Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reebok’s ZigTech Big N Fast EX Running Shoes are Available Now from Finish Line {#Zig}

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Everywhere I go, it seems that people are in agreement that it is time for winter to end. Go home, winter, we're done.

Can we help that we're dreaming of spring? Warm weather, sunshine and not having to put on 12 layers of clothing before leaving the house? Yes, please!

When the time comes, however, while I will rejoice in being able to pack away all of my girls' snow pants, boots, hats and scarves, I'll also be a bit hesitant about what I might find stored away in terms of spring clothes and shoes. How is it possible that these kids manage to keep growing so much? Weren't some of these items too big when we packed them away last year... and now they're too small?

Although we can usually make do with clothing, one area where I will never compromise is with shoes. Between gym class, recess, sports' practice, walks, playing at the park and more, the last thing I want is for my kids to have to cram their feet into outgrown sneakers!

Which is why right now is perfecting time to find out that Reebok has introduced their newest sneaker in the Kid's ZigTech line, the Big N Fast EX Running Shoes.

Reebok ZigTech

Combining advanced innovation, high quality craftsmanship and fashionable style, the ZigTech Big N Fast EX are lightweight, comfortable and available in a variety of colors. Is there a kid around that wouldn't be drawn to the look of the super cool zigzag-shaped sole?

At the same time, parents will love that the ZigTech technology actively absorbs force and shock while providing flexible cushioning — these are even 40% higher than the original! Not only can kids run, jump, skip, leap and more over a variety of terrains, but Reebok included a unique Pebax Propulsion Plate to actually aid in natural motion. What more could they need to zoom around the playground without a care in the world?

Considering that Big Sister E's feet are showing no signs in letting up their crazy-fast growing anytime soon, I knew that it was time for us to head to our nearest Finish Line to take a look at the Big N Fast EX in person.

Finish Line stores

Inside, we headed straight to the kids' section and had no trouble spotting the two color options that Finish Line had available for the ZigTech Big N Fast EX.

Reebok kids shoes

Big Sister E's eyes lit up immediately at the low profile and overall fun look of the large zig sole and, just as I suspected, she couldn't wait to try on these shoes in blue (her favorite color).

Reebok ZigTech Big N Fast EX

First of all, when did my kid's feet get so big? Can someone please slow life down a little bit for me, please?

Second of all, we were loving the look of the Big N Fast EX right out of the box! I appreciated that the mesh uppers are light and airy, resulting in a breathable comfort, while the extra high ZigTech sole doesn't only look unique but provides plenty of traction.

But as much as I liked what Reebok had done in designing these running shoes, Big Sister E was immediately drawn to the fun pattern and, of course, that signature Zig sole. She was more than happy to move and walk and bend to get the full feel of them...

Reebok Big N Fast EX review

...and was quite happy with the results (kudos to the friendly Finish Line employee that had quickly and efficiently measured her feet so that the first size she tried on was a perfect fit).

I knew that there was no doubt that these were a hit when she kept wanting to check out how fashionable the Big N Fast EX looked in the mirror!

Finish Line kids shoes

As excited as Big Sister E was to take the Big N Fast EX home (and then wear them to school to show them off to all of her friends), it turned out that she wasn't 100% sold on either of the two color options that Finish Line had in store (which shocked me, as I didn't think that girl could ever get enough blue).

Fortunately, I was able to pull up on my phone right there in the store to see the five color options they have available online in big kid sizes.

Reebok ZigTech Big N Fast EX colors

As Big Sister E was more drawn to the violet/pink/white color combo and offers free shipping (love!), we decided to leave the store empty-handed and place our order online instead. We can't wait for these to show up at the door and take my big girl's feet long into spring and summer in stylish comfort!

Want to put the spring into the step of your preschool or grade school age child? Find out more about Reebok's full line of ZigTech shoes by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Then head to select Finish Lines nationwide and online at to pick up a pair of ZigTech Big N Fast EX Running Shoes for your household! You can also connect with Finish Line on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Karen Glatt said...

These are really nice Reebok's and the colors are great for Spring! I love how stylish and comfortable Reebok shoes are!

Anne said...

Good for you, for making sure your girls have good sneakers! I think that the importance of good shoes that fit right is sometimes underestimated. And it doesn't hurt that these Reeboks are pretty cool looking, too. I've been a fan of Reeboks for longer than I care to admit--I've had their sneakers, shoes, and boots, and loved them all.

slehan said...

Great looking shoes. I like the zigzag pattern and the colors.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

Enjoying your blog ! It is great.

slehan said...

I believe in running when necessary: from bears or fires. Cool shoes.

slehan at juno dot com

Tiffanie Hope said...

These are some snazzy looking shoes!!!