Monday, April 20, 2015

Pacific Play Tents Combines Imagination, Creativity and Fun! {Review & $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway}

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I'm pretty sure that it is a childhood right of passage to turn common household objects and furniture into innovative and entertaining creations. Who didn't grow up using couch cushions, chairs and a sheet to create a fort? Or climbed into a cardboard box and turned it instantly into a boat or a castle?

These days, however, much to parents' dismay it seems that kids more often turn to electronics and screens to occupy their time indoors and encouraging them to do imagination-based play can sometimes be difficult. But not anymore!

Things have been made much more fun for everyone thanks to companies that create playful, engaging, iconic products that are entertaining, durable, versatile, and loved by children and parents alike. Essentially, playtime will never be the same due to the quality, creativity, and safety of Pacific Play Tents!

Pacific Play Tents products

Dedicated to creating award-winning tunnels, tents and toys for the past 25 years, Pacific Play Tents wants nothing more than for kids to let their imaginations soar. Each creative structure they offer is designed to last and painstakingly tested to insure long-lasting playtime, fun, and safety. Their vision of a world filled with more personal, unplugged moments is continually validated by parents, customers, "Best of" lists, and more!

Is there anything not made better with a tent? Reading, coloring, playing house, racing cars, cuddling with a stuffed animal, having a tea party, taking a nap... put it into a tent and it's infinitely made better!

Which is exactly why I couldn't wait to see my kids' reaction and the dreams and adventures that they would have with Pacific Play Tents' incredible The "Painting" Teepee.

Painting Teepee

Designed for ages 3+, The "Painting" Teepee combines the endless imaginative possibilities of a tent with the ingenuity and talents that all young artists possess. This impressive 64" tall teepee begins as a blank canvas and, with the help of the included paint set, ends up as a creative, colorful masterpiece that can be played with time and time (and time) again!

As soon as this box arrived, the girls and I went right to work on the easy assembly process, as they just couldn't wait to start designing and playing!

Pacific Play Tents assembly

Everyone loves products that require little to no assembly and The "Painting" Teepee is just that. It barely took a few minutes before we had the poles together, slid them into the canvas channels, and tied the top to hold it securely.

The result was just begging to be painted!

The Painting Teepee review

After quickly checking out the amount of space inside (which is just right for one or two kids to fit easily)...

Pacific Play Tents teepee

...the girls went right to work painting images, doodles, scenery, and more.

While we began with using only the enclosed paint set...

Pacific Play Tents teepee paint

...we soon pulled out a bag full of our own paints to extend the number of colors available (and because my kids were intent on wanting to mix their own unique blends that apparently required a multitude of options).

Pacific Play Tents Painting Teepee

Inside, outside, near the top, at the bottom — there is no wrong way to paint on this awesome canvas teepee and, without any sort of prompting whatsoever, both girls mentioned We're artists! and This is FUN! over and over.

Painted teepee

From carefully planned designs to impromptu doodles, The "Painting" Teepee is just the thing to start a child's imagination going without ever having to have it stop!

My girls have painted and painted and painted and played and played and played and each time they have seen this teepee taken back out, they have been just as excited. It really is the perfect inspiration for both artistry as well as amusing, fantasy, make-believe fun.

Pacific Play Tents Painting Teepee review

As a parent, I not only love how much The "Painting" Teepee encourages my children's adoration of all things artistic as well as using their imagination to the fullest, but that the actual structure itself is so well-made and easy to use indoors as well as out.

When not in use, the entire thing folds together and is extremely lightweight. Simply condense it up and move it to just about anywhere — lean it against a wall, slide it under a bed or couch, tuck it into a corner, or more.

The Painting Teepee storage
This could be even thinner if I used one or both of the fabric ties that came with the teepee and wound it closed.

Then, when art or playtime (or a rainy weekend or a day when there is no school) comes around again, it takes all of 10 seconds to pop this back open and go right back to the enthusiasm!

Pacific Play Tents The Painting Teepee review

When it comes to a unique product that will allow kids to play, daydream, and pretend, Pacific Play Tents offers a huge selection of tents, tunnels, parachutes, bed tents, adorable chairs, toys, and more that will peak imaginations of all ages and entertain everyone from children through adults.

You've got to check out all of their amazing options that range in price from affordable to extravagant (The "Painting" Teepee retails for $170.99)! Find out more by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, while products can be ordered directly from their website, elsewhere online or in stores such as Walmart and Target.

And, thanks to the generosity of Pacific Play Tents, one person will soon see just how much fun the child in their life can have with a tent, tunnel or more as well, because...

One lucky person will win a $50 gift certificate to Pacific Play Tents!

A big thank you to Pacific Play Tents for providing The "Painting" Teepee for me to review as well a $50 gift certificate for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.