Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FabKids: Chidren's Fashionable Outfits Styled Just For Them! {Review}

When it comes to styling my daughters, it seems to have taken me a while to learn a few basic concepts: I should only purchase their clothes in outfits and getting their opinion matters.

Otherwise, it seems that we end up with random (albeit cute) shirts or shorts or skirts that just don't match anything and are therefore never worn. How many times have I pulled the same tunic top out of Little Sister B's closet and kicked myself for not having found a pair of leggings to go with it? And, as much as I thought Big Sister E would look chic in the romper I purchased for her, what good did it do to buy it if it's just going to hang in her closet while she wrinkles her nose at it?

Fortunately, these situations never have to happen again thanks to the site that empowers kids to express their individuality through their own personal fashion sense... while also ensuring that pieces always have a coordinating mix-and-match style to them: FabKids.

FabKids clothing

Started by a team of parents that believe in celebrating every child's unique individuality, FabKids is a children's fashion brand and personalized shopping site that styles and sells monthly outfits and shoes for boys and girls. Whether your child is adventurous, creative, spontaneous, outgoing, shy, independent or more, FabKids functions on the idea of building their confidence and letting it shine!

While other clothing websites display and sell each article separately, FabKids not only puts their pieces into complete outfits, but sells them as such. Even better, they utilize your child's personality to customize and suggest the outfits that they believe will be liked best. It's like having your own personal shopper right there online... and who wouldn't be excited about that?

FabKids outfits

The result is that the whole process of shopping at FabKids is simple as well as fun. Once you have taken the Style Quiz about (or with) your child, FabKids assesses their personality and offers outfit suggestions.

As every outfit they offer is age-appropriate, comfortable and designed to work at home, at school, on the playground and more, all that is left is to pick out your favorites! Pricing for Regular Members starts at $42; however, once you sign up as a VIP Member (which is free and can be canceled at any time), you'll receive outfits for $29.95, with items that start at $14.95 and shoes from $16.95. VIP Members also rack up reward points, earn special savings, and more!

But let's be honest, all of this doesn't matter if the clothing offered isn't stylish and trendy and will be loved and worn by kids, right? With FabKids, there is no worry! Little Sister B was jumping with excitement to see the outfit she had chosen as soon as the fun pink bag arrived in our mailbox!

FabKids shipping

Who wouldn't love to find this much happiness addressed to them?

I managed to get a quick peek at the amazingly colorful Fire Princess Outfit...

FabKids Fire Princess Outfit

...before Little Sister B had to put it on.

FabKids review


It was immediately evident that this outfit was not only true to size, but that all of the small details that FabKids had included really gave both items a finished, quality look.

The Girl On Fire Dress is (obviously) visually appealing, but just gets even better the closer that you look. Each of the front seams and "flame" ruffles are smartly sewn, while the top features a stretchy, shirred backing that ensures that it can stretch and adjust to each girl (as well as extend the amount of time that it will fit).

As an added customization, the shoulder straps button in the back and have three length options, also making it so that this dress can grow right along with the cute wearer!

FabKids Girl On Fire Dress

Combine the Girl On Fire Dress with FabKids' classic Fab Soft Legging (which really are super soft!) and this outfit comes together just right.

As our spring mornings have still been a bit chilly around here, Little Sister B has been able to pull on a cardigan for a little extra warmth in the a.m...

FabKids girls clothing

...but then remove it by the afternoon to show off the bright colors and perfect twirlability of this awesome outfit!

FabKids Girl On Fire Dress review
FabKids clothing review

For kids that love fashion, FabKids is the place to go!

I appreciate the ability to purchase clothing that works together (as well as can be mixed in with other pieces) and my girls end up having expressed their individuality and style tastes in ways that make them happy (and are durable enough to withstand playground fun). It's a win-win and we're looking forward to seeing the diverse range of fashions and trends that are debuted next month!

To find out more about FabKids and the ways that they can effortlessly style the children in your life from head to toe, visit their website at and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Other than the Fire Princess Outfit that we received from FabKids in order to facilitate this review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this site and their products.


slehan said...

What a glorious dress (and girl). Very fun.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

Very cute clothes from FabKids. Nice review.

Sandra Watts said...

I've done shopping there for my grand kids. They have a lot of cute outfits.