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Safety, Security, Peace of Mind and More with the Neposmart Security Camera {Review & Giveaway}

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Although there are plenty of sayings out there that hold truth, one that resonates strongly with me is Seeing is Believing.

It's not that I necessarily won't believe that things are okay if I can't see so for myself, but let's just say that I'm a bit of a worrier. And a skeptic. And a pessimist (although I prefer to say realist instead).

Do I need to stop watching the news and fretting that the bad things happening across the country (and all over the world) will occur to my family? Definitely. But, at the same time, I can also relieve my uneasiness as much as possible by proving to myself that all is fine and well anytime and anywhere thanks to the Neposmart IP Camera.

Neposmart camera

Designed to offer users a simple solution to home or business monitoring, Neposmart provides live video recording and motion detection without the need for multiple products or subscription fees. No matter if you purchase it to watch your sleeping child, keep an eye on the dog while at work or simply feel reassured when your family goes out of town, this wireless home security camera will enable you to keep an eye on what's important.

But that's not all! Along with the convenience, security and piece of mind that Neposmart offers in its innovative, affordable product, it also includes a feature that I have never seen available in any other IP camera: garage door control.

How cool is it that along with viewing and recording a live video feed and taking snapshots while you are away, Neposmart also lets you control your garage door from anywhere in the world!

Now this, I had to see.

Neposmart home camera

As soon as the Neposmart box arrived, I got to work unpacking the contents — a power adapter, wall mounting base, Magnetic Switches, Ethernet cable, user guide, WiFi antenna, and the camera itself.

Neposmart security camera

Using the easy instructions in the Quick Start Guide, setup was completed in a few short minutes and mainly consisted of connecting the power cord and Ethernet cable and downloading the free Neposmart App (available for IOS, Android, PC and Mac or web browser).

Once in the app, the "Add Device" option allowed me to connect to the camera as well as adding it to our home's wireless network (allowing for removal of the Ethernet cable and giving us the ability to move the camera anywhere in the house).

At the same time, the Neposmart App gives users access to a variety of device settings so that each user can select options such as receiving email notifications (up to 3 email recipients can be added), enabling motion or door alerts, syncing images to Dropbox to save them there automatically, and more.

Neposmart camera review

Once I had my device configured and my account created, all I had to do was open the app and I was able to view all around the room right on my phone!

Neposmart home security

But more than simply a camera that is placed (or mounted) in one spot and the view is the same over and over, I love that Neposmart features pan and tilt functionality.

Simply by using the controls on your PC or your mobile device, you're able to remotely direct and control the camera's viewing angle for a better look — there is even the ability to preset the camera to eight positions in order to quickly select your favorite.

Neposmart settings


But this is one gadget that can do much more. As well as moving and controlling the angle of the camera, Neposmart also includes a slew of other great features that can be controlled from the user-friendly interface.

The camera can be programmed to take a video recording when it detects motion or during a set time schedule; users have no problem selecting between recording video or taking snapshots; it is a snap to utilize Neposmart's high quality night vision (which is automatically activated in low light or can be manually turned on and off) for viewing in total darkness...

neposmart night vision

...the Neposmart voice command feature allows users to control options with just their voice; it is easy to set up guest user settings to have a family member or neighbor be able to "check in" on your home; and the built-in speaker and microphone allow 2-way communication right through the camera.

While my kids think it is magic when they see the camera move all by itself as I pan around the room or talk directly through it, I have to admit to loving the ability to say hi to my kittens whenever I'm away from home for a while.

I can pretend that they miss me as much as I miss them, right?

Neposmart camera

However, as much as I enjoy peeking in at the kittens, when the temperatures warm up here in the Midwest I would love to move our Neposmart camera to the garage to set up the ability to control my husband's garage door.

Let's just say that we've gotten multiple notices from our city's police who, upon patrolling the streets at night, have noticed that my forgetful husband hasn't closed his garage door (again). Nice of them to remind him how incredibly unsafe that is, isn't it?

However, setup for the garage door control features takes a few more steps than simply plugging in the camera and turning it on, as power to the garage must be disconnected, the garage opener switch unscrewed, wires disconnected and reconnected, Magnetic Switches connected to the garage door, and more.

But being given the ability to receive an alert right on my phone whenever my husband's garage door is left open for longer than two minutes (or however much time I choose) to know if the safety of our house has been compromised? Worth it!

garage door controller

On top of all of the high-tech features that Neposmart provides, I find that one of the HUGE advantages that this camera has to offer is that the company does not require users to register for any sort of account or subscription. Who wants to pay yet another monthly fee?

Plus, no personal or private information is collected, stored or shared and any videos or pictures taken with the camera are stored within the camera itself as opposed to in a cloud. So whether you worry that your password or username could be leaked or that someone other than the users within your home is seeing your video feed, you'll know that Neposmart puts you in control — no matter who tries to access user data for whatever reason, the company cannot provide it as they do not have it!

In short, this single device is easy enough for anyone to use, has every feature you could want plus more, and provides the quality of a much more expensive item... and it just might be the security you are looking for for your home or business!

To find out much more about Neposmart, learn how it compares to (and excels over) other home security cameras, or to make a purchase (current retail price is $179), visit (and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter).

And, thanks to the generosity of Neposmart, one person will soon find out just how convenient having peace of mind can truly be, because...

One lucky person will win a Neposmart IP Camera!

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A big thank you to Neposmart for providing an IP Camera for me to review as well as for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll. 


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