Monday, November 9, 2015

Stay Warm this Winter with Fun Indoor Activities for Kids and Tasty Jack's Pizza {#RealCheeseRealLife}

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Jack's Pizza. All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

What is the chance that if I continue to tell myself that winter won't arrive that it will come true? One percent? Zero? Sigh.

While I will prepare for the (unfortunately) upcoming winter with standard actions — digging out boots, mittens and snow pants — experience has also taught me that having a variety of indoor activity ideas pays off for the long, dark, cold days when the kids are bored and the stuck-insideness begins to drive us all a little batty. You can't ever have too many crafts, apps, recipes, games, books, and more to fall back on!

With that in mind, here are five fun ways to "Win the Day" this winter and beyond...

indoor winter activities for kids

Indoor Obstacle Course

Kids have energy; lots of energy. Along with turning on music and having a dance party, we love to pull out chairs, blankets, pillows, cardboard boxes, toys, and more to create an obstacle course to crawl in, climb on, shimmy through, jump over, and, in general, get us up and moving.

There is no wrong way to do this and kids love helping build as well as participating. It all adds up to hours of entertainment while also using up some extra energy!

children's obstacle course

Paper Snowflakes and Cut Paper Winter Art

We all grew up making snowflakes out of a piece of paper, right? Simply fold in half, in half again, in half again, etc, and then make different shape cut-outs. Just unfold the paper to see the results and, if your snowflake needs tweaking, fold it back up and continue expressing your artistic skills!

But then why not take things a step further and use all the little paper scraps that were cut out from your snowflakes? All it takes is some construction paper for the background, glue to attach, and creativity to design just about any sort of winter scene a child can imagine!

paper art projects

Paper Snowmen

Even though I have lived in the Midwest all of my life, I'm just not a fan of playing out in the snow. Therefore, I much prefer to join my kids in making snowmen when we can do them in the warmth and comfort of our living room in the form of paper snowmen!

Use any sort of paper you have — we like to recycle old newspaper — and crumple, adhering with masking tape when needed. Just like in the snow, start with a smaller ball and add on to make it bigger and bigger... then stack, decorate, and enjoy your happy snowman. Added bonus: no melting!

paper snowman craft

Indoor Ice Skating

A friend introduced us to this unique way to ice skate indoors and the interest has yet to lessen! Just have your child stand on a piece of wax paper, bunch it up around their ankle, and hold in place using rubber bands.

wax paper ice skating

The "ice rink" is just about any type of flooring, but be warned that some are much more slippery than others. Little Sister B prefers to stay more on the carpet or rug so that she can slide and spin while Big Sister E is more of a daredevil and can sometimes barely stand up on the hardwood!

indoor ice skating

Cooking and Baking

I have yet to meet a child that doesn't love to help out in the kitchen! No matter if I'm baking cookies, cooking spaghetti or simply chopping veggies for a salad, my kids want to be involved in every possible way. Along with appreciating the help (mostly), being a part of the cooking process has a way of making kids extremely excited to eat the finished product!

So, while we oftentimes have to compromise on what flavor muffins or exactly which toppings will be offered in our sandwich buffet, there is never any question on what brand of pizza to pull out of the freezer. Nothing beats the quality, value, and taste of Jack's Pizza!

Created from 100 percent real Wisconsin cheese and a preservative-free crust, Jack's is made here in the Midwest with pride and never receives a single complaint. My entire family will happily come to the table to reach for a fresh slice and I'm always thrilled that in just 15 minutes I've got a meal on the table that everyone will enjoy!

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Amy from GrinningCheektoCheek said...

I love the idea of indoor ice skating! How clever! Great ideas :)

Betsy Barnes said...

All of these activities look really fun, especially the indoor skating rink! :)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

These are such fun ideas! I definitely want to make the paper snowman. And Jack's Pizza is perfect for those days.

Unknown said...

My daughters are obsessed with making those paper snowflakes. I wish they'd contain the mess but they are fun!

slehan said...

Lots of fun activities for cold winter days. Having kids help cook is such a great way to have fun and teach things.

slehan at juno dot com

Liz Mays said...

I would totally go skating on wax paper at your house. Also, I'd be all over that Jack's Pizza.

Melanie said...

Next rainy day, I'm coming over! Those all look like such fun ways to play indoors. Just promise we're having pizza for lunch.

Bre said...

Oh this is so much fun!!!!!

Unknown said...

These are all such great ideas! I specifically love the indoor obstacle course!

Life is Good said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Of course, our kids would enjoy it. The pizza looks yummy too!

JewelWood said...

It looks like so much fun and we love the Jack's pizzas because they taste so good and are not expensive!

C (Kid Things) said...

Such great, fun ideas! I love the idea of building a fort and making paper snowflakes. And Jack's Pizza is just good any time!

Fashiongrail said...

That snowman is adorable!! We love Pizza and Jacks is always our first choice on any day

Natalie B. said...

I love the idea of building an indoor obstacle course. So fun! Snowflakes are always a fun activity too. Jack's pizza is super delicious also. Thanks for the fun ideas. :)

Unknown said...

When it is cold outside, I usually have my grandchildren help me bake something. Thanks for the new ideas. I especially like the indoor ice skating!