suggested retail price of $99.99. Find out more about this and all of Fellowes' quality products by visiting and by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Karen Glatt said...

I need a new shredder because mine is getting very old. This looks like a very good powerful shredder and I will look into getting for me and my family.

Anne said...

Honestly, I think we are drowning in paper. The stacks of old bills and other "important" papers make us look like hoarders. We do have a shredder, and it gets a lot of use, but I think if we had another one upstairs (in my spouse's office, preferably), it would cut down on a lot of the paper that accumulates. This Fellowes model looks perfect. Maybe when his birthday rolls around… Anyway, thanks for your review. (P.S., Will you come help me when we get ready to move? LOL)

slehan said...

A friend borrowed my shredder and killed it. This would be a great replacement.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

I could really use one of these. I love that it comes fully assembled. Thank you so much for sharing this great product